Days of Our Lives Poll: Best Of The Week.

Highlight of the week?

Okay, I’ll admit it – the show wasn’t that great this week. But it did have a few good bits here and there. Victor was around for those who enjoy snarky remarks, Nicole managed to cry more than Sami, EJ didn’t make any ear splintering screams and Brady showed some of his emotional fragility.

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  1. From Hollyann

    I voted “Something else”…. EJ’s hair cut!

  2. From Deb

    Sami telling Rafe about her past was the highlight of the week! All those jump cuts and the dialog: “And then I dressed as a man and went to Saudi Arabia…” “So I shot him…” “It was awful being on death row…” Hil-ar-i-ous!!

  3. From bettyg

    Highlight for me was Victor zinging Kate non-stop. You go, guy! Can anybody out there tell me what relatives Will was staying with in Switzerland while going to school there? Carrie and Austin? Doug & Julie? …?

  4. From Arlene

    bettyg, It was Austin and Carrie.

  5. From Precious

    I gotta hand it to Victor, he’s one guy who doesn’t soft peddle his remarks, especially with Kate. He needs to step on her toes a little more, and maybe she’ll slip up and admit that she’s guilty as hell for poisoning Chloe, then go to Bo and tell him the truth about her. Maybe some jail time and a shrink will straighten her out, but I doubt it. She’d probably have the inmates eating out of her hands, including the guards…..

  6. From Potsmoker420

    I agree, they tend to leave out samis past alot, I absolutely thought they had erased the whole, Tony Dimera capturing phillip in iraq and shawn lucas and brady going to save him only to have Stan the man follow them trying to sabotage it all.

  7. From MISSY

    I, agree w/ U,guys. at least Kate,
    is something. Austin,& Carrie def,
    lives in Switzerland,they took care
    of Will. at least Daniel will save
    or Her dad Criag,will they can help
    to solve What hapen to Chloe. thanks,

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