General Hospital Weekly Summary for June 22-26.

Escapes, arrests and interrupted sex.

The ambush Claudia had planned went awry when Johnny pushed Jason out of the line of fire. They took out a few Zacchara shooters but one got away. They ran back to the mansion and walked in on the aftermath of Claudia and Sonny’s latest sex romp. She flitted off and so did her brother. They met up in his garage to argue about what went wrong until Olivia interrupted. He sent his sister away. Meanwhile, Michael, following a battle with Jax after freaking out at Carly, packed up and went to his father’s. Sonny was proud that he took control of his life like this. Unfortunately, Morgan decided to follow his brother’s footsteps but, while he traveled through the woods, was captured by a rogue Zacchara lieutenant, Dominic, who was left limping from the ambush. They bantered and soon Carly showed up looking for her son. Michael wasn’t far behind and they took turns trying to take Dominic out. He didn’t bother shooting any of them, and made sure they knew it, then ran off to the mansion, bumping into Claudia on the terrace. Thinking fast but not wisely, she hid him in her room.

Claudia and Sonny continued to argue about just about anything. His paranoia blossomed after news of the ambush and he called Johnny, interrupting his love making session with Olivia, to drag him over for answers. When he arrived, Sonny tore into him but John defended himself. Meanwhile, Michael, buoyed by his little fight in the woods with Dominic, turned to Jason for a mentorship in the family business. When Jason turned him down flat, he turned to Johnny, though he fared no better. When Sonny confronted him about this, he made it clear that no child of his would go into the family business. Michael assumed his father wanted to keep him out because he’s brain damaged. To compensate, Sonny bought him a sports car. All of this was enough to push Carly into a radical choice: She shocked Monica and Edward by saying that she wanted her son to live with them. They took to the idea so much that Edward even suggested that Jason could move in too, for Michael’s sake.

Elsewhere, one of Sonny’s other children, Kristina, got a talking to from both Sam and her mother about going to Jake’s. She went to her half-brother to complain and had to go into hiding when her mother showed up at the mansion. As she wandered the house, she accidentally bumped into Dominic in Claudia’s room. He asked her for hot dogs and bandages. She went looking, eavesdropped on a fight between her parents, and then brought the supplies back. Before Dominic could try to escape, Claudia returned and demanded to know what was going on. She had already looped her brother into coming around to help her smuggle Dominic out and get him out of their lives. The young mobster let them know that he wouldn’t be that easy to get rid of. It wasn’t all bad news for Claudia though. Ric announced that he would be leaving Port Charles for LA.

At Wyndemere, Rebecca freaked out while Nikolas was teaching her to ballroom dance. She ran off, leaving a slipper behind and bumped into Ethan on the pier. She explained that the dancing was like a fairytale and it was starting to make her feel like someone else. Nikolas showed up with the slipper and talked her into going back to his room with him. Elaborate, bodice ripping sex scenes followed. She slipped out while he was asleep, fearing that she was starting to live the life of her dead twin. Nikolas followed her and pulled her back in for some princely cuddling.

Patrick and Robin continued playing detective, mostly with the help of Maxie and Spinelli. The doctors went straight to Mayor Floyd with their murder theory. He insisted that he truly loved Brianna and would never hurt her. The doctors believed it until Spinelli discovered that there were big payments going through to the dead woman’s bank account. When they revealed their suspicions to Mac and Alexis, Mac abruptly arrested the mayor for Brianna’s murder. This led to him making a surprising confession at a press conference – he explained that he and Alexis were lovers so she couldn’t prosecute him.

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