Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Rafe’s Secret.

After years of romantic turmoil, it looks like Sami finally found the perfect man, or has she…

This week, the secrets from Rafe’s past return to cast a dark shadow over what’s already a pretty dark period in both of their lives. Is he protecting her, or protecting himself by keeping certain details, and people, from his past a secret?

Watch this week’s promo and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From MISSY

    I,think Sami,needs to know about Rafe’s History.& Rafe,needs to find out about Nicole’s past & finally Sami,get her baby bk away fm Nicole. & Let Ej,stop the battle of custody Johnny, & Let Ej & Sami bk together again,let them as supercouple. Let Ej,find out that Nicole,kidnapped his own daughter.thanks,

  2. From Mary

    I like Nicole’s human side. I was getting pretty sick of her recently (though Nicole and her drunken humor are my favs) But her actions recently have made her better in my eyes.
    BIG QUESTION: If Rafe grew up in Salem/Orphange an is around Sami’s age:/how can everyone not know his secret already? Hasn’t it been blasted across The Salem newspapers like everyone elses secrets?

  3. From Kino


    I personally don’t want Sami and EJ back together. After all the hell, he caused to her about her losing Grace and the custody battle with Johnny. Sami is better off with Rafe because he unlike EJ can provide her a stable family life and she could finally be a better mother to her kids.

    When the truth comes out about Sydney, Sami and Mia will both get their hands on Nicole. If Rafe hasn’t already put 2 and 2 together about her miscarrying her child, Brady sure has(or will since he has already suspected Nicole from the start) and she will have two thorns on her side.

    As for Rafe’s secret, he’s trying to protect both himself and Sami from what happened to him because the truth could not only hurt himself but her as well.

    As for EJ, when he learns about Sydney being his daughter with Sami, he wants revenge on both Stefano and Nicole for lying to him about his daughter because she had miscarried her child. After that, he needs to owe Sami an apology for what happened. He also needs to take some time to be alone to think about what he has done.

    As much as I hate Nicole for causing the mess with the baby switch, I did like her human side to her. Especially when she brought Johnny around to visit Sami in secret and had to make him promise not to reveal it to his father.

  4. From Cand

    My wish would be…they all find out about the baby switch. But EJ still loves Nicole. It would be nice to see someone’s love be real. In real life you don’t just turn it on and off. Would be nice for him to see she freaked out when she lost her baby. Which is what I think happened to her. It would have been better for her to have gone to him and said I lost the baby do you still love me or was it just about the baby?

  5. From erica

    Cand the problem is EJ has never loved Nicole, he is with her because he can’t be with Sami and because she was pregnant.
    For him it is just Sami, his feelings are very very strong and they don’t go away. Like it’s come from Sami he feels he has been betrayed harder.
    I think when he will know for the baby switch, he will be furious but i am not sure he will leave Nicole because the most important thing for him is the revenge against Sami. He will be an ass with Nicole but he will stay with her and he will be happy to have Sydney, his real daughter (and bonus with Sami and a Brady).

  6. From missy

    ej will find out and hate nichole and his father that is how they will make ej a nice guy like he was when he was with sami before she left. ej is no good evil he is tooooo hot to be evil, make him sweet and caring again and put him back with sami where he belongs. put nicole with rafe, they have good chemistry just watch them act together. sami and rafe no chemistry open your eyes people, they are more like brother and sister. i hope sami is on the pill.

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