Days of Our Lives Poll: Who Makes A Better Couple?

If one romance bites the dust, does that mean another will bloom?

While all of the signs first pointed to Nathan hooking up with Melanie, it appears as though something, or someone, could get in the way. Stephanie literally bumped into the young intern fresh from ending things with Philip. Could be be her rebound guy? If he is, does that mean that there is hope for Mel and Philip?

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  1. From Sandra

    I can’t help it….I know that Brady is somewhat older than Melanie, but for some reason, I’m picking up on a certain chemistry they have with each other. I kind of would like to see them get together – with Brady fighting it (within himself) all the way. I think it should be a forbidden romance that catches fire and takes them by surprise with it’s intensity. Ari is beautiful and a great actress, but I’m just not getting into her part yet. A great storyline would be for Brady to “think” he’s beginning to like Ari, but surprisingly (especially to himself) gets a little resentful when Melanie starts to like Nathan. I can see it all now……….:)

  2. From deb

    Too much age difference between Mel and Brady, if Mel was older with that age difference maybe but at 18/19 and Brady almost old enough to be her father it is to icky, they are great together and he makes a great friend/brother figure to her (does everything have to be romantic? can they not be friends?). Mel and Nathan have tons of potential. Arianna just needs a chance and some decent writing for a change (she was cool at the cabin… keep writing her like that) she might be ok with Brady if they write it right!

  3. From Sherri

    Did anyone see the way Step looked at Nathen today??? A brief romance will happen of course.
    Mel needs to take an acting course somewhere. I think if she could stop shaking she could make a decent actress. Ok, I know this is the land of make believe. However, she just put her application in for nursing school. She got accepted and has her first test already??? Come on be serious. But I guess if Step can graduate college in four months instead of four years, anything is possible.
    This show is getting stranger by the episode.
    Arianna today higher than now attitude can stop now. Brady can exceed her in that area. They can be together and live in the penthouse. Maybe then can be the high and mighty couple they act like.

  4. From Helen

    First of all, she was just heartbroken over breaking up with Philip and already she’s making eyes with someone else?? Come on!! Then she was never into Philip to begin with. It would be ridiculous if she started something with Nathan right away. Nathan should be with Melanie, give her a break already.

  5. From MISSY

    I, love Nathan & Stephanie, to be a supercouple, & Philip & Melanie, be together too. They do shine Nathan,w/ Stephanie,& Philip bk to Melanie. thanks

  6. From Cathy

    Ok… I liked this week as well… it’s getting better but I still Miss John and Marlena!! Can they please bring them back for the holidays and gosh, they’ve been gone long enough they could have a different edge…. We need John/Marlena.

  7. From jg

    I agree with you Cathy regarding John and Marlena! I just find it annoying how they keep bringing new actors to the show, yet they could not “afford” to pay John and Marlena?
    Now I wonder (with Stephanie and Philip have broken up) if Kate will be involved or not? If Stephanie fancies Nathan and visa versa, will Kate take it upon herself to break that up. We all know how Kate wants to make her children “happy”.

  8. From Sandra

    Deb, you are right about the age thing! I had no idea that Eric Martsolf/Brady was 37 years old! I thought he might be 32 or 33. I also didn’t know that Molly Burnett/Melanie was 21 in real life. Maybe in a few years I can see them “thrown” together. I mean, you know it’s coming…….eventually, everyone in Salem “gets with” everyone at some point or the other!!
    Yeah, Missy, I can see the Nathan and Stephanie thing coming…..and then this will give Phillip and Melanie the chance to get together just for spite.

  9. From Annie

    I am really missing John and Marlena, especially Marlena.
    When Sami was going through the whole thing with Grace, Marlena would have been awesome. Roman and Marlena are always there for Sami. I really like the chemistry between Philip and Melanie. I also liked it with Brady but I didn’t realize there was such an age difference. I wonder if the anyone from the soap reads these posts…

  10. From Olive

    I’m just so glad that Steph and Phil have broken up and hope they stay that way…that was the silliest excuse for “romance” I’ve ever seen. Nathan and Steph have promise -on the other hand she was with Jeremy Horton when she first appeared and that was terrible too….what about Daniel?

  11. From sandy

    I think the writers got it all wrong! Listen up – been watching the show for over 20 yrs and it is (yawn) BORING!!! so somehow get Sami & EJ back together, along with their 2 children, they have a very interesting/sexy dynamic and EJ needs to find his “smarts” again – Nicole’s character makes him look like a total idiot. She needs to be with Brady – he has her number and it would be much more interesting to see her try and put on over on him. Melanie, Ari and Nathan would make a good triangle – both ladies are smart and sassy. I think Steph needs to get back together with Philip in the hopes of “converting” him. Chloe needs to cut poor Lucas loose so he can find love in another country and she and Daniel can finally commit. It would be interesting to see Nicole turn on the DiMera’s once her and Brady are together and Sami and Stephano join forces for the sake of “the children” – just a suggestion :>

  12. From Belinda

    I have to say I LOVE Melanie!! She adds freshness and vitality to Days.I have been watching days for well over 28 years and I have seen alot of comedic actors leave the show (ie) Calliope and Eugene. Its so refreshing to have someone on this show with a sense of humor….great relief from the norm.Oh and by the way wheres Celeste? She could help Bo with his “visions”. Bring her back PLEASE!!!!!

  13. From Dolly

    Rafe and Steph, They could do wonders together. Lets see Sami get her children and EJ back. Brady and Nicole maybe. Chloe and Dr. Dan. Lucas needs someone, got to get his Mom out of his life. Philip needs someone also. I do not like Rafe’s sister, but maybe she could hook up with one of them.

  14. From Sheryl

    I agree with you Belinda, I have really grown to like Melanie alot! She does add vitality. I like her changes, but I hope they don’t take away her spunk all together. I think she and Brady are GREAT as friends. I’m torn with her romatically…I like her with Nathan, and he could hel her continue to be a good person. But I also think she is one of the only women who can handle Phillip. So I’m torn. I think Chloe and Daniel have a tremendous amount of chemistry. If they will write their parts well, they could be a very exciting couple. Brady and Nicole are pretty interesting, although I’m not sure she deserves him? I love Sami and Rafe!! I think they could be the next John and Marlena (I miss them badly). They need to find someone good for Lucas. Well, that’s my 2 cents worth ;-)

  15. From MISSY

    would love to see more of Nathan,& Stephanie,together,looks like they
    be the best couple as in a supercouple of all times they belong together.thank’s,

  16. From Laura

    I love watching this soap, And whenever nathan and melanie are in a room together I can just tell that thay have something.. If you know what I mean. I would totally be thrilled if melanie and nathan got together, They would become my favorite couple of this soap. So dont pair nathan with Stephanie, she needs to go back with Phillip.

  17. From Mickey

    Melanie/Nathan, Sami/Rafe, EJ/no one, he’s a punk.
    Stephanie, join a convent. Phillip, make up your mind what you’ll do with your life. All the others should get their acts together. Bring back John/Marlena, Julie/Doug, and where is Mickey?
    Isn’t there enough teeny boppers on the show already?

  18. From Kathy

    I have been watching Days for over 44 years. I love Bo and Hope and if you put Bo and Carly together I don’t think I will watch it anymore. Bo and Hope work it’s like having Alice and Tom on there again they should never break up.

  19. From Kathy

    IF Bo and Hope break up and you put Bo and Carly together I don’t think I will watch it anymore. I left out WON’T before.

  20. From b vitamin

    sady i havent seen or watched any sopa operas since i was about 14 yrs old. lol and my mom watches the young and the restless.

  21. From linda haynie

    What ia wrong with Jennefer she is such a liar she lies to Daniel all the time she does not trust him so why has she been playing him maybe just ounce she will be honest

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