The Young and The Restless Spoilers For June 26 – 29!

Adam makes a bold move, Sharon’s baby’s paternity results come in, Mac and Billy kiss and Mary Jane harms Summer!

Adam manages to get Victor to feel guilty and sympathetic about the fact that he can’t get his sight back, but what will Adam do when Rafe comes snooping in his room after Nikki convinces him that Adam framed his aunt? Hold on to your hats! Right before Rafe can find the dress and wig that Adam hid under his bed, Adam tells Rafe that he has feelings for him – and Rafe will admit that he has feelings for Adam too!

Billy convinces Mac to share a meal in his room, where Mac admits that she still loves him, which leads to a kiss. However, when Chloe busts up their hot party to announce that Billy may be the father of Sharon’s baby, Billy will try to explain his way out of the baby mess – and Chloe will make sure Mac realizes that Billy had a choice in the matter, leaving Mac to storm out! One up for Chloe!

Just when we didn’t think she could get any crazier, Mary Jane makes sure that Summer, who is allergic to peanuts, is exposed to some peanut butter cookies. Phyllis will find her daughter unconscious and call Nick, just as Sharon finds out that the baby she’s carrying is his! Will Sharon tell Nick the news while Summer is in a coma? Nope, she’ll see how close Nick and Phyllis become, hear Nick vow to stay by Phyllis and Summer’s side then tell Jack that he’s the father – and Mary Jane will hear the whole exchange!

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