Days of Our Lives Spoilers For August 3-7.

Headstones, head games and losing it in Salem.

As they anxiously wait for the woman they both love to crack out of her coma, Daniel doesn’t waste time telling Lucas that when Chloe wakes up, she will be choosing to head home with him. While Lucas feels the angst at the hospital, his brother doesn’t fare much better. Carlo, one of Philip’s many goons, is shot in the line of duty. This loss torments the young Kiriakis. Could it prove that he’s not the hard-hearted mob prince who he pretends to be?

Stefano launches into the plan which he has been promising Nicole for weeks. He attempts to convince miserable Meredith that she needs to tell Sami about how Rafe killed Emily. That’s not the only thing which will be blowing up in a few faces though. After weeks of offering to tell Will everything, Mia actually tells him something. She admits that she is not actually a virgin.

Meanwhile, EJ is also getting up to some mischief. He replaces Grace’s headstone with one that reads “DiMera.” No doubt this will cause a backlash, but this over the top action doesn’t seem at all strange to him. Maybe that’s because he’s been living with Nicole and Stefano for too long. In spite of his symbolic actions, Elvis still has the nerve to demand why Nicole has been acting so oddly. Of course, not all child related matters in Salem can be grim. Abe and Lexie finally receive some good news about Theo.

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  1. From Dorothy I

    What a interesting week on Days

    I had a feeling that Stefano was searching Emily pass for one reason

    He wants his son to be with Sami

    Also Kate will get caught folks

  2. From April M.

    ‘Good news’ for Theo? Thats cool!! – We don’t get to see enough of the Carver clan!!! I wonder if he’ll have a break threw with his autism, or maybe there’ll be a lil brother or sister on the way!!

    I wonder how long Chloe will be in a coma!!! I’m guessing Doc. Dan will be put on trial and rite before the judge/jury make there decision Chloe will come out of her coma!!

  3. From Dee

    Enough already give Sami her baby!!! Expose Nicole please!!!

  4. From GINA

    I’ve asked this before, but didn’t get an answer. Why did Bo & Hope celebrate Cierra’s birthday in July? According to my memory, Cierra was born on New Years Eve, exactly one year after Zach was killed. I’m thinking it was the same night E.J. shot John Black and then forced Sami to have sex with him in exchange for helping Lucas. Am I remembering wrong?

  5. From Millie

    Kate says Chloe’s fate is in God’s hands. After all she has done, how she dares to use God’s name? One of my pet peeves about Days writers is the many times they show people like Stefano and Nicole “praying” asking God to let them get away with their evil actions.

  6. From Kimberly

    Well, I’m glad that Kate is finally “going down” !!!!! I want Chloe and Daniel together.

  7. From Kino

    I hope Rafe catches EJ in the act of vandalizing Grace’s tombstone and get into a severe brawl with each other. Then force him to clean up the mess he made.

    Sami needs go back to her scheming ways and make Kate and Nicole’s lives miserable. She’s had bad history with both of them.

  8. From patsy

    After reading the interview with James in Greenville I think James needs to keep his mouth shut.Because of him and Arianna wanting to be together they have ruined the EJ/SAMI love story even if they put EJ/SAMI together for all the EJamifans it won,t be the same .What made it so special befor was we thought James andALLISON were great friends .But that was befor he became infectuated in Arranne.Hehas let his charature be ruined just so he can be with Arianne.This is so sad.

  9. From Melissa

    Patsy, What interview? I cannot find an interview that says him and Arianne are wanting to be together. She is married to Kyle Lowder (ex – brady) and they are expecting a baby.

  10. From patsy

    Melissa the write up is on the spoilers a day ahead , then go all way down to gossipand dool fourm hope this helps

  11. From firebird85

    I gotta read that interview. I knew Ari enjoyed working with James but always thought Sami would end up with EJ.

  12. From erica

    Patsy stop the rumors : Arianne is married and pregnant with her husband ! And James will be soon married. Maybe he just wanted to work with another actress to change, it’s refreshing to play opposite different people. And Bryan wanted also to play with another actress and Alison was thrilled to play with Galen Gering (they are friends in real life and nothing more). And above all this is the producers and writters who decides of pairing characters together not the actors !!

  13. From erica

    But i agree with you Patsy about one thing and it is easily the most important thing : since he is with Nicole and her lies the writers have ruined the Ej character and as an actor i doubt James Scott is very glad of this situation..

  14. From Lil

    patsy can you post a link?

  15. From Kali

    I believe Patsy means wanting to be together ON THE SHOW as a couple.

  16. From April M.

    I don’t remeber Cierra’s b-day, :( but it wouldn’t shock me if they did a rewrite on it. It seems they’re always changeing stuff, n us fans are supposed to go with the flow, I guess. I’m pretty sure the charter of E.J. was ‘born’ in the ’90s (lol)yet they have him as an adult.

    Yah, that bugs me too! It’s like they’re all hard core and have no fear attiudes, but the first time things don’t go there way they’re on there knee’s praying that God will save them. It’s almost comical.

    Ummm, Patsy,
    I’m pretty sure it’s the actors jobs to promote each othere, specially if they’re doing alot of work together. I wouldn’t read too much into anything you read or hear in an interview. It’s really up to the writers. I’m sure they listen to the actors, fans, and what not….. but there going to write what they want, not what the actors want…. or even what the fans!!! lol!!

    It was so funny today when Victor said something like “you need to think of something else and quick” to Kate, lol!! – Cause Victor isn’t going to let doc. Dan be set up by Kate. Now Kates in a corner!! Too funny!!!

  17. From April M.

    I just read there bring Theresa from Passion’s to Days!!! She’s taking over the part of Ari, Rafe’s sister!!!! So once again Galen(Rafe) and Lindsey will be playing brother and sister, and Lindsey and Eric (Brady and Ari.) will be playing a romatic role together!!!! Now they just need to bring Sam to Salemn!!! They should keep him as Sam tho, just a job transfer, from Harmonie to Salmn!!! lol

  18. From Amanda

    They showed a flashback the other day of Kate using that dropper putting poison in Chloe’s food without gloves on. I think they made a boo-boo………….

  19. From twinny

    Remember when Theo fell down the stairs and hit his head? I was hoping at the time that it would turn out that Theo was never really autistic. That there was a slow-leaking valve in his brain that caused him to exhibit autistic characteristics. When Dr. Jonas did the brain surgery on him to stop the bleed caused by the fall, then he also fixed the other leak that was in the same area.

    Theo has of course been improving and behaving much better since that incident, so it would be an easy way to write the autism story out.

    The little guy who plays Theo is a good actor. Days could have a great child-star on their hands.

  20. From Precious

    I wonder how long they plan to keep Chloe in a coma??? Spoilers say she won’t remember much about what happened..GREAT…now we can drag this out like most of the s/ls, and wait until Kate gets arrested for attempted murder. We can only hope that this time Kate gets hers….I bet Lucas tries to help her out; he’s such a wuss!!

  21. From patsy

    Yes I meant on the show knowing this was suppose to be the EJ/SAMI love story .But you can tell James is Kindataken with Ari.He and Allison youse to be great buddies BUT i,m still not watching the show .they told us two years ago that this was the EJ/SAMI love story. That is the reason I watched.Ido love SAMI /RAFE BUT LIKE ej /sami BETTER.SORRY FOR ANY MISUNDER STANDING

  22. From Potsmoker420

    Theresas coming to days!?!? great news off to google for some confirmation!

  23. From April M.


    Theres 2 viles of poison, there’s the one Kate planted in Doc. Dans appartment, which was found. Then theres the one in Kates purse which she used to poison the brownies. The one in her purse is the one she touched without gloves, if I’m not mistaken.

  24. From Lorelei

    I too noticed the Passions threesome in the same roles reunited. I do believe you are right about Ciera’s birthday. She was born the night Hope was kidnapped and John was shot because the cops were setting up EJ and Bo had to leave because Hope was kidnapped by what’s his name. Ej shot John and ran. This was all the same night he raped Sami too. Do the writers really have amnesia? They should read these blogs so they can remember the story lines from years ago.

  25. From GINA

    Thank you. It was Patrick who kidnapped Hope, plus he told her & Bo that same night he was not Cierra’s father. He had blackmailed a lab tech to lie about the blood tests Hope had done while she was pregnant because she wasn’t sure who the baby’s father was. Patrick was sent off to prison not too long after that.

  26. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    —#4.gina…the answer to christmas birthday in july.?..simple, we fans have been complaining about lack of family time on the the BRAIN-DEAD writer’s thought this would make us happy…they figure we don’t pay attention to details, like remembering what season it was when a baby is born…

  27. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    — the way i thought patrick lockheart told bo he was the father of ciera, because he knew he was going to prison for elvis..because of stefeno paying him to..?…and patrick knew that hope would need protection from stefeno, if he ever found out about ciera…he lied when he said she [ciera] was bo’s protect the woman he loved hope, and the’re daughter ciera….i…i might have remembered it wrong though…hahaha

  28. From Sandra

    What if when Chloe wakes up she thinks she is still married to Brady! I can see that happening. I can see it now, Dr. Dan & Lucas standing there waiting for Chloe to look at one of them with a smile of recognition and love….and then she looks past them and smiles at Brady and calls out for him! I can see it all now…!!!!!! What a kink that would throw into Brady’s life! Good ‘ol Brady wouldn’t have the heart to not play along for her sake. Oooooowee, they (the writers)have made ‘ol Kate soooo much more evil than she’s been in a long time. I’m telling y’all, they (the writers) are going to get her off the hook with a brain tumor or medically induced insanity. Lauren Koslow/Kate deserves an emmy for the acting job she has been doing for the past few months. Man, she’s good…….even though I know she is acting, I can’t help wanting to tear her up!! lol She is just soooo cool and blase about the whole ugly mess. And Victor was trying to be all cute and funny about the wicked mess, until he found out she had framed Daniel!! Kate’s going down, either to the “big house” or the “crazy house”! Can’t wait to see which way it will go.

  29. From Kino

    I’m getting the idea that Stefano is behind breaking Rafe and Sami up because he wants Elvis and her together since he knows that Sydney resembles her more than Nicole.

    I can only hope they wrap Chloe in a coma story up. I think Victor needs Sami to help him out with her scheming since she’s had a history with Kate before when it involved Lucas, Austin and Will. The feeling of hatred is mutual between the two women.

  30. From Vivian

    Well, they are bringing back Craig Wesley, Justin Kiriakis, Carly Manning and Vivian Alamain. Figure Craig Wesley to maybe take care of Chloe. WOW wouldn’t it be neat for Nancy Wesley to come back and “take care of Kate” for Chloe’s illness?? Not sure on a reason for Carly Manning or Justin Kiriakis..but Vivian Alamain should be a shot of excitement. Wonder if Philip knows that she was his surrogate mother…gave birth to him? But then I have always thought that Vivian would turn out to be Daniel’s mother and Victor his father…..and still waiting for it to happen. LOL

  31. From April M.

    Sandra (#27),

    I like that idea!!!! Brady’s too nice to to say anything, besides he still has feelings for Chloe, so I could see him playing the part of the husband while Chloe recovers….. then it wouldn’t take long for the old spark shine. They could turn it into a love triangle with Chloe/Brady/Ari….Chloe would fill in for Gwen….. ROFL!!! – No I guess that wouldn’t work, with the whole Lucas/Doc. Dan story line. lol.

  32. From DMM

    I love the direction that the show is going in. I just want at least one of the story lines to come to a conclusion. Maybe, Nicole get caught in her mess or Kate get caught in her mess. Hopefully, Nicole.

  33. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    @@@@@ spoiler alert @@@@@ ..i read that phillip will be having sex with melanie sometime this next month..[ august ]…stephanie is going to just go crazy when that happens…[ giggling..and smiling ].thats if the writers don’t change thier minds..sigh…keep your fingers crossed…we want ” MelLip “

  34. From SoapKat

    I think MelLip or Philanie will be a great change from Steph….she is so serious and whines all the time. What a charmer Phillip is with that dimpled smile! if i was only younger! ok so younger wouldnt matter its the hole package I’d have to change…a lady can drwam can’t she?

  35. From Kino

    I agree with Melanie and Philip.

    I have a good way to end the horrid baby storyline if y’all want to hear it.

    What if Sydney was revealed to be Mia’s daughter with Chad, who was being passed off as Nicole’s daughter with EJ? I bet Chad could see the strong resemblance of both him and Mia in her. That would mean that Grace Rafaela Brady is Sami’s biological daughter with EJ.

    I bet Rafe will do an investigation of his own and sneaks in the Dimera mansion while Nicole, EJ and Stefano are out with Sydney. He learns the awful truth when he hears wailing coming from one of the rooms. He opens the door and learns that Grace is still alive and that she’s being held hostage by Stefano in the Dimera Mansion, only to be watched by the maid Mary. Immediately, he realizes that the baby that he had exhumed from Grace’s grave who died from bacterial menigitis, that they buried was really Nicole’s premature daughter with EJ and realizes that Stefano had switched Grace with her, via Owen. It would mean that she was healthy all along. Before leaving, he takes her into his arms and reassures her that he’ll bring her back to her mother soon. Rafe heads back to the penthouse and tells Sami the truth about what he saw. He mentions that Grace is still alive and is being held hostage by Stefano because he wants to make her a Dimera like Johnny so Elvis can spend a lot of time with her. Sami is infuriated that she and Rafe teams up and takes down Stefano together. They get Grace back, takes Johnny away from the Dimera mansion and raise them along with Allie and Will as a happy family. Make Rafe and Sami, the second happy couple aside from Bo and Hope.

    Meanwhile, Elvis orders Sami and Nicole to test Grace and Sydney at once, suspecting that one of them had lied to him about their child. Sami reluctantly has her undergo a paternity test after Rafe convinces her to do so. The test confirms that Grace is their biological daughter because she resembled both her parents. Elvis is happy and apologizes to Sami right away. However, his happiness is short lived when he learns that Sydney isn’t his daughter with Nicole and the baby that died from bacterial menigitis was their boilogical daughter. He’s infuriated that Nicole had lied to him that he takes her home to the Dimera mansion and demands an explaination for her actions

  36. From kim

    Ya know…I like the baby switch thing…it would be interesting to see how it works out later…will the kid hate sami?Will they be enemies? Stay tune to find out in about 10 years….lol. But they gotta have nicole stop talking about it in the demira house…her
    character is smarter then that.
    Have Chloe wake up and not remember alot about jonas…let her think she just came out of surgery for Kate.
    Have Kate get busted and Lucas actually grow a pair and disown her. Have Chloe find out she is pregnant, but who is the daddy?
    Have maelanie and the hot new doc get togeather more, but let the little remarks and nipping keep happening…its a hoot to watch.
    I could think of a few more, but I would be happiest if any of those happened…lol.

  37. From Neli

    I like Ej alot and I wish he finds out about the whole truth soon. Sami/rafe are soooooooooo boring together, they do not excite me at all. Everything about Elvis is exciting. He is a great asset to the show. He has a lot of class. Sami will look good with him .

  38. From Vivian

    What did Arianna buy from the guy on the street today? Surely not drugs.

  39. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    “`i find it funny, the writers are replacing arianna with a younger looking is it going to work for running the pub…also her being all snooty with sami…i think sami can take that lil’ teresa…hahaha..sami will make mince-meat out of her…i really can’t see her with brady, he looks to old…he’s what early 40′s and she’s late 20′s…nope..thats kinda grose..maybe dr,daniel or maybe nathan…or bring back crazy owen, for her…

  40. From April M.

    Vivian (#35),

    Yes!! I thik Ari. was buying drugs!!! ‘Prolly coke, I think that cause it seemed small, n it was Bradys drug of choice when he was n addict!!! Man, I hope she don’t get him hooked again!!! Is this going to be the next big story line? – Maybe thats why Ari. ran off as soon as Brady told her he is an ex-addict…. if she is a druggie I think it wouldn’t take Brady long to pick up on it…. but then again this is a soap n the charters can be very dence sometimes. lol.

  41. From April M.

    DaffyTaffy 4 elvis (#36),

    I could see Lindsey playing the role of Ari. very well, and Lindsey and Eric (Ari. recast & Brady) have proven time n again they have on-screen chemistry when they played Ethan and Theresa on Passions, IMAO. Hmmm, I’m not sure, but to me Doc. Dan looks older then Brady.

  42. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I’m hoping Lucas accidently blows the whistle on his mom. He sees the dreaded vial and realizes that it is his mother’s vitamins, not a comma causing drug…oops.

  43. From Lorelei

    I totally had not heard about Auntie Viv coming back!! that is super exciting! Maybe she will rip Kate’s snarly face off! I will say this about Kate/Lauren though I absolutely LOVE her wardrobe. Phillip needs some happiness cause he is such a hottie. Confession time: I went to the rival school of Jay in Springfield. If I remember correctly I wan in marching band while he played football and I thought he was super hot then!!

  44. From maria

    i love victor telling kate off
    ej needs to wise up and figure out nicole and stefano ej will disown stefano and beg sami back
    kate needs to get caught

  45. From Vivian

    Here is the link to the Comings and Goings predicted for DAYS:

  46. From Vivian

    Here is another link with others returning..this one has “Vivian Alamain”.

  47. From lg

    Okay I think Rafe and Sami are done for me. Stick a fork in it. I don’t know why the writers always have a need to destroy a great relationship. I absolutely loved it when Lucas and Sami discovered they had feelings for each other, and when that went sour I even liked EJ and Sami together. But of course, that’s another relationship that went too far (the manipulations). IMO the writers only have one chance to truly make a couple worth rooting for. But most of the time they are able to achieve this by having the characters doing an 180, which irritates me to know end. You really don’t know which side of the character you can truly believe in. I have always loved the concept of a little friction first between characters then having it evolve into a friendship, and eventually the friendship into a true love. I don’t know which characters going to do that for me now. I guess they’ll have to bring on more new people. Because I’m not buying the whole Brady/Arianna (I like Brady and Nicole better), Philip/Stephanie (they been more off and then on), Will/Mia (are boring), Dan/Chloe (it’s just physical), Bo/Hope are boring. Oh well enough obsessing!

  48. From melissa

    although it looks like kate will go down for what she’s done, i don’t see the writers putting her in an orange jumpsuit or keeping her off the show for any amount of time. she makes everything so juicy.
    i’m glad nicole finally feels bad for something. it’d be great to see her and stefano go down together.
    who cares either way about dumb ol chloe and her promises to God whom she never gave a rip about before!

  49. From Vivian

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Chloe came out of the coma and thought she was still married to Brady!!! The possibilities with that storyline would be endless :-)

  50. From Leah

    Sorry kino but I do not want Sydney to be Mia and Chads baby. They are way to young and immature to be raising a child. We have enough problems with youngsters getting pregnant and having babies, we certainly now don’t need to promote it on daytime tv. Leave it as it is….. she was pregnant but lost her baby through tragic circumstances. Now let her go on and get an education and do something more with her life.
    And before I get my head chewed off I’m not saying young people cannot successful have and raise young children. I just chose not to have that kind of storyline of Days is all I’m saying.
    Sydney is EJs and Sami’s child and that’s the way I like it.

  51. From Leah

    I am also over the whole Sydney storyline. It is dragging on and on and on and did I say ON. Just get the truth out there for goodness sake and let the fun and games begin!
    I love EJ and Sami together as they are two of a kind. They can both be oh so good and oh so bad. Sami can bring out the best in EJ and EJ romances her like a lady. The chemistry between them is also HOT, HOT. I want to see them raising their young family together. Ejami passion, ejami drama, ejami love, ejami tears,
    ejami make outs, ejami tension. There is nothing like it and no other couple comes compares. They are the supercouple of DAYS.

  52. From janiebell

    Will should know that women oftoday,most of themanyway,donotlive in fishbowles.There r many sides to today’s woman. So why b shocked that Mia is not a virgin? Is Willa virgin? Today’swoman can “hold her own with the men gender on many fronts”.
    Kate should b sent to prision. Maybe with Phillip’s guard being shot, maybe this will turn Phillip around andhe will find himself in some “tame business”, away from both Victor and Kate,all on Phillip’snown.

  53. From April M.

    The more I think about it is the more I think I want Chloe to wake from her coma thinking shes still with Brady….. so many story lines could come from that!!!

  54. From April M.

    Is Celeste still running around Salem? I haven’t seen her in forever, but can’t remeber if shes off screen or was writen off. Last I remember seeing her was around the time Sami n Lucas went to New Orleans to help rebuild.

  55. From Felix

    I think Lucas is so stupid and useless….I think he needs to be written off the show……have him move or something….he knows his mother is an evil bitch, yet he doesn’t want to believe that she’s the one who Poisoned chloe…he is such a tool..I really think Rafe is good for Sami, except for all his secrets….Sami’s more mature then she’s ever been…Nicole needs to be exposed..I’m really sick of this baby switch crap….it’s boring…

  56. From Precious

    I agree with you #55 Felix…Lucas is as CLUELESS as they come! It would be nice if he just “grew a pair” and stop with big mouth rantings he’s famous for. If he would just THINK ABOUT IT..he would know his mother is GUILTY AS SIN and STOP PROTECTING HER!!! Find him a decent girl/woman to be in love with or get rid of him altogether. Not happy that Rafe and Sami won’t be together soon…they have been a little boring since Grace died. What’s his problem in NOT TELLING Sami the whole truth about Emily..geez, she has a right to know!! The baby switch will end in Nov/Dec..can’t get here soon enough, we’re all tired of this drawn-out s/l…the MOST BORING of all is the Will/Mia convo’s…geez…put some PEP in their lines, drink a quart of sugar drinks, or something..just speed it up!!!

  57. From Felix

    finally, he tells kate off…she obviously thinks her son is an idiot too…If Lucas would tell bo and hope about what he knows, she’d be in prison…I don’t get why they don’t show what’s going on with Nick in prison…like therapy sessions and stuff, that’s a hell of alot more interesting than the crap they’ve been doing lately….and I’d love to see Kate beat up by a bunch of bulldykes in prison….I really think they should get a gay main character…it would liven up the show a bit…

  58. From Sheila

    I see that the ratings keep falling.Maybe they should stop adding new actors & try to fix the plots they have going first. After decades of watching, I rarely watch these days. EJ & Sami were hopeful, but seems the writers blew that off. Sorry the show is going down so quickly.

  59. From Leah

    Yes I agree Sheila. The veterans of the show such as John and Marlena are the glue that hold it together. I know I miss them…..
    EJ and Sami were the new supercouple of Days but look what the writers did to them. When they were a couple on Days they were over and over again on various websites voted the “Hottess Daytime TV Couple.” No wonder the shows ratings are going downhill. If the writers listen to us they would see what we want and IF they give us what we want the ratings will go back up. How simple is it really?

  60. From MISSY

    bring done Kate,for good this time.
    Anyway,bring old loves & new love like stephanie & Philip.but they are not rooting for st this moment.
    Kate,will get caught I,can feel it att this hr,thanks,

  61. From Michelle

    I thought there was so much potential with Sami/ EJ. Consider: Sami would have to learn to deal with being a DiMera, EJ would have to learn how to be a Brady. Sami is the one character they have made strong enough to deal with the DiMera’s, specifically Stefano. Imagine the Brady family having to accept that their Sami is now a DiMera… there are so many ways they could have taken that storyline with those 2 characters if they hadnt felt the need to screw it all up. So disappointed in the Days writers… yet again.

  62. From Dorothy I

    I wonder why Ariana is buying drugs????

    I wonder if she is working undercover

    I hope Chloe does come out of the coma soon and hopefully remembers her feelings for Dr Dan

    Kate will go down and Lucas will be all alone with Will

  63. From Anna

    what happened to rafe and emily i didn’t catch that part cause they were delaying the truth and going in circles and i got lost…EJ is hot but how can sam be with a man that raped her…rafe and sam are boring,,,

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