The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For June 22 – 26!

Noah received legal guidance, news of Phillip’s empty casket spread, Adam became more desperate, and Mary Jane did the unthinkable!

Noah went to Rafe for information on how to become emancipated. When Nick and Sharon gave Noah news about their new house, he announced his plans! Later, the paternity results came in – the baby was Nick’s!

After Jill and Kay learned that Phillip’s casket was empty, everyone was shocked when no DNA was found in the casket! Cane agreed to a DNA test, retrieved a frozen vial of blood then left Phillip a message saying he did what he had to do!

Victor called a detective, in regards to the delivered doll head, and after a fingerprint of Estella’s was pulled from the package, Victor pressed charges against her! Later, Victor asked Vikki to restart the art foundation in Sabrina’s honor. Adam spilled the Botox he’d used to fake his blindness then Victor’s doctor examined him, said Adam had injection holes in his corneas and it was now too late to correct his blindness! Though Victor blamed Adam for gaslighting Ashley, Adam convinced Victor he was attacked in prison, leaving Victor sympathetic – and Ashley vowing to be there for Adam, as he had been for her and her baby! When JT suggested to Victor that Mary Jane Benson could be behind the troubles surrounding Ashley, since she’d been on the property repeated times, Victor rushed off to confront her!

Ashley was furious when Estella made bail and still felt Estella was guilty, but Nikki labeled Adam as the culprit! Later, while Adam was hiding the dress and wig under his bed, Rafe arrived, and to prevent Rafe from looking for proof that Adam had framed Estella, Adam professed his feelings for Rafe!

Jack and Mary Jane shared another romp in bed, but Jack made it clear he was only there for sex! Later, Victor accused Mary Jane of tormenting Ashley and reminded her that he brought her there to torment Jack – and Adam overheard! Wanting to put Nick and Phyllis back together, Mary Jane ate some peanut butter cookies then gave Summer a kiss goodbye before leaving Restless Style – knowing of Summer’s allergy to peanuts! Phyllis later found Summer unconscious and called Nick!

Billy and Mac continued to fight their feelings, and when Mac shared a dinner with Billy in his room at the club, she admitted to still loving him, the two shared a kiss and neither knew that Chloe had been downstairs and had heard about Billy’s big dinner tip from a waiter! Chloe marched upstairs and announced to Mac that Billy might be the father of Sharon’s baby – and that the paternity results were in!

Daniel and Jana faced the judge… Daniel was released on bail, but Jana’s was denied. Wondering who would want to frame him, Daniel and Amber couldn’t think of any possibilities, but a faceless man became irate when he heard of Daniel’s release – the same man who later answered a call from Vikki about some art!

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