General Hospital Spoilers for June 30-July 1.

Ethan worries, Dominic schemes and Michael moves again.

Although Sonny hates the idea of his son leaving his side to live with the Quatermaines, he ultimately gives in. His decision only makes Michael angry. He accuses his father and Jason of always kowtowing to Carly. That doesn’t stop Jason from dropping the young man off at the Quartermaines, though he fears the worst. Meanwhile, Jax tries to help Carly cope with her out of control son. That will be harder than it sounds. She freaks out when she discovers that Edward let Michael take Morgan for a drive in his new car.

Rebecca takes things a step further with Nikolas and agrees to move into Wyndemere. The success of her plot only seems to be making Ethan more paranoid, however. He threatens to show up in her new digs if she doesn’t hurry over to see him. He accuses her of falling for the prince, but she assures him that their con is still on. Despite these assurances, it’s clear that she’s having conflicted feelings.

Robin is also having conflicted feelings. She admits to Alexis that she’s starting to think that the sleazy mayor is innocent after all. She concocts a brand new theory about Brianna’s murder. Unfortunately, Andrea overhears the whole thing. Meanwhile, Diane is doing what she can to be a good friend to Alexis. Too bad that Kristina isn’t helping and remains convinced that her mother is a hypocrite for having slept with a married man. But she may soon have another distraction when Dominic drops in to see her after Johnny refuses to help him infiltrate Sonny’s organization.

Dominic isn’t the only one with odd business plans either. Coleman asks Spinelli and Maxie for help on how to make Jake’s more successful. They suggest a Karaoke night, which just might prove to be the ideal setting for Spinelli to serenade Maxie. It’s too bad that he can’t sing.

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