The Young and The Restless: Tuesday June 30 Video Clip Preview!

More lies added to the mix…

After overhearing Nick promise Phyllis that he would be there for them, Sharon doesn’t want Nick to have to make the choice between her and their new baby or Phyllis and Summer – so she tells Jack he is the father! How will Nick react to this news? Watch this sneak peek into Tuesday’s episode now on Soap Opera Fan Blog!

Did Sharon do the right thing? Please tell Soap Opera Fan Blog below!

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  1. From Christine

    I really was happy that Sharon/Nick got back together – I always liked them as a couple. I do not think that Sharon made the right decision on telling Jack he is the father when in fact it was Nick. This will come back to bite her.

  2. From Colleen

    Please don’t let Sharon continue this lie!!! It is totally ridiculous!! I can’t even watch the show anymore it is such a disappointment:o(

  3. From loganlynn

    this is soooo not cool…Sharon is getting on my last nerve… does a paternity test ever lead to the truth on this show…at all.

  4. From loganlynn

    I want nick to be a man for once and choose a side and stick to it. You can be responsible and still be a man about a situation. right now I think he is playing both ladies. and Sharon needs a clue and serious help pyschological help. I hate where the writers are taking this and please bring back the old adam…

  5. From crystal

    i agree with collen please dont let sharon do this i love the nick and sharon being happy together plot line please let them be happy together

  6. From patricia

    i would to see nick and phylis get back and sharon and jack back together. i can’t wait for victor to find out what a liar and wicked adam is!

  7. From patricia richards

    the show is getting more exciting each day, and i can’t wait for plenty more fun to come. young and the restless is the best soap opera ever! I HATE ADAM’S GUTS THOUGH1 he’s too cruel. Sharon needs to speak the truth because she is putting herself in deep deep dilemna

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