Days of Our Lives Spoilers For July 30-31.

Plots thicken as everyone gets more desperate.

Things continue to worsen between Rafe and Sami at a rapid rate. If sending her father to snoop into his past wasn’t bad enough, he’s even more upset to learn that she’s been trying to pump his dead fiancee’s sister for information. It’s enough to make them break up… for a little while at least. Before the makeup sex can commence, he pays a visit to Meredith himself. After another unpleasant scenes. Rafe admits to Sami that he went to see her… and there’s more. “You could’ve stopped her from dying?” Sami asks. “Yes,” Rafe confessed. They aren’t the only people eager to talk to Meredith either. It’s revealed that Stefano brought her to town. She meets with him and tells him the gruesome details about her sister’s involvement with Hernandez. “Rafe killed my sister because of what she found out about him,” she says.

Things are starting to look different when it comes to Rafe’s sister as well. After a run in at the park, Brady takes Arianna out for a date. They share a kiss, but things are still odd between them. It’s quickly shown that she is involved with a mysterious man who has been creeping around Salem. Meanwhile, Stefano’s son has no idea what’s going on. He’s been distracted by business and is finding to difficult to shake the dream he had about Sami. He turns to the only person he can really talk to – his baby.

Nicole is still frazzled and full of worry. She turns again to Stefano to clam her fears that their secrets will be found out. “How the hell is she going to get proof?” Stefano asks. “You know damn well how… Rafe,” Nicole says. To add to her distress, she learns of Chloe’s situation. Across town, Lucas confronts Daniel. “You slept with my wife, and then you tried to kill her,” he accuses. Kate is doing everything she can to control the situation. She doesn’t even stop at manipulating Will by telling him that Chloe was in love with Daniel and implying that she’s been fooling him and his father all along. He may be more worried about the fact that Chad is totally determined to get back with Mia and disciver what she’s been hiding.

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  1. From Sandra

    The “cool and blase” way that Kate’s been acting over the whole wicked mess with Chloe is almost bordering on the bizarre. And then ‘ol Victor being all cute and funny about the whole thing (at first, until he found out Kate was setting Daniel up), well, it just all seems “off” to me. What if this whole time DOOLs writers have been setting up a “Dallas” dream scenerio involving Kate. What if Kate is the one really in a coma aor something? I mean, she is just sooo cold, calculating…’s almost as if she is making out her grocery list or something instead of checking off her “to do list on how to murder Chloe”! Am I grasping at straws here?

  2. From gloria

    I’m so over Kate and her b.s.
    But, now that I found out Vivian is coming back I think I’ll start watching more. I typically ff through all the Chloe/Danial/Kate stuff, if I tivo at all. I keep hoping days will get better. Why bring back Carly, I never liked her, is she coming back for Bo or Brady? Although she is older than Brady.
    I’m liking Melanie more these days, I used to ff through her scenes but now if see she is on I’m more apt to watch.
    I hope Rafe isn’t made out to be some weirdo, I’d like to see him end up with Nicole and see Sami back with Lucas.
    Chloe and Danial…boring.

  3. From Janet

    What is with Abe? Before he became
    mayor, he use to care about right
    and wrong. Now he only cares about
    his own skin. For once, at least
    Bo is acting like a decent cop in
    thinking Daniel is innocent. I
    hope that Kate is caught, but for
    some reason, I don’t think it will
    happen because they won’t, for some
    reason, write her out of the show.

  4. From dc

    ooh, sandra i like what you are saying, just a dream that’s a good idea..
    i’m liking melanie more each time i see her, and she is good with nathan, they make a cute couple..
    victor sure seems like he can pull kate’s strings.. but ya know, i still like the idea of this all being a dream and maybe kate being in a coma.. yea, this sounds good.
    like chloe and daniel together..
    maybe this carly character can get with lucas..
    rafe and sami need to straighten things out between them..
    and from what i have read they are bringing a new person in to play arianna.. i like the one they have now, why change a good thing writers??

  5. From Mary

    Kate is clearly going out the door and this is her big sendoff. Perhaps Daniel and Chloe are off, too, ever happily after?

  6. From Potsmoker420

    Because DC its Lindsay Hartley and if you ever watched “passions” you would know why. oh and btw the ________________

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  7. From Sherri

    Ok this is getting dumber by the day. I like chloe and danial being together. They are the new bo and hope. Kate needs to get cought. She does not add to the show and needs to go. Sami needs to spend sometime with her children, all of them. What is she doing for money? Raising three kids takes money, she needs to get a job. Rafe needs to stop acting all together and actually go to work. Just to support the family that suppose to care about.

  8. From Sherri

    Nicole, EJ and Stepheno. What do you say. Their parts are getting smaller by the day. I guess the drama is over. Nicole is right though. Chad is not the fathering type. Sidney should be found out. It was a good plot line, but its been done. Two teenagers with no future should not be parents. Stepheno charactor has faded in the backround. Victor, in a way, has faded also. Although, today he stood up for danial, as family, from Kate. Not like how he threw Holyer than Now Brady under the bus a few weeks ago.
    This show has been on air a long time. It plot lines a getting harder to come by. Charactors have to do a better job conveying to the audiance. WE DONT WATCH DAYS FOR THE ACTORS, WE WATCH DAYS FOR THE STORIES… AND THAT IS WHAT IS MISSING!!!!!!

  9. From Brenda

    Yeah! Some old actors coming to Days. All too old for any of the currant cast except Victor or Stephano. Oh yeah Kris/Roman.Too much history with them .On second thought that never bothers the new writers. Do they read what has happened before? They may get some New Old Ideas. What a concept.
    a watchable show.

  10. From Precious

    What I don’t understand is why Roman never seems to get much air time…he’s Sami’s father, has no woman in his life..give him a storyline, or at least a romantic interest!! Also, Lucas should not be surprised that Chloe cheated on him, he’s too much a “momma’s boy”. The way his mother has treated his wives is dispicable. As long as she’s in the picture, he’s never going to have a real relationship. He needs to PERMANENTLY DISOWN HER, and then attend an attitude adjustment class. Kate can’t go to jail soon enough for all her evil doings. I hope Victor rats her out!!
    I don’t know why they are bringing back all these people from past history…they should finish up the s/ls they have and then move on to other things..JMO…

  11. From Mitch

    Kate is the most annoying looking person on the planet. I have almost had to stop watching Days because there are so many scenes with her and her fubar nose in the Chloe storyline. She really needs to get killed off.

  12. From Kay

    Kate is not going to get caught. Victor will make sure of that.
    I hope Chloe goes away, and she can take Daniel with her. Poor Lucas, he never finds a woman that will stay true to him. Brady needs to “toughen up” his image, and Rafe…..well he can leave too.

  13. From justafanof dool

    i love victor being so assertive hehehe i love daniel and cloe talk about sizzle. it’s time ej finds out about the baby switch see if he will keep it from sammi like she did him i can’t stop watching these storylines keep it coming b

  14. From CMH

    So Carly and Vivien are coming back with out Lawrence? I wonder if Viv and Victor will re-connect… PS i wonder if she and Kate will remain arch rivals… if i remember correctly it is because of Vivien, that Kate was shipped off years ago and she was helping Victor raise infant Phillip.

  15. From Babs

    Vivian sent Kate away on that awful, stinky fishing boat for what seemed like years. It was comedey gold.
    I’ve heard nothing about Vivian comeing back but I sure hope it’s true!

  16. From CMH

    Babs thats right!!! I hope she brings Ivan with her… he was always so funny. Vivien was always the villain you loved hating (like Julian on Passions)

  17. From Precious

    ..CMH…DaysCafe announced today that Lwrence is coming back only for a short stay…no word whether Ivan will be back..keep your fingers crossed they are here to finally put Kate in her place..she needs to pay for what she’s done to people. Tired of this already!!
    What’s up with Rafe and Sami? Again, the writers of this “drivel” are breaking up this couple…CAN’T ANYONE BE HAPPY on this program???????

  18. From Levenna Davis

    I love Daniel and Cloe talk about ther lives

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