General Hospital Poll: What About Dominic?

In a town full of mobsters, it’s amazing that they don’t get more fresh blood more often.

This week, Port Charles added another young mobster to its cast and, if the rumors are true, he promises to shake things up a lot. Dominic already nearly killed Jason, nearly abducted half of the Corinthos children, and wound up wounded in Claudia’s bed. Although we don’t know much about him, or what he’s after, we can see that he isn’t that bright (or pretends not to be), is sarcastic and he seems to take his shirt off a lot.

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  1. From josephine m

    im hoping this hott guy is not paired with a predictable choice like cluadia or lulu or even sam its old if i had to choose any female on the show to test him with i would consider um elizabeth that can make for some intereseting story ,sonny kid ,jason baby mama getting involved with his bff/boss son and im hearing jason doesnt like him he would probably want to look after her and make sure he doesnt break her heart and it doesnt have to be in a romantic way for liason im all for someone new for them if their not gonna put liaon together and if liz and dante really spark i might not care if he get back with sam ,as long as my girl gets some real loving this danre might be just the guy for liz and i heard a rumor he might be a undercover fed that could be a great storyline her new man trying to take down her babydaddy on the other side of the law and her helping dante over not having his mob father know who he was i mean jake is going through something similar she can explain those resons to him and help him through it if the writers do it right they could come up with a beautiful romance and something new ,well thats my idea dont know if anybody else agrre but it just came in my head when i was thinking of who he should be paired with liz seems like a great choice and the writers are wasting her with bullshit like nic,the lookalike and ethan ,get her way from that crap if gh continues with letting the mob be front in center than she might as well try something like this

  2. From Soapfan

    I would love to see Dominic with Lulu. She needs a new hot guy.

    However I’ve said since he first showed up that Dominic is a fed. What better story line than to have Sonny’s son try and bring him down.

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