Days of Our Lives Video Clip: The End Of Safe?

Will this be too much?

After having secrets haunt nearly their entire relationship, it looks like this one could wind up resulting in something other than a fight and make up sex. Will Rafe’s past doom his present with Sami?

Check out this preview clip and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Lindsey

    nah we havent seen the last of rafe and sami. heres what i think probably happened. Emily found out about aris secret. told rafe about it which he already knew then he took her for a drive to talk to her about it only someone cut the brakes on her car making it look like rafe got mad and drove the car into a tree. Ari didnt want her secret to come out so rafe kept it. and sami kept bringing it up and rafe didnt wanna talk about it cuz if the guys involed with ari find out shes dead and hes dead. so i believe the car getting wrapped around a tree was a set up. It will come out anyways rafe and sami back together…not before reafe discovers the baby switch some how. I dont think ej and sami are gonna get back together sami doesnt like EJ. but anyways yah i believe its all a set up and it will come out in the wash eventually.

  2. From Lindsey

    oh yah and plus i dont think Lucas and sami shouldnt be back together. I think they should be really good friends and she should help lucas threw his tough time. Sami needs to help rafe threw this tough time and i think they will deffinitally make it threw it eventually. Sami made a conection with rafe way better connection then with any of the other ppl she loved. Plus she told rafe all her horrible stories that wimpy lucas couldnt get over and he still wanted to be with her. these two are ment to be i think anyways they really love each other you can tell.

  3. From Kino

    I agree because Elvis doesn’t deserve Sami after all the hell he caused her. Rafe does and she can support him thoughout his darkest time. I heard that he will get suspicious of Nicole once more when she inavertantly mentions Dr.Baker’s name. I hope Rafe finds out the truth that Grace isn’t dead and that she’s being held hostage by Stefano in the Dimera Mansion

  4. From Lindsey

    you dont think Grace is dead??? Then again in salem nobody really dies. Thats interesting. totally possible.

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