Thoughts on Days For the Week of June 15-19.

Thoughts on Days.

After the grimness of the past few weeks, things got marginally lighter on the show. Thankfully, the show is still managing to keep a fair degree of continuity, even when that doesn’t mean that every second scene is someone crying. The break in the tension was largely thanks to melodramatic Melanie. Max has decided to ditch town and go with Chelsea to London. His sister was not pleased and pouted around town before deciding to take him up on his offer to move in with he and Chelsea… and then came Nathan. Salem has yet another Horton in its orbit. It’s been awhile since a new member of the clan popped his head in. The last few didn’t fare so well either. Jeremy, while easy on the eyes, was hard on everything else and things barely went well for Nick. Will the vain and sarcastic medical intern turn out to be a weird hybrid of those two departed characters? He obviously has a brain, as well as a lot of attitude and a propensity for taking his shirt off. Time will tell. Anyway, he’s moved in with the three Ms, Mel, Maggie and Mia, which could lead to all sorts of shenanigans.

Stephanie is feeling the after-effects of being locked in a morgue drawer for days on end. If she doesn’t go crazy, maybe she and Carly can exchange stories when she comes back to Salem this fall. It’s nice to see that there are actually consequences for extreme trauma. Stephanie has had more of that than just about anyone and, unlike Salem’s other head cases, such as Sami, she’s a relatively innocent creature. It’s amazing that she didn’t break down long ago, but will she this time? And will she do it with the same kind of style her father displayed? Being a mentally unbalanced victim seems to run in her family. Maybe this is why I’m missing Steve right now. She and Patch would have plenty to talk about. At least her new mental state made her slap EJ’s face and have some hallucinations of Owen. If we can’t have the real thing, the fantasy will do.

The week’s other sideshow was the continued covert warfare conducted by Kate against her sworn enemies, Daniel and Chloe. The diva and the doctor had a few sexy fantasies about each other, but kept their clothes on in real life. He told her again to try and make things work with Lucas but they are obviously deliriously in love. She even went to Father Matt to confess that she was having impure thoughts about a man who was not her husband. The priest calmly told her they will go away. While the lovers languish in frustration, doing their best to keep their distance, Kate is using all of her cunning to find a way to destroy them, and in public no less. She virtually blackmailed Daniel into taking a guest spot on “Hearth and Home” with Chloe and wandered around town fondling her vial of poison. If she had a mustache, she’d be twirling it, instead she just had to ripple her eyebrows and lips. I know she wanted to serve revenge ‘cold’, but hasn’t it reached the point of being frozen at this point? I like Daniel and Chloe together, they’re a sleazy bundle of sweaty fun, but I don’t know how much more of her pouting and Daniel being earnest that I can take.

The rest of the town was still left reeling from baby Grace’s quick demise. That didn’t stop the two crime families from getting together to hammer out a truce. This time, it was the sons who did the diplomatic work in an attempt to signal a new era in their bloody history. Will the truce hold? Maybe… For the time being, EJ is more interested in reviving his war with Sami and her family. Most of the rest of the week was grief, guilt and vows of revenge. Stefano comforted Nicole and assured her that her plan would work. She felt guilty and comforted EJ. Rafe, Roman, Bo and Hope comforted Sami. Rafe is finding it hard to keep the faith when God would let a baby like Grace die. Mia grieved and showed up at the funeral to sing “Amazing Grace.” She then went back to work to be confronted by the boy from her past, Chad. Stefano was too grief stricken to attend the funeral, but Elvis still showed up and, in spite of Nicole’s pleading, decided it was time to launch his new attack on Sami. He announced that he would be taking their child away from her. He wants full custody of Johnny, and he’s made no secret that this is all about revenge.

Anyway, now on to glimpses of next week. If you don’t want things spoiled, look away. EJ uses every means at his disposal (legal threats, death threats, curse words, the evil eye, the voodoo tricks that Celeste taught him) to make sure that he takes full custody of Johnny. Just to de-Samify him thoroughly, he and Stefano will even go back to calling him Giovanni like they used to. Rafe has to back down when the iron will of the Cambridge grad seems to be too much. While Sami grieves and parts with another of her children, Rafe gets distracted by thoughts of Emily, the dead girl from his past who his sister keeps bringing up. And no, he’s not just a closet General Hospital junkie, it’s actually someone from his mysterious past. As he hangs out in the cemetery telling the tombstone how sorry he is, Nicole rears her head to ruin his day. He won’t be the only one to be assaulted with unwelcome sights either. Bo is going to have more visions of Zack and Stephanie’s mental unhinging continues in spite of Daniel confronting her about overdosing on pills. He should probably be more worried about the drugs that Kate is dropping into coffee mugs and the tape recorders she’s been hiding.

Lines of the week:

EJ: I don’t have any memories, but I would like to say something.

Stefano: Let him grieve for Grace or there will be more grief for everybody.

Nathan: You’re pretty but you’re an idiot.

Kate: I’ve waited a long time for this. Guess what, Chloe, lying w****s don’t rest in peace.

Melanie: I have decided sick people are boring.

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  9 responses so far...

  1. From donna

    please let sami pull her grief and her anger over losing grace and johnny together and let her go after ej with everything he is bringing at her I think ej is just a p***k and go stephenie I still think it would be great if the way that stephenie chose her family over phillip would be to put ej in jail in order to help sami get johnny back though that wouldn’t help the sidney situation but i hope they bring that to an end a lot quicker then they did on passions with little ethan or little marty. I did like the way that brady and sami bonded today it was nice If mia or brady or sami would figure out that both sami and nichole both had thier babies on the same day and that they both went to doctor baker I don’t even see brady keeping his mouth shut if he found out that nichole kidnapped sami’s baby

  2. From MISSY

    let Ej & Sami,find the way of being full custody of Johnny,together. they need to be
    to make time for each other right
    now.They both need to search for the real Grace,& be a family again thanks,

  3. From Dolly

    EJ needs to see the light, improve as a person and admit his love for Sami. That is why he is so mad at her, he loves her so much, and he does not have her.
    OK, he did say he loved Sami. It is not in the past. Rafe is great, but just not Sami’s guy. Rafe and Steph, she will not work out for long with Philip.

  4. From Donna

    The writing is starting to appear on the wall for Rafe. While he and Sami have lovely & sweet chemistry – very reminiscent of Jarlena – something is going to be horribly wrong with Rafe. He’s got a life-destroying secret, of course. I was all for Safe, but I’m begnning to think otherwise.

    Sami, in all her ignominious glory, made EJ a better person and much less Dimera-like. I agree with Dolly. EJ still loves Sami, but is mega-PO’d at her.

    I think maybe when the baby switch comes out and EJ finds out Stephano had his hand in keeping it from him, he’ll go back to Sami with a whole cup-full of mea culpas for her and beg to take him back.

  5. From Fallon Carrington

    Sami Brady is a super annoying hag. I constantly fast forward through her nauseating scenes with the douche-bag of character, Rafe. Who the hell came up with Rafe; I mean please: what guy who looks like him would ever seriously deal with a whining, nagging Sami Brady who travels with a ton of baggage (i.e., three kids). Too, the writers paint Sami as some kind of a moral paradigm…ummm…The character has lied to get her way since she was introduced years ago. Essentially, the writers are teaching young girls to lie and rationalize their lies in order to achieve self-gratification.

  6. From Connie

    I am really sick of EJ,can’t wait for the truth about the baby switch to come out and Nicole to get caught. But OMG what is the deal with Will’s HAIR? Come on, what a mop!Somebody GET THE SCISSORS!

  7. From Tricia

    I am so glad finally all of Sami’s secrets are out. It really bugs me that all the while EJ is ruining Sami’s life because she is so “imorale and wrong” he is daunting Stephanie and threatening her, and revelling in the fact that he can manipulate anyones life or end them. He is so beyond a hypocrite and I hope it comes out that he was responsible for Stephanie’s kidnapping and Sami can get full costody of Johnny!

  8. From Deb

    I am still an Ejami; I agree, they bring out the best in each other and have great chemistry. Still…I can’t feel sorry for Sami this week – not telling EJ he had a daughter was wrong; with all his faults, EJ is a devoted father. Will made a good point – how often do people lie when they are with Sami? Too often!

  9. From old rocker

    Very disappointed in the writig..First off Kayla and Steve should be here for Steph..No one has brought up the fact that EJ brainwashed Steve and could care less about Steph..He has a split personality…He’s a doting father and a hypocritical maniac throwing temper tantrums..He desrves Nicole..I can’t wait for him to find out the truth…Sami should be with Rafe she deserves some happiness..She should have kept her mouth shut about Grace..The one time she should have kept a secret & she blew it..When I think of all the lies she’s told over the years..this time was different..Dam if you do dam if you don’t..This seems to be the Samy Brady show..

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