Days of Our Lives Spoilers for July 20-24.

Salem’s summer of feverish dreams and nightmares continues next week.

Kate’s diabolical plan continues to unfold as Chloe collapses again. Before she can slip off to the land of nod or no return, she makes a startling confession to Daniel. Could her words help or hurt him when Salem’s detective duo Bo and Hope come to question him as a suspect in Chloe’s poisoning?

Things aren’t only looking grim for Salem’s greatest doctor either. The town’s nuttiest nursing student could also be entering into a world of pain. Loose cannon Stephanie accuses Melanie of seducing her on-again/off-again fiance Philip. A fight between the two fiery young women quickly follows. They may not be the only ones in an awkward relationship either. Still unwilling to live up to her promises and drop her latest obsession, Sami tries probing Meredith for the dirt on the deceased Emily.

Sami could have more important things to worry about across town, however. Elvis is busy having fevered dreams of being in bed with her. Meanwhile, his wife is busy trying to keep her life from turning into even more of a nightmare than it already is. Nicole confronts Chad and tells him that if Mia has a breakdown, it will be his fault for pushing her over the edge. While mousy Mia verges on the abyss, the ever paranoid Elvis gets a clue and notices that his wife’s recent behavior is even stranger than usual. He demands to know the truth from her, but will he get it this time?

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  1. From Racer Girl 09

    I can’t stand Kate!!! She needs to get caught and sent packing like they did to poor old Nick!! At least he was tolerable!! She stinks as an actress also!!! Please writers let her get caught soon!!!!!!!!

  2. From April M.

    I’ve been moving and missed alot of episodes of Days lately, but it seems EVERYTIME I tune in Kate is poisoning food!!!!! Wow!

    I’m betting Doc Dan goes to jail for drugging Chloe, and maybe even a long drawen out trial, in which Chloe stands by his side…… then the truth comes out that it was Kate (because of Chloes’ awesome super sleuth ability). – Lucas and Chloes’ relationship will end and Chloe will get together with the Doc., but Chloe won’t be able to get Lucas and Ally out of her head (the girl wants what she can’t/dosen’t have).

    I wonder why Arianna ran when Brady told her of his history with drugs. Because he seems un-trust-worthie….. Or because she has a past too? 2 ex-druggies could make for a heck of a mess.

    Melanie is much more likeable (IMAO) lately. I like how she’s so eccentric but now it’s not all “me, me, me” – it’s a nice change.

    Is anyone going to be brought back? We’ve seen alot of people go the last few months. Maybe we could bring Austin and Carry back? Shawn and Belle? Or Mike? – Or Jen and Jack, Abby too!! ….. I’m sure it’ll be a good minute before John and Blondie are back, but still we can bring some people back, rite?

  3. From MsBoulder-CO

    I hope Kate will get caught too for what she is doing to Chloe. Lucas will remember Maggie telling him about Chloe and Daniel but he’ll be so mad at Kate that he will turn on his mother and testify against her. What’s not clear is how we’re going to find out how it comes out that Chloe is poisioned and why does Daniel become an immediate suspect. If her show is airing why does it not come out there is some stalker out there?

    Let’s get Ari and Brady together. Melanie get Phillip and Stephanie and Nathan hook up.

    Sorry Rafe, EJ having dreams about Sami is dangerous and they will end up back together. I’m reading this will come to a head in the fall and Nicole may end up being written out.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store with Carly coming back as well as Justin.

  4. From Wilson

    Please let’s have Kate take some of her own medicine. Or…get caught. Go AWAY KATE!!! Go far far away. Maybe if she’s gone long enough we could almost welcome her back at some distant time.

  5. From Gail

    EJ and Sami will NOT end up back together. She is far too smart for that. Now she has Will back in her life, thanks to Rafe, Ali, and Johnny,plus Rafe living with her. Why would she give up all that to be with EJ anyway? Especially since he has threatened her and Rafe once again??? Emily’s sister’s role is a short-lived one, and Rafe will end up telling her the truth soon. SAFE all the way!!! Nicole is not being written out of the show– just for her maternity leave– then she will be back.

  6. From Dee

    I think April is on the money. It’s time to see some older faces. I would like to see them soon. This show hardly ever has any concluded issues.I would like to see someone get caught for a change insteed of dragging the senerio on and on..

  7. From Dorothy I

    Hi fans

    I’m taking a break from my Massachusetts Broker exam

    My idea is this EJ and Sami will get back together the whole baby story will end soon

    Will stays with his grandmother and it will be Sydney and Ali, Johnny the reason because of Rafe pass once the story comes out she might loose her Johnny then she moves on with EJ especially today show you can see in her eyes that Sami still loves EJ

    Kate will get caught she touch the closet door fans with no gloves on

    Finally days will be interesting with all the story lines unfolding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted Sami to stay with Rafe but it doesn’t look that way

    Chloe will end up with the Dr
    maybe Will moves in with Lucas to keep an eye on him

  8. From kat

    Seriously….the whole EJ and Sami things again? They need to drop that storyline….can’t stand them together! They do not make ANY sense!

  9. From ClamshowderinSalem

    Kate just needs to stop interferring with her GROWN childrens’ problems. She needs to get caught, go away to jail and be off the show for a bit. She’s a little too much to take. I love how she is just poisoning the food out in public in full view for anyone to see. Wish Lucas would catch her already. Actually, I wouldn’t be suprised if Aly accidentally eats something that Kate poisoned because Kate forgot which food(s) she poisoned in the first place. I think it’s weird how Mia won’t tell Chad the truth. Also she has no right poking around in EJ & Nicole’s business even if she does think Syd is hers. She needs to move on and find herself.

  10. From detevedallas2005

    I am so over Kate, actually I have been over Kate ever since her horrible acting when she was supposed to have had cancer, I mean give me a break it was not believable at all, I want Sami and Rafe to stay together he brings out the good in her and beside EJ maybe sexy but he deserves Nicole.

  11. From Days fan

    This is my thought on what happen: I think that Arianna was an alcoholic. Arianna was driving drunk and Emily was with her. Emily died and Arianna is blaming herself because she should not have been driving drunk. Rafe covered the whole thing to save his sister from going to jail.
    Let’s see if I am correct!!

  12. From missy


  13. From BRITTANY


  14. From patsy

    I,d give any thing of Jonny would tell E.J. that he liked being around Rafe because he makes his Mommy happy. Maybe then E.J. would start thinking I,ve REALLY LOST HER THIS TIME AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT naw.,s he,s too dumb to think .Nicole not onlytoo

  15. From Ashes

    When is Nicole going to caught? Honestly, it’s been WAY too long and it’s aggravating the crap out of me! Please just let the truth come out I can’t take it anymore, and can’t poor Melanie have a nice relationship for once? Let her have Nathan and Stephanie find someone else, my god she’s making her way around the block.

  16. From Kayla

    Ok this whole Kate thing is getting out of hand. It makes me sick to my stomach to see her act so poorly! Cant the writers come up with something better than this, it was sooooo corny to watch the “show” with Daniel and Chloe!

    On the other hand I just cant stand this soap anymore!

  17. From April M.

    Dorothy I,

    Kate and Doc. Dan where lovers not too long ago that would explain why a few of her finger prints may linger around his apartment. So Kate touching the door isn’t a big deal….. how often do single over worked doctors detail there apartments?…… Just a thought. It will be intresting to see how Kate gets cought tho.

  18. From Lisa

    To April,

    You said:

    I wonder why Arianna ran when Brady told her of his history with drugs. Because he seems un-trust-worthie….. Or because she has a past too? 2 ex-druggies could make for a heck of a mess.

    Ari already explained to Brady yesterday about her ex being a drug addict but I think its more than that..

    and you also said

    Kate and Doc. Dan where lovers not too long ago

    I don’t think Kate has been to his apartment–Only Chloe..

    For Nicole Walker-DiMera–She WON’T be written out When she’ll birth in December, my guess, she’ll either taped her scenes, or temp recast who knows what will happen..

  19. From CJ

    Days get rid of or greatly reduce interesting characters like Roman, Steve, Kayla, John, Marlena, etc and keep ones like Kate – does not make sense. I fast forward thru all her scenes. Please be done with that story line.

    Rafe and Sami need to stay together and for once show that a strong couple can take on the problems the Dimera’s throw at them. Don’t make Rafe bad – pin it on his sister – have not warmed to her yet. The show needs some more good guys.

    Mel is too young and flighty for Nathan but it seems that Steph and Nathan had on screen chemistry. Mel can have Philip.

  20. From Lorelei

    Mel and Phillip are way wrong for each other. Melanie needs a guy like Nathan. Stephanie needs to get over herself. Sami and Rafe are hot together and EJ should be left in the cold to sit and wonder how such a smart manipulative DiMera such as himself has been duped over and over again. Dont forget that Dr. Dan’s apartment used to be Sami and Lucas’ so it is possible that Kate’s fingerprints would be all over

  21. From Susan

    How is Carly being written back in? Isn’t she supposed to be with Lawrence Alamain, brother of Vivian, exwife of Victor who carried Phillip for Kate?

  22. From Kino

    The writers need to give Roman a good storyline: by slapping the living hell out of his ex-wife and call her out for what she’s done. I bet Lucas will disown when he hears what she did to Chloe.

    I agree with # 6 and 12 when I say just keep Rafe and Sami together. She should raise Will, Sydney, Johnny and Allie with him because he’s the one who provided her more stability with her life. He had a heart to heart talk to Will and made him understand that Sami was having a difficult time with losing Grace and her custody battle with EJ, for sole custody of Johnny, that the last thing she needs is to lose him too.

    EJ doesn’t even deserve Sami, after all the hell he’s caused her. One can’t forget that he raped her in order to help Lucas, lied to her about being deported back to England because his visa expired and filed for full custody of Johnny. The only person he deserves to be with is Nicole because after all they know each other’s secrets and she’s a far better Dimera than Sami would ever be.

  23. From Christina

    I totally agree with the Kate hate, that woman is derranged and someone please tell the actress to stop pursing her fish lips, you think she could afford a decent plastic surgeon she has been on the show long enough…yuck seeing her rot in jail would be a great storyline, they need to write her out already!!

  24. From sam

    I am so sick and tired of watching Days of our Lives any more. What the hell is going on? Nicole is always getting her way and she is always looking like a saint and poor Sami looking like the rug that Nicole wipes her feet on. Give it a break already. Have Nicole get caught and put in prison this time. For Gods sake look at what all Nicole has done since coming on Days from day one. Trying to kill Victor and everything else. She needs to get caught and Sami and EJ needs to be back together and EJ needs to become good again. Then there is Steph. They need to take her off the show as well. They have done nothing but turn her into a whore. She sleeps with anything and everything just like Chloe. First it was Max, then Phil and how much you want to bet it will be Nathan next. She is always out to get Mel. and Mels crushes. Bull if you ask me. Kate needs to go she is always in her sons lives. She is always out to ruin anyone that they are with except for Austan. she is either ruining their lives or killing someone. same old crap… I believe I could stop watching for two years and come back and it be the same old crap… what ever happened to the old days of our lives… Thanks for letting me vent….

  25. From Patti

    I think chloe will end-up with doc Dan. Maybe Kate will mistakenly eat her own poisoned food…(some switch etc) and they will realize it was her because she will have to blurt out what it is to save her own life. Lucas needs to quit being a whiner and hook up with someone that will demand that he is a stronger man. I like EJ..when EJ is with Sami. He is more playful etc. But I too like Rafe… they do need to bring back belle and shawn:: they need to sail in after discovering gold on the coast of some deserted island…and jack and jen and yes…marlena and john…i miss them.

  26. From Mary from BC

    Patsy – I love the idea of having Little Johnny telling EJ how much he likes Rafe. Sami and EJ really had the potential to be a super-couple and maybe they still do. The scenes with them at the park were touching and you could see the tenderness and love EJ still has for her. I think that EJ is going to do whatever he can to mess this up for Sami. Can’t wait for the dream scenes that EJ will have for his beloved Samanther!

    As for Kate…Victor is going to connect her to Daniel and then she is going to be very sorry. I really think that Victor will force her to be with Stephano in order to spy for him in exchange for not letting her be implicated in Chloe’s poisoning. Remember, once Kate learned of the affair she enlisted Victor’s assistance in getting revenge on Chloe. Dr. Dan is Victor’s grandson and I don’t think that Victor will let him go to jail, hence bringing Justin back to defend him. I love the idea of Kate eating her own handiwork and then having to spill the beans in order to save her own skin.

  27. From Mary from BC

    Ooops, Dr. Dan is Victor’s GODson, not Grandson. Sorry for the boo-boo.

  28. From Alena

    Can I say that Melanie is by far my favorite character? She has depth, humor, charisma, and a vulnerability that really round out the annoying qualities she started this show with. I love watching hr scenes. I’m sick of the Steph/Phil drama, they just keep having the same conversation.
    Kate needs to have her sanity checked, she’s practically a sociopath now! And I can’t believe I’m actually kinda rooting for Nicole! Crazy times…

  29. From Missy

    I hate Kate, I hate chloe and I can’t stand EJ. What do I wish? That Shawn and Belle, and Rex and Mimi would come back as well as Marlena and John and the rest of the crew. Also Philip’s kid could always come back into the picture for a new storyline.
    Chloe will tell the truth about her and the Doc, Lucus will leave Chloe, Chloe and the Doc will go away together, Brady will feel sorry for Nicole after EJ and Rafe get into it. Ej will be presumed dead with no body to account for. Kate will go to jail for the poisoning, Rafe will go to jail, or disapear, Blood tests will be done proving ALL Sami’s kids belong to Lucas, they will get back together. Give it up with Sami being one of the bad guys, Seriously, there are a ton of young characters that can take over her place. Let her and her man(who ever it is) turn into one of the awesome super couples…..

    I know wishful thinking…

  30. From erica

    Please stop with “Lucas is Johnny’s father or even Lucas is all Sami’s children father”. Lucas is Will and Ally’s father and you like it or not EJ is Johnny’s father and certainly Sydney’s father. So stop with this old dream, i understant some love Lucas and Sami together, why not ? But the story was not written like that, it doesn’t mean than Samy will end with EJ or Rafe, actually we don’t know..only the writers wait, we will see..

  31. From Janie Cake

    I’m with all of you, there is sooo much electricity when EJ and Sami have a scene together.

    Love the idea of Kate accidently poisoning herself, having to spill the beans to save herself. Ariana reveals nothing about herself, she’s so aloof and smug, wonder what Brady sees in her. Ugh.

    Melanie getting so likeable as the town matchmaker, just keep her in her very cute role as this.

    Maybe Phil’s son can reappear for some reason and he can be a single dad, so could EJ with Nicole in the slammer, they could start a daycare and Stephano would start to love all the town’s children. It could happen, this is a soap…

  32. From texgurl

    I read recently that the writers are bringing Carly back from the dead to interfere w/ Bo and Hope. Really hate the idea of bringing people back from the dead! And is there something written in blood that there can never be anyone happily married (like Tom & Alice)? Any relationship on the show, you already know will end tragically before it starts. It gives you no hope to watch any of it, but am hooked like everyone else.

  33. From cinnamon lazenby

    The only love there is with Sami and Ej is that Ej loves Sami but she don’t love him.She made that completely clear to her best friend lucas.
    Rafe and Sami will over come anything that Stands in there way.
    Rafe and Sami new super couple of Salem

  34. From barbara

    i don’t think nicole will tell the truth about anything. lying comes way to easy. looks like the baby switch is on the back burner and will just simmer along forever! but i find it easier and easier to skip the show and soon it will be gone for me.

  35. From lg

    Okay this whole Emily thing is racking my brain. I know I should be patient and just have the whole story line unfold on its own. However, if it’s anything like the baby switch, it could be awhile. So here’s my latest prediction after watching 7/17 episode. It appears Adrianna’s ex-boyfriend was a drug addict. So I’m thinking her ex and Rafe’s fiance somehow was killed whether it was a car accident or something like that. After their deaths, Rafe and Ari discovered they were having an affair with each other (kind of like the movie Random Hearts w/ Harrison Ford….great movie btw). Now of course there are a lot of holes in my theory. One major one would be why would Ari and Rafe want to keep Emily a secret. They must be guilty of something. Anyone else want to take another stab as to how Emily died? Also I read that Emily’s sister is a little wacko. So she could have been jealous of her sister and/or Ari. Who knows maybe she’s the one who killed Emily? I guess we’ll have a better idea once she comes into the picture. OMT- Sami is freaking out on Monday’s preview sobbing to Rafe she can’t loose him. I have no idea what’s that all about.

  36. From lg

    I forgot a detail. Whatever killed Emily would have been a result of Ari’s ex’s drug addiction. For example Emily was in the car with him while he was under the influence.

  37. From Sue

    OMG I am so sick of Kate! I use my DVR to record every day just so I can fast forward through her stupid scenes! What is up with her being at Victor’s mansion day in and day out? Doesn’t she ever go to her own house?
    I am also sick of all the drama with the young couples. Just let them be together and get on with the story lines.

  38. From Mary from BC

    lg – I think you’re spot on about Ari’s ex being an addict, and I think that based on the conversation she had with her brother Rafe and she implied that she didn’t want to go down that road again, so that would explain why she is backing off from Brady but after today’s episode, I think that she is coming around (her daydream about Brady almost kissing her).

    But, I also think that Ari was somehow involved in Emily “mysterious” death and that Rafe used his FBI know how to get rid of evidence that implicated Ari. That certainly would explain why neither of them like to discuss it. I don’t really believe in any affair s/l only because I can’t see Rafe wanting to marry someone that capable. I can’t wait to see the upcoming shows when Emily’s sister appears.

    Hopefully this new story line doesn’t drag out for an eternity. I don’t think a s/l more than 3 months long is good for ratings, its more frustration from sheer boredom.

  39. From Olive

    Sami and EJ have no chemistry whatsoever – its actually painful to watch them together. I would LOVE to find out that Johnny is indeed Lucas’ and they could even rewrite Sydney somehow – just make EJ go away – please!!!

  40. From Lg

    Thanks for your insight, Mary. I think you are right about Ari coming around. She seems that she can’t stop thinking about Brady. The main reason I was thinking she may had an affair with Ari’s boyfriend because that is one way of explaining Ari’s involvement. It could have been a moment of weakness for Emily. Maybe she was lonely with Rafe being gone away a lot on FBI assignments. That could also explain Rafe’s guilt and why he didn’t want to have a long distance relationship with Sami because of his trust issues. I know we’ll just have to wait to see Meredith has to say but of course more than likely it’ll be twisted especially if Stephano has gotten to her. I totally agree that Rafe is guilty of covering up evidence too.

  41. From April M.

    Nope, I do not think Rafe covered up evidence, even for his sister!!! Rafes got the the Bo/Roman/Brady-nobal gene (lol). The only reason he bent the rules for Sami was because it was safest for Grace. I don’t see Rafe as the type who runs around always breaking rules n what not. But who knows, it better be good tho, they’re dragging it out n building it up.

    I’m betting Ari has a past drug problem, not sure why I think that just do.

  42. From Lg

    I’m thinking Ari has a drug addiction too. Maybe that’s why her and Rafe had a falling out.
    April, I hope you are right about Rafe not having in wrong doing with Emily’s death.

  43. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    –#22.Ig…in answer to your question about sami sobbing..easy..elvis is dreaming that he has somehow bested rafe and sami is sobbing over rafe as the police cart him away in hand-cuffs..or elvis dreamed he shot rafe..ect..ect..–or sami is dreaming about losing rafe because of e.j…either way i think someone is

  44. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    –#27..april m..are you kidding me..HELLO. rafe so completely lied to his bosses about sami’s pregnacy..also faked a birth certific..and how about those fake addoption papers…hummmmmm..rafe has done nothing BUT lie..he is not like the brady men..nope not at all..

  45. From Sheila

    Kate has no room to condemn Chloe when she was a hooker herself. I hope she poisons Lucas and has to tell the truth. I wish there was some way to bring Colleen and Santos back into the story. They are Sami and EJ’s connection. EJ needs Sami to remind him of the man he can & should be. Nicole doesn’t want to do that.

  46. From lg

    Okay scrap all my predictions on the whole idea Arianna is involved in Emily’s death. After watching today’s episode where she’s talking on the phone at the pub, I believe she’s an undercover agent. That could explain why she doesn’t want to get involve with an recovering drug addict.

  47. From lg

    I always thought it was kind of strange that Rafe’s sister would end up being a waitress. Not exactly a glamourous career like Rafe’s former occupation. Speaking of that, I really hope he gets his career back on track. The whole FBI thing was definitely a turn on. He kind of reminded me of Fox Mulder. LOL

  48. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    –I’de like to remind you that the actor who played ‘MULDER’ got his acting career started by the soft core-porn mini series ‘red shoe diaries’…rafe is not sex stud material..imo……so arianna had a weird phone-call conversation…i missed the first ten minutes of the show today.[friday]..also needed to spray house for fiddle-back spiders, so i missed last twenty minutes of show…oh well…did i really miss mich…lol….did bo have another [smirk.] vision..hahaha….what did arianna have to say on the phone.?

  49. From Mary from BC

    lg – you caught Ari’s little phone chat too huh? I can totally see Ari having been in law enforcement and perhaps her work somehow caused Emily’s death. Ari could have been DEA or something like that and Ari stumbled into something. I also think that Rafe is still undercover but can’t tell anyone, especially Sami because he is spying on the DeMiera’s. Remember the ISA? I’m starting to feel that we are going to be hearing about them soon and in the same sentence as Rafe and Ari. I wonder what Sami is going to do once she finds out.

    But I totally agree, the idea of Rafe being a sexy FBI/ISA agent….makes me want to do something naughty just so he can catch me! ; )

  50. From pam

    Kate has been to bed with her daughter’s boyfriend and her granddaughter’s boyfriend. She hurt her daughter and granddaughter. even billie went to bed with her nick and he was her daughters boyfriend. HELLO.

  51. From Cara Thompson

    Is anyone else sick of Stephanie and Phillip going back and forth constantly!! I think it would be a good storyline if they had Stephanie get pregnant and then being the good and proper girl she is she would feel that she had to get married. That would cause a lot of problems and good stories, don’t you think??

  52. From janiebell

    Nichol tells E.J. she fills a mixture of emotions for Sami. On one hand Nichol fills luck and plessed to have Sydney, all safe and healthy but remembers that Grace and Sydney were both born on the same day and fills heartbreak for Sami and on the other hand she hope Sami willnot muttle their lives.

  53. From patsy

    This is the last time I,LLbe writeing here .I can,t take any more of this Nicole show.Days had one of the best love storys on daytime sence LUKE/LORA,BO/HOPE KAYLA/STEVE in E.J./SAMI LOVE STORYand they had to screw it up by putting the town slutand Samis worst enemgy in the middle of them and have her get pregnat and himto m arry the town slut,to me that just ruined the whole .J./SAMIlove love story . I hope Sami stays with Rafe ,AT LEAST HE THINKS WITH HIS HEART ANS MIND NOTbelow the belt like E.J.does.Let the mofeyprince and the town slut stay togetherand sami be with a real man Rafeand see how long DOOLSTAYS ON THE AIR????

  54. From Dolly

    Well, I am still betting on Sami and EJ. Sami is going to need to have a accident, almost die, and EJ realize that he may never have her again. He will promice and do what ever is necessary to save her, and make a few changes to keep her. I only started watching DAYS because of the sparks between EJ and SAMI. Let them be a half good couple so that interest remains high.

  55. From maka

    …Oh Please!!! Get rid of “Kate the Killer”…..glad I tape days so I can fast forward through this lame story line…

  56. From lg

    Mary, You made me LOL when I read your comment about wanting to do something naughty so you could be caught by Rafe.
    I was also thinking Ari is working for the DEA. I hope you are right about Rafe working undercover. It’s make sense that could be another wedge to come in between Rafe and Sami. We all know that it will not be smooth sailing for the both of them especially when Stephano is involved. I guess their relationship will need to be tested and retested to really see how strong and deep it really is. Who will Sami end up living happily after with, will just depend on which path the writers want her to take. In order for her to end up with EJ (IMO), they will have to make Rafe out to be a bad guy especially since I think she would have a hard time getting over losing Rafe if it was her who ends up screwing things up. But is Lucas really out of the picture? Sami has a lot more history with Lucas than EJ and they both share two kids too. Just wait until Lucas’s heart gets broken by Chloe. He’ll probably turn to alcohol before turning to Sami, but she could be the one who end up saving him. Everything is in the writers hands. It’ll be nice whatever they write they’ll keep the characters true to themselves. I’m not holding my breath on that one since we all know they are capable of turning a character inside out in a matter of a single script.

  57. From marty

    Hi Everyone,
    It is so painful to watch Kate and Nichol act so cruel. I thought Lucas and Sami were very funny together and it gave Lucas some personality. EJ has an evil side.

  58. From marty

    Hi Again
    You guys, I have been faithfully watching Days for 25 years. We need more characters like Sami and Lucas to make us laugh. Successful relationships need funny times as well as serious situations. Lucas and Sami have that amazing chemistry t make us laugh. lately, the show is too serours and lacks humor.

  59. From Me

    I dont care what happens with the other characters I just hope that the writers decide to keep Sammi and Rafe together they make a great couple he brings out the good in her.

  60. From Barbara

    I’m hoping the baby switch storyline will come to an end soon. Maybe Enormous Jackass will have a mental breakdown which would be fun to watch. Well it has to end at some point. It’ll be amusing to see what they do to hide Ari’s prengancy when her tummy gets even bigger although you can already tell at this point so of course the people in Salem are ignoring it.

    I guess I’ll just mock those scenes since I can’t stand Enormous Jackass and can’t understand the appeal of this rapist. Too bad Kate doesn’t decide to kill him off with another poison apple. I wouldn’t mind seeing both Stefano and Enormous Jackass gone. The Phoenix needs to be extinguished since that’s long overdue.

  61. From susie

    Hurrah! Finally someone has mentioned that the story line is completely in the writers hands. With so many of the original/older actors wrote off the show, we can be sure what the viewers want doesn’t matter. As for EJ raping Sami, I was under the impression that rape is an act of force. EJ may have coerced Sami, made her think there was no other way to help Lucas, but the shows I watched didn’t include any rape scenes. Did I miss something? I may get flak on this but I am a black and white person. The writers could have decided to just have Sami call EJ’s bluff and he still may have helped Lucas.

  62. From Janelle

    So can’t wait for Lucas and Chloe to break up and for Chloe and Daniel to be together, but what I want even more is for Sami to dump Rafe and to get back together with Lucas. I don’t care who they put Sami and Lucas with I won’t be happy until its with each other.

    Also I LOVE Melanie. She’s probably my favourite character on the show.

    I miss Max, and would like to have him, Mimi, Abby, Jack, Jen, Shawn, Belle and Nick and Chelsea back. Not that we can hope for them all but a few would be nice!

  63. From Betty Boop

    My personal take on Ariana is that she had something to do with Emily’s death and Rafe doesn’t know this. She was pretty quick to want Sami to leave that alone. Also another reason for her not to be involved with Brady. I like the direction they have gone with Melanie, although i’m about the only one who’s always liked her. Get over the whole poisoning story put Chloe and Doctor Hot pants together and give Lucas a spine. The whole baby things gotta end too it’s BORING!

  64. From Sandra

    I agree with Mary from BC and lg….I too believe that Rafe is still undercover. It takes a lot to get through the FBI Academy and not just everyone qualifies to even get into the FBI. To top it all off, Rafe graduated at the top of his class! And now he is a dock construction worker?……I think not. Also, the phone call also points that Ari is on an assignment of some sort…just hope it’s all on the right side of the law.
    Marty, I too have always loved the chemistry and comedy between Sami & Lucas. Bryan Datillo/Lucas has ALWAYS been at his very best, (acting wise), when he has dialog with Ali Sweeny/Sami. You can tell they truly enjoy “bouncing” all those sarcastically sexy remarks off each other.
    Betty Boop, I have also ALWAYS loved Molly Burnett/Melanie!! She is a classic comedic actress! Her timing is just spot on. She always gives me a good laugh everyday. She is a great actress and I believe she will be very successful.
    The “baby switch” story – well, I know everyone is getting tired of it. However, Arianne Zuker/Nicole is an AWESOME actress. She (Nicole)has done something so dispeakable, but I can’t help feeling compassion for her. It’s going to be a sad, sad show when Nicole finally fesses up to what she has done and she loses Sydney…..and mark my words, I think she will do whatever she has to do for Sydney’s sake in the end, because she loves Sydney more than anything else in the world. I love seeing the transformation that has come over Nicole since becoming a “mother” to Sydney. It’s pretty pitiful and I repeat, it’s gonna be sad………….I just hope Nicole doesn’t relapse back into being ‘ol selfish, mean as a snake, Nicole Walker. I love her softer side.

  65. From vicki

    Please don’t pelt me with eggs, but I always liked EJ and Sami as a couple with Sami and Lucas coming in second. I know E J is now one of the bad guys, but there was always something about the chemisity between him and Sami on air that worked. In all fairness I missed last year( due to health issues) when Sami went into the witness protection program, so that might be why I can’t get my head around E J being a bad guy.
    I guess I must be one of the only few in the world who doesn’t like Rafe and Sami together. Something about his character just rubs me the wrong way.
    I’ve watched Days since the first show, so I’ve seen a lot of comings and goings. I hear a lot about how Days is going to end soon and I so hope it isn’t true, but you just never know.

  66. From Sami

    Oh lord oh lord. Day’s is getting nuts lately. First off, Kate you need to get yourself kicked off this show, your a bad actress and it shouldn’t take you three times to poision someone. You need to get slaped, Lucas should disown you, again! But we all know that wont happen when he finds out he was cheated on and chloe.

    willdsa gjnwegwwwwwwwwwwiwillwill leave lucase

  67. From Sami

    Chloe will leave lucas, and go to dr.dan and they will end up having a kid.

    My biggest irritant on this show is, nicole! I swear, This whole baby switch deal is geting old, Sami needs to find out, dump the bitch, sami needs to kick her ass, Then sami&will need to find out about mia and still like her. Ej needs to dump nicole, and then sami&rafe need to stay together, and ej should pine and stry to get sami back but she wants rafe, sami needsto then get all her kids togehter, Will, Aly, Johnny, and Sdyney buy a house and settle down and prove that Someone, and some couple can actuly stay strong against the dimeras.

  68. From Paula

    Finally! So there really are others out there who like Lucas and Sami besides me! They have the word chemistry all over their forheads. They are humarous together, and work well together. What I’ve always like best about Lucas and Sami as a couple is that he is the only one who knows her like a book and accpets her for who and what she is. No matter what she’s done, he may yell at her, but has always been there for her.
    I do however, agree that he needs to get a spine when it comes to his mother. He has disowned Kate so many times it’s rediculas, but it never lasts for very long; “mom I want you out of my life..don’t ever talk to me again”, and then the next day it’s like it never happened. Maybe he’ll actually step up to the plate this time when he finds out she is the one who poisened his wife.
    As far as Nicole, there still seems to be many people who don’t appreciate how she has evolved. I used to hate her too, but she has genually changed since becoming a mother. I too love her softer side, and for as devious as she can be, she is equally good at portraying her good side. And I also agree that when push comes to shove, she will do whatever it takes to do the right thing for Sydney, even at her own expense.

  69. From maria

    sami and rafe are boring… bring on ej and sami

  70. From Dorothy I

    I have an idea here once Stephano receives the goods on Rafe then Sami and Rafe will be over

    Fans remember when EJ was talking to himself at the park don’t get to comfortable Sami, now he is dreaming about her

    Also Mia ex boyfriend will start investigating her pass so that will end the baby story line if not him Maggie will be reading her notes

    In the end I’m cheering on Dr Dan and Chloe to be together

  71. From Leah

    I cannot wait for EJ and Sami to get together again. Sparks always fly when these two are together acting in a scene. They are simply two of a kind…. they love hard and hate hard. Both EJ and Sami can be oh so good and oh so bad that’s why I think they are suited. There are plenty of nice calm and safe couples in Days give us one with some firey passion and that is Ejami.
    As for the rape issue…. I think the writers of Days we should be mad at. I think it was a mistake writing that into the Ejami storyline. Big mistake, huge! But they have done it before when they had Sami drug Austin so she could get him into bed with her and make love to him without him knowing who it was(he thought it was Carrie) so Sami’s was guilty of exactly the same thing with Austin. Later on the writers had Austin forgive Sami for it just as they have had Sami for EJ for it. So let’s move on. If you wanna keep bringing up the EJ incident you cannot do so without remembering the Sami incident. Let’s not be gender biased here. Two wrongs do not make a right.

    that just as they had Sami forgive EJ of that.
    As for the EJ rape issue…. as I continually Sami is guilty of the same behaviour herself

  72. From Leah

    Oops sorry for all the mistakes people. It pays to read what you’ve written first before posting it. Hope you can make head and tail of what I was trying to say.

  73. From Samantha

    Sami and Ej do have major sparks, And were good together, emphasis on were. Now that ej has turned into stephano, I don’t think they will work. They fight way to much. There good together with there kids, and when there in good moods, but one wrong turn and it all goes south. I think if Stephano was locked up or dead, Then they would work but not with stephano in the picture. And nicole, on her softer side, Its a toss up, Yes she is good with kids, and has become very warm hearted with her life, But i really doubt she will stay that way forever, once the truth comes out. And yes its bound to come out. Either chad will dig into mia’s past, Ej will find out the truth from someone, Or rafe will find out and tell sami, One way or another, It will happen. Or dr. baker will come back and spill his guts. And if stephano kills rafe, Im going to murder the writers, I personaly will always like Sami more than nicole, and will always be on Sami’s side, And when it comes to lucas and sami, They were always a good couple, And it would be great, But its something in the past, I dont think its even possible to get them back together, MAYBE, When lucas finds out about chloe and daniel, He will run back to her drunk, But i dont think anything serious will happen. Andd I think will and mia, need to stop this game and get together, and this chad kid, Needs to stop acting like a stalker and justtt go away. Not cool. Also, Kate, we all know about her relationship with lucas, I agree, Grow a damn spine lucas, Your big boy, Stand on your own to feet not your mommys head. Kate needs to get some acting skills. And this ciara and vision thing with Bo and Hope, Its quite, Not days of our lives, Its not like them, so its a good twist. But then again who knows what it will turn into, another repeated days plot. But its good for now. Chloe needs to move on, divorce lucas and just get on with Dr.Dan and have a kid. If she survives kates, snow white and sleeping beauty plots. But i dont know if chloe will be able to forget about ally, Watch her try to get visitation or something stupid. Either that or they will kick her and Dr. Dan off the show together. And with Sami, Ej and Rafe, and Lucas, The bottom line is that Sami was good with all of them, and they all had there bads to. She needs to pick on, And get some passion in her life!

  74. From Samantha

    Oh i forgot about Ari, Mel, Brady, And Nathan. Ari, She is a little devil, Shes got something to do with emily’s death, I don’t know if rafe knows, or suspects it, But she had something to do with her death. I think merideth, Emily’s sister, is a stephano plot. Because its perfect timing, and thats just the way he works and day’s works. So when the truth comes out about emily, i think it will put a good strain on Sami, and Rafes, relationship, and Ari. Brady and Ari, Get on with it, Games are no fun on days, We know it has something to do with Emily, Rafe and Ari’s past that is why she is trying to run away from her feelings for brady. And mel and nathan, I think she deserves it, I think they need to work out. I think they would be good together. (:

  75. From twinny

    I think Rafe is undercover investigating the DiMeras, and Arianna is undercover investigating the Kiriakis’s.

    Mayor Abe probably asked the FBI to come into the picture and help him put the mafia and the mob out of his town.

    I hope Sami and RAfe stay together, but I also would like to see Rafe get jealous of Lucas. I don’t think they have even met yet.

  76. From sofie

    DAYS LISTEN UP NOW! GET RID OF KATE ONCE AND FOR ALL – THIS WOMAN IS THE WORST ACTRESS I HAVE EVER SEEN ON TV! She is living in a time warp trying to talk sexy like Raquel Welch (who she delusionally thinks she looks like by the way – an article said people told her she looks like Raquel (an insult to raquel); however, she looks more catwoman (the woman who too many plastic surgeries). From the day she came on the show, her plastic surgery wwas so obvious! She even has breast implants – I remember when they paired her up with gorgeous victor webster (he was like 17-18 at the time and she said she felt uncomfortable doing scenes with him – she had to be in a pool with him and she wore stockings, shorts, and i think suspenders and a shirt – she looked like a real fool and still does trying to be young with the nails in one color and then she leaves her index finger painted a different color – i think enough people wrote in and complained because now she wears just the black polish).

    She should have more respect for herself and ask for a better storyline as she does not play a good vengeful person – she is so fake and who gets cancer and recovers with perfect hair and makeup – she coldn’t go bald for the role? and she had the worse cancer out there (per the dr’s on the show)…..

    Get her off – and bring back some older people because every show needs grandmas and grandpas and stability. They need Caroline, and Julie and Doug (can’t they reopen the bar he had and do some cabaret shows? chloe could work there singing) and what happened to Mickey?????? The guy who played teh role was a big star on Knots Landing and he was in 2 shows. This show is going down the tubes and why bring carly manning back? she serves NO PURPOSE. Vivian would have been good to bring back because she would be perfect with Victor or Stefano (those men need strong older women to make the show interesting) and if John and Marlena can behave (and not make their story a central one) then they could make them solid parents and grandparents instead of focusing on their love storyline. Not to be offensive, but tha was when they were young….they have to realize they are now the older actors on the show and suck it up. That’s probabaly why they let them go. I remember when they did that kookie episode when marlena dressed up like a teen with a ponytail and poodle skirt – ugh. Be parents and then maybe your kids wouldn’t be as crazy as they are (Sami)

    I also do not like this Chad guy. He’s not a good actor and a bad match for Mia. Fix Will’s hair too and Philip’s (what is that new do all about? It’s so awful!).

  77. From lg

    Twinny, I agree with you on everything. I wish Lucas was around Sami more. I like them as friends. Why is his part so small now? Will is even getting more screen time than him.

  78. From lg

    OMT- I read a spoiler stating Rafe admits to Sami he crashed his car the day of his wedding to Emily. He blames himself for killing her. Okay? Then why did the newspaper heading state the bride-to-be died mysteriously? Looks like Rafe has a few lies he’ll have to explain.

  79. From Cally

    PLease get it over with A PURe evil Kate . I cannot stand the sight of her.
    Hope she will be caught . Hope they wwill think of foods every time Chloe eats.
    Nicole needs to be caught . I think Sydney is Lucas’ daughter , not EJ .
    I love to see Sami and Lucas together .
    Melanie is so funny , let her be with NATHAN , they are great together.
    PLEASE Please make Kate stop , she should think how good Chloe was to her when she saved Kate’s life !! STUPID EVIL KATE .

  80. From Jenna

    I hate Kate. In reality with all the scheming Kate has done in the past everyone would know something was up when they found out she KNEW about the affair and did not tell Lucas. She has always been about control,. Every single person in that town knows she is absolutely diabolical and would never let something like that slide. As far as fingerprints, well, they should not be there. It has been a long time since she and Daniel had an affair, I would like to think the man had cleaned in the past year or so. As far as Sami & Lucas once living there, that has BEEN FOREVER ago. Isn’t it normal to clean between tenants? No, there is no excuse for them not finding her fingerprints or finding them and not calling her on them. But this scheme has Kate written all over it. Maybe when Lucas gets back and finds out he will have sense enough to realize it.

    And Stephenie is a fool and such a goody two shoes! Wasn’t this the same girl dating an abusive drug smuggler and going against her families wishes? She didn’t have many morals then.

  81. From GINA

    Sami & Rafe have become boring, uncaring about each other it seems. Why did Bo & Hope have Sierra’s birthday party in July? Wasn’t she born on New Years Eve, exactly one year after Zach died? The same night E.J. shot John Black and forced Sami to have sex with him.

  82. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    …i think arianna is working un-cover with F.B.I in a job about dr,baker..and the babies he’s getting for rich couples who can afford to pay his “legal fees”…rafe is working the di’mera case…they figure somehow it’s connected..maybe..thats why thier working together now…emily’s sister meredith is one strange woman..maybe she was absessed with rafe and she somehow is involved with her death..maybe rafe is covering for her.[meredith]

  83. From Dorothy I

    I have a feeling that Kate will get caught just think about this for a moment Dr Dan was the one you prescribe the drug to Kate he isn’t stupid by any means here so he will turn every corner to save his Chloe especially after today soap ok FANS

    I also see Sami and EJ together

    Nicole will not win with Mia Ex he is more street smart than her

  84. From Allie

    Dorothy I,
    No one is more street smart then Nicole!! Are you kidding me? She is ruthless- even though I’m really starting to like the new Nicole, I still feel that she would have the upper hand when it comes to scheming, manipulating and threatening a teenager.

    I do agree that Sami and EJ will get together but it will take a while. I hope they do…

  85. From Mopy

    Yeah, what the hell? Nicole has plenty of street smarts. Do you not remember her background and what she was like when she first came to Salem?? That moronic Chad’s days are numbered if thinks it wise to defy Nicole, which he seems intent on doing.

  86. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    –#82.ALLIE..and #83.MOPY….your both wrong, this is why..Chad’s dad might be the judge in the custody case, in which case nicole will regret ever getting in young chad’s face…if his mom is Dr,Carly Manning then bo might be his bio-logical dad..worse news for nicole…..also chad does drugs. so i’m sure he’s done some dealings with dealers…who aren’t always nice…also he appears to be healthy now, [into running and tri-athelons.] and the such…so nicole will probably try to tempt him to do drugs again, which will be a hugh mistake…mia will be angry at nicole for her interference with her past with chad..and nicole trying to ruin chad’s sobrioty will tick mia off..his drug use is probably what broke them up to start with…so mia will encourage chad to stay clean..

  87. From Patti

    I don’t want to see Lucas with Sami..he is not strong enough of a person to be with her. Her and EJ are exciting. But where does that leave nicole? I think Lucas needs a younger girl because he is such a whimpy character. I hope brady and arianna make a good connection he needs someone…and that is when nicole will come to her senses and realize she should have chosen brady..?

  88. From RJC

    I hate Kate with a passion. salem P.D. is still doing some stupid things. when is it that a police officer tell civilation that they have found some in someone apartment and now that person is considered a suspect before they evening question the person they are considering a suspect. I couldn’t beleive that the writers let Hope be that stupid today. is the cast affraid to correct the writers when they read these scripts or what. They can still turn this storyline around quickly so Kate can finally pay of what she did. They can make Kate think that Chloe is dead and and also make her think they found some other everdence beside something of Daniel if only Chloe can remember finding the scarf at Daniels and tell Bo and Hope about it. I just want Kate to finally pay of all the things she have did on Days and gotten away with it. Writers its time to stop playing favorites to you cast memembers, just because you all like one better than the other you all keep letting her get away with it. A good writer put there true feelings aside and do what is best for the rating of a show. Nicole needs to get hers and also Stephano and E.J. I don’t know why stephano was ever brought back on there I for one didn’t miss him he needs to be gone for good this time.

  89. From Dolly

    Kate is a drag on the show, the time spent on her face, and she shows nothing. The concept that this crime of hers could work is crazy.
    Well, today they started to focus on the food that Chloe ate, I am waiting for someone on the set to eat the brownies, say Chris. That should bring the focus bact onto Kate.
    Without EJ and Sami, my time is wasted on the show. I hope they are on tomorrow.

  90. From patsy

    E.J.and Nicole has sex tomorrow ASfor ME I will not be watching .ITis so disgusting to see these two together.

  91. From Allie

    #88 Patsy- I’m with you! That is Disgusting with a capital D! LOL

    #84 Daffy Taffy 4 elvis:
    I guess I didn’t think about that- it does make sence when you put it that way… We shall see:)

    Have a great weekend everyone!!

  92. From patsy

    They always try to make Sami look bad and Nicole(can,t stand her )look good where we will want her and ej TOGETHER .BEINGS jAMES and Arianne wants to work together thats what we,ll get.Iuseto love james can,t stand him any moreor E.J.

  93. From patsy

    Everyone keeps saying what a great actress Arianne /Nicole is THATS because the writers write just for her .If they wrote get lines for some of the other actors/ actress they will find they have a VERYtanented cast.They,er just so busy trying to push Nicole / E.J. on us they push everyone else asidedDOi SOUND BITTER WILL I AM,.

  94. From erica

    The character of Nicole is quite well written and the actress can act but the Ej character is really destroyed. Now he is limited : angry, ranting, frustrated all the time and dumber before he wasn’t always well written but he was lighter, witty, sarcastic, more clever and above all funny !
    I doubt the actor is very glad with his character right now.

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