Days of Our Lives Spoilers for July 6-10.

It’s hard to be a mob wife, or a hormonal teen, this summer in Salem.

Nicole’s conscience continues to get the better of her as she realizes that being a mob wife isn’t the glamorous dream she had expected. She’s disturbed when she finds Stefano indoctrinating Sydney into the DiMera ways of life, and we’re not talking about eating focaccia with olive oil. She’s not the only woman with this problem, however. Across town, at the Kiriakis compound, Stephanie’s inability to take on the mob lifestyle is causing more friction between Philip and his father. He has to warn Victor to back off of Stephanie.

Meanwhile, the summer is starting to heat up for some of Salem’s younger set. A game of strip poker breaks out at the Horton Cabin. You can no doubt guess who will be eager to take their clothes off, but it’s not all fun and games. Bo takes the time to rain on the passion parade when he warns Nathan to beware of Melanie the man trap. All the while, Mia and Will’s already awkward relationship becomes a lot more so when Chad tells Will that he’s Mia’s boyfriend.

Things aren’t going well for Will’s new stepmother either. Chloe is rushed to the hospital. Perhaps she senses that her former home sweet home is being turned into a hangout for horny teenagers and can’t take it anymore, but it’s far more likely that Kate’s vicious and vindictive plan is going into effect. While Lucas frets over her, his former wife is taking the next step in her latest relationship. Sami asks Rafe to move in with her, but will he accept?

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  1. From barbara

    how much longer do we have to wait for nicole to have to go on leave due to her real pregnancy? hopefully this will mean the end of the baby switch that has gone on much to long. give us a hint somebody, please!

  2. From Lena

    Yeah I’d like to know that to, How come Sami has to lose everything? Why not Nicole? I’m sick of her and cannot wait until she’s exposed and Sami gets her real baby.

  3. From April M.

    They may not write Niccole off at all……. the chic who plays Sami had a baby not too long ago and she was barely off screen. Theres ways to move the camera so you cant see the baby bump, if they want to keep her around.

    I want to know whats up with this Emily chic!!! Was she a lover or child? How dose she tie into Rafes life?

  4. From barbara

    dear april, thanks for the input. i think emily was rafe’s wife or lover and someone killed her while trying to kill him, when he was an FBI agent, may have been pregnant, too. this could explain a lot, but i still don’t like him w/sami.

  5. From pam

    Maybe they will have her in a car accident and be in a “coma” for awhile. Stephano can brainwash both Sydney and Johnny in that time. They can work those things in on these soaps where nobody knows. I think they are going to wait awhile to do any revealing of any switch!! Stephan is all too thrilled to have his heirs under his roof. And nicole is a good mother and a good stepmother, even though we may not like her, and that will go along way with stephano and e.j. I really don’t think e.j. is going to be that mad at her–after all he does have his daughter.

  6. From Cindy

    We never can never tell with this soap with Stephano in it. How do we REALLY know if ANY of the children/babies have really died??? Remember when Rolf took little Joey off somewhere and then brought him back?? Maybe Zack and Grace really arent dead, as well as Nicoles baby. I mean how did Stephano know about any baby switching? Dr. Baker, the covent. Maybe even Rafe!!! He may have a hand in all of it so he can have them “programmed” as his “soldiers” when they grow up!! He’s brainwashed before!!! We all know that this Brady/ Demera feud is probably never going to end. There has to be players to continue in upcoming years. Who can tell—-right??

  7. From ClamshowderinSalem

    Augh!! Yawn!!! Why???? Tired of the baby switch story and have been for a loooong time. Let’s move on. How is Emily buried in Salem when no one knows who Rafe and Arianna are? How did this all happen? Everyone in Salem is somehow related to one another. Tired of witchypoo Kate always getting involved in her GROWN sons’ lives. She’s a whore (no disrespect to Lauren Koslow who is a great actress!). Kate is just as whorish as Chloe is. Kate fooled around with everyone in Salem!!! She needs to be put down to pastur already. Stephanie is a wuss. Get real girlfriend, your family and even your parents aren’t very sweet, innocent, law-abiding citizens either. I’d rather be with the Kiriakis’ or DiMera families than the Bradys, Hortons, or Johnsons.

  8. From Ian

    Cindy, I can see Nicole’s baby not being dead, or them writing in her pregnancy so that she still gets to have another child (the last one was considered a miracle, so why not another?). I actually agree with Pam, she appears to be written as being a good mother. However, I would hate to see them bring Zack or Grace back to life. After all the great acting on the parts of Hope and Sami, it would be an insult to their performances to have them show that much emotion over losing a child for nothing.

  9. From Betty

    I think Emily might have been a child. Why didn’t Sami move the flowers and look at the date and last name on the grave? And it just so happens they were buried in Salem? Give me a break!

  10. From K

    Was it Emily’s grave Rafe was at where he apologized? If so I thought there was a date of birth and death on the tombstone. If I recall correctly she would be late 20′s early 30′s I figured she was a wife, finance or lover and something that was meant for Rafe happened to her, hence the apology.

  11. From Keesha

    Emily is not a child b/c i saw here gravesite last week and the year of birth was 1978. I am anxious to find out what happens with that story though. i wish rafe would discover the truth about nicole and the baby switch already..the kate/chloe/lucas/daniel storyline is SOOOO boring. i hope that ends soon. I hate that they get rid of all the good actors/actresses and keep the stupid ones. I’d like to see shawn/belle, billie, chloe, max, jennifer and jack, kayla and steve come back!!

  12. From Lisa

    I think Emily was Rafe’s ex-girlfriend but we’ll more soon…

    And barbara to answer to your question, Ari ( Nicole ) will give birth in December so that SO months away…in a few months, we’ll see her ( Nicole ) behind purses…When that happens, I don’t know what they gonna do with Ari I mean they gonna find another actress to fill in or what..we don’t know til December….. :)

  13. From MsBoulder-CO

    Betty, do the math and you’ll find out Emily was shy of her 29th birthday. I think she’s an old girlfriend. How else would Arianna know about her and visit the grave as well. Time will tell. Sami finds the memorial card in Rafe’s wallet and can go back to newspaper articles to get a clue who Emily is.

  14. From Asia

    I love Nicole! I hope they do not write her off. I’d love to see her pregnancy written in to the show. Nicole could have her miracle baby this time. I do wish that Nicole had told EJ about the loss of her baby when it first happened and they could have grieved together. Being with EJ has brought out the best in her (despite the baby switch). She’s a good mother, caring–so different from the poor drunk she used to be.

  15. From Precious

    According to some spoilers I’ve read, Emily was ENGAGED to Rafe, so it was more than a girlfriend thing…we have yet to find out what happened to her, and from today’s show (6/30), it doesn’t look like he’s willing to talk about her yet to Sami.
    They are NOT writting in Nicole’s real pregnancy, and I imagine she will have time off to deliver in December when she’s due. I am sure they have the story plotted around all this, so she has the time off for maternity leave. If we’re lucky…maybe this will be the time Sami and EJ find out the truth about Sydney’s paternity, and Nicole runs off for parts unknown…but don’t count on it!!

  16. From Dorothy I

    I can’t wait for this Emily story line to start soon

    I’m not a fan of Ariana and Brady

    I don’t think that the writers will write Nicole’s pregancy in (real life) into the show

    I guess the baby story line might end by a mistake from either Mia or Brady

    I can’t wait though cause EJ feels that Sami is just a liar wait to he finds out that Nicole and his father lied to him about Sydney

    I also hope that Stephanie does move on with all the new guy’s coming aboad maybe she will find someone similar to Max

    As far as Kate goes I had enough of her and Maggie there are so unhappy with there life that they constantly ruin others

    I want Rafe and Sami to be happy

    Find someone for Mel she really has turn herself around

    Have a Great 4th of July Fans and Writers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. From Brooklyn

    I agree that it would have been so nice if EJ would have known his baby had died. I really liked him/Nicole up til that point. As things are now, I hope she leaves him for Brady. I do not like Ari at all. As for Maggie, it’s great to have her in the spotlight again. I wished they’d do that with more vets.

  18. From Ali

    Yeah I am pretty sure from all the evidence and everything going on (talks and all), with Arriana, that Rafe was involved with a woman (emily) who he was responsible for in witness protection, and she ended up dying at that time. I think he blamed himself, that is why he doesn’t want to talk about it. THis is my take on it, but since he is so private, and with Ari always saying when she first came on to the show \oh no I hope the same thing doesn’t happen again, did it?\ and also I caught the numbers on the stone the first time he went to her grave, was 1970-something – 2007. I am pretty sure. So it could not have been a daughter.

  19. From brenda

    Perhaps Mia is the real mother of Sydney.That would be good then she could have the baby and we would have the teen with no job and Will with a problem and Chad with a bigger problem because he looks older than Mia and it will be rape and he will end up in jail for 7 years and be sorry he signed up for a paycheck with Days.Just maybe The baby switch story is fine. Mike Horton did not know his real paternity for seven years.Great story then.These are better stories than the devil in Marlena but not near as wonderful as the 1980′s. Some of those wonderful actors are coming back hopefully the stories will be as wonderful. Buried alive and Victors nephew what else could you ask except for Drake and Deitra.

  20. From Dorothy I


    You could be on to something now that you mention about the witness protection program,I do remember Rafe sister did say something on that note to Rafe.
    This is probably why he can’t talk about it.

    I did read somewhere I think on Days other sight that Sami orders Chinese food and didn’t have enough cash so she went into his wallet and finds Emily mass card she was 20 years old.

    Hopefully Rafe fiqures out Nicole and Mia soon so the baby story line ends .

    We all are getting so tired of the baby story line

  21. From Cand

    I am not a fan of the Kate storyline. I want her caught!

  22. From Kino


    I agree because I want Lucas and Philip to nab Kate and send her ass off to Rehab. Make her pay for what she’s done.

    Rafe needs to tell Sami soon about Emily because he sure doesn’t want to lose her.

    I don’t think Stefano will have the neccessary time to brainwash Sydney and Johnny because if Rafe hasn’t figured it out already, Brady sure will(or has) and that will be two thorns on his and Nicole’s side. When EJ learns that both his father and wife both lied to him about Sydney, he will be super pissed off with them and wants revenge, short of murder.

    I rather prefer Sami to stay with Rafe because he supports her. Let Nicole stay with EJ because she deserves him.

  23. From Barb

    I like the “deal” Nicole makes with Sami regarding Johnnie – I think they will end up being friends – I really think that Sami will understand why Nicole did the baby switch thing – she will know Nicole’s grief losing her own baby – that is, if she really did lose her baby! I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Dr. “Dick” Baker, either! Please, please do something with Kate’s storyline…she’s just getting ridiculous! Steph needs to find someone “safe” – drop Phil – she’s always dumping him – can’t make up her mind. She needs to leave the show, have Phil hook up with Melanie – I think he really likes her, he just needs to realize it!

  24. From JO

    What will happen when Chad finds out Mia had his baby and gave her away, will he react like EJ or use it to get money from Nicole, I dont think she knows about Chad .

  25. From Ginny

    I hope Nicole confesses ALL to EJ and he understands what she did and why (she was destroyed when she lost her baby) then they work together to keep EJ real child with them (Sami was SOOOOO wrong to deny EJ his rights as he has always been a good father to his children) Also let Kate get her just rewards by her granchildren getting the poison she gave to Chloe (or Lucas also)

  26. From Joy

    Seriously…..I HATE NICOLE, and I hope that she gets all that she deserves. She deserves to be found out and exposed, then Brady the only one that will pity her can say, “I told you so.” Everyone on the show needs to learn that actions have concequences. I cannot stand when they don’t punish people. I am only waiting for EJ to give her the third degree and Sydney to be taken from her. I’m sorry she lost her baby, but she had the chance to make that all right. EJ would have been fine, and they could have adopted, but she chose the wrong path. I can’t stand Sami and Rafe…too goody goody, and boring. Ej and Sami were so funny, and passionate. Forbidden love is the best!

  27. From Clear

    I still think they should let Nicole hear that Stephano has found out from the evil doctor that her own daughter is alive–then have a terrible dilemma trying to get her own baby! This may have to wait till after all the children have suffered the usual rapid aging syndrome?

  28. From theresa conklin

    i think it was kind of messed up that they had to kill poor lil grace off that was wrong.

  29. From Janet

    Isn’t something supposed to happen to Rafe? I read somewhere that Rafe wouldn’t be around long! I hope not, I LOVE Sami and Rafe, she deserves a good man that she doesn’t have to “revert back to her old ways” to keep!

  30. From Kay

    Kate will get caught. Lucas won’t have anything to do with her again for awhile. Chloe will live, Daniel will “save” her….again.
    It’s always the same old stuff.Why not more story lines with Victor and Stephano??? And IMO, Stephanie is a baby. Whine, whine, whine is all she knows how to do. Get over it, or leave Salem!!!

  31. From Jen

    Someone may have already said this, but I also remember that Rafe’s sister said “don’t let this turn out like it did with Emily” did anyone notice the year she was born and the year she died? Someone said she was born in 1978 and there had to be an adult which may not be true either. We will have to wait and see

  32. From Tammy

    I think that stepanie will leave philip and find out that she is pregnate and the same old line will be replayed ( the Victor & Caroline baby. Bo ) As for Kate That line is old, as is the baby switch. Days needs to pump it up. I ‘d like to see Sammy and EJ get back together. Bring back John and Marlaina . I hope days don’t bring back Grace & Zack they were babies.

  33. From NicoleDimeraFan

    I think Nicole has come a long way from the poor coniving drunk that we all used to love to hate. She really cleaned up well. I think if she stops thinking out aloud in the typical soap opera fashion, she might be able to get away with the baby switch.

  34. From kathy

    They definitely need some twists and turns in these storylines to keep people interested… Wimbleton has been more interesting this

  35. From Debbie

    I thought that Kate made a promise that she would leave Chloe and Dan alone if she got well from all her cancer and if Lukas made a recovery from the explosion…what a lying disgrace she is. She is cuckoo now. I hate her hair, her putty make-up and her Michael Jackson nose!!!!

  36. From Vicki

    Emily was Rafe’s fiance and she was killed on their wedding day.. I read that somewhere amongst the blogs.

  37. From Gypsy

    Why oh Why did you let some of the veterns of Days go and all these NEW uninteresting characters on the show. I am an long long time watcher and these new ones make my skin crawl and I remember all of the “baby Switches” and Day’s writers have to think of a new ways to interest everyone. Please get some better story lines e.g. E.J. & Sammy back together, they where funny and had great chemistry. Nicole and Brady are a good together and you should have left Stepheny with Max. Kate is old and Booooring and Victor should find a nice lady and Stepheno should stay the hell dead. Please do not bring back all the kids that are missing and presumed dead. We do keep track!
    I still want to keep on watching so hopefully your story lines will get better……..bye for now!!!

  38. From Daven

    I really don’t like sami and rafe together, i would love for sami and E.J to get back together. Yea i have a feeling that rafe met Emily through witness protection bc arrianna said one time to rafe about Sami that its happening all over again

  39. From diania

    rafe’s sister told rafe when she found out about sami, not again rafe that says he must have been emily’s body guard and he fell in love with her. maybe who was after her got to her; passed rafe.I hope the truth comes out about nicole, then maybe sami will get back all of her kids and her and rafe can live happily ever after.

  40. From Allie

    I don’t realy like Rafe’s sister- she’s not a good actress and I don’t like her with Brady. How many times does somone just run into the same person? That’s a realy dumb way to get them to talk. Why can’t they be like normal beings that just say “oh hi it’s nice to see you again”? She’s always in a hurry to go no where- she’s soo anoying!
    But Melonie was anoying too and I’m starting to like her… I never thought I would.

  41. From Delores

    I cant believe that DRUG not showing up in Chloe’s blood work. I know of people getting fired where I use to work because they would be on or take certain things they would say “Oh it won’t show up!” BUT IT DID!! So I can’t believe this crap that it won’t show up in anything. SOMETHING will show up and Kate will be the one to suffer the “over doses”.

  42. From Rose

    I really hope things start to work out for Melanie I really like her and think she has good in her. Kate needs a bit of her own medicine, Im done with her! I dont think Victor would let Kate take Daniel down if he was his son, but some kind of punishment for her NOW PLEASE!

  43. From Sandy

    SPD says that DOOL needs great ratings from September 09 – March 10 to be renewed and stay on the air. What that means for us is nothing exciting happening until September AT THE EARLIEST. Have to save the really good stuff until the ratings really count. I expect Sami/Nicole/EJ will be drug out until at least October. *groan*

  44. From Precious

    #41…Hello..when do the writers EVER write “reality” into their shows?? Of course the poison is NOT going to show up in any tests done, to protect the one who gave it to her, and to carry this crap-fest storyline going into mid summer! Dan will be arrested, according to spoilers, but I hope that Kate, FOR ONCE, pays for her crime in the end. It’s hard to fathom that a mature women whose life was physically SAVED by the two she trying to put revenge on, would even stoop to this caliber. Hint to the writers of this show: WE ARE ADULTS, NOT CHILDREN…PLEASE WRITE PROFESSIONALLY???

  45. From Leah

    According to Soap Opera Digest, the Sami/Nicole/EJ storyline will explode in the fall and the truth will come out. Can’t wait till that happens!!!!

  46. From Dorothy I

    Hi Fans

    Remember Kate ask Dr Dan about the drug that she was giving to Chloe if the drug could br trace he said NO NO!!!!!!!!!

    A fan mention on this sight that Days will need do something in the SPD to stay on this Fall,so I’m guessing this is when the baby story line ends and Kate will get caught

  47. From Dorothy I


    I meant to see the drug that Kate was giving a while ago and now she is giving this drug to Chloe


  48. From dc

    hated watching today’s show.. so sad when max left.. i hate that his character and chelsea are no longer on the show.. maybe they will bring them back someday (married)..
    sami is just too much of a snoop..
    she should just leave well enough alone as far as rafe is concerned. but maybe this is another storyline they are pursuing..
    i just wonder who the mystery man is that they did not show last week that seems to be interested in hope (could it be patrick??)..

  49. From Deb

    Bravo, #44! Writers – stop feeding us baby swaps (yawn) and this Kate plot is the worst – attempted murder? Puh-lease! Enough, already! Let’s hope Emily isn’t a plot rehash!

  50. From Deb

    Oooh! I wish it was Patrick! That would be a great move! :-) Sadly, it is probably someone who is going to kidnap Hope and Bo’s daughter for the ransom he thinks Hope has since she made that huge donation.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  51. From barb

    Does anyone else think that Rafe’s sister looks like Ashley Judd? It was driving me crazy until I just watched Double Jeopardy.

  52. From barb

    one more comment, isn’t an “affair” technically defined as and infedility when at least one partner in the “affair” is married? Chloe nor Daniel were married at the time that they had an “affair” yes she was committed to marry Lucas but was not married to him yet. All her promises to God didn’t get her very far. Especially with Satan’s spawn, Kate in the picture.

  53. From froggefairy

    —#47.dc………you are right, they just made Max interesting just to write him off…….grrrrrrrrr.! when or if he comes back he won’t be married to Chelsea…remember he is going to europe..where he raced tons of woman in the process..Chelsea will not be able to compete with those odds…lol…Max will come home with new wife…probably..imo

  54. From froggefairy

    —as far as Sami snooping…what else is she going to do…Rafe’s not exactly forth coming about his life, now is he…I think that Sami did what all of us would have done on finding that memorial card in his wallet..she looked up the death on internet news site…what if Ariana is his sister-inlaw..!! that might be need to know information..definitly if Ariana was somehow at fault for her sister’s death..

  55. From froggefairy

    –as for Hope’s new stalker…could be John Black..that would be awesome sweeps for the fall..remember he supposedly got his memory back just in time to leave the show…what if he lied, just to get Marlena to marry him..she would divorce him again…wouldn’t she..then he would be free to come back all by he would go after Hope, to get back at Bo..maybe………go ro-bo john..

  56. From froggefairy

    –#51.barb….chloe and dr,daniel had sex and started their affair after chloe’s engagement…that by defination is cheating on one’s commitment to one’s word of faithfulness and fidelity.. to forsake all others..til death do you part………….the writers obviously don’t believe in god, otherwise why else have chloe say what she did in the hospital to god, then break same word almost imediatly…’s sad when his name is taken in vain…

  57. From Dorothy I

    Hey Froggefairy

    You have excellant ideas

  58. From froggefairy

    —-thank you Dorothy I….i do try to make sense of this retarded show…lol…maybe Arianna was in love with Rafe and tried to stop the wedding…but her sister Emily got in the car to go to the church anyways….Arianna grabbed the wheel to try to get her to stop..instead caused an accident..which left Emily dead, and Arianna in the hospital..Hiedi ..? in a clinic for critical care victoms…Emily’s daughter by a mystery man..not in picture yet..? Emily could have been in F.B.I with Rafe…she might have been hiding the pregnacy from her bosses, to cover up the fact that she slept with wit-ness in the
    program… possibly

  59. From JOAN


  60. From Hokiegirl

    #37 When exactly was EJ funny? I don’t recall much mirth in his and Sami’s relationship – maybe way back when he was a race car driver, but not much in the last year or two. Now, Sami and Lucas had lots of fun, and I think she and Rafe can be playful too. EJ is just a big downer. I mean seriously, the guy has NO friends. If he didn’t have Nicole and “FATHA”, he would spend his days talking to himself. I can’t think of anyone else in Salem who would like to be in the same room as him, let alone go out and grab a beer with him. Who wants to hang out with an arrogant narcissist like him?

    Honestly, I miss the “good ole Days” with good friendships and real families. I hardly recognize the show now.

  61. From Jesslyn

    Okay, kate was pretty hilarious this week, i got to say. She snapped at Ali with the apple, and i wonder why no one noticed that she was making such a big deal about chloe throwing the apple away.
    omg, i really don’t like arianna. she’s starting to be like a mini-kate, except Rafe is her brother and not her son. why should she care if rafe is in love with sami?
    yeah, i agree with keesha – i miss shawn and belle and jack and jennifer and their kids…what happened to the old days of our lives?
    i thought that it was pretty unrealistic for rafe to get all mad and angry at sami for wanting to a bit more about his past. sheesh, what’s the deal with him anyway?
    btw, nice swooning job, chloe :)

  62. From Dorothy I

    Hi fans

    I hope the Emily story becomes more interesting than the baby story line which needs to end

    As far as Kate goes I feel she has a lot of nerve doing this but again it is a soap

  63. From Patti

    I think Lucas is too whiny for Sami…regardless of their past. He is portrayed as a whimpy guy. I would like to see John and Marlena back…and Jack and Jen were fun..they were always on an adventure. I enjoy Rafe and Sami but I do like EJ and I remember him being rather playful when he and Sami were “together”.

  64. From Jo

    I enjoy this site very much. keeps me updated.

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