Dominic Zamprogna Bio

Name: Dominic Zamprogna
Character Name: Dante “Dominic” Falconeri
Birthplace: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: April 21, 1979
Career Highlights in Soaps: Dominic previously appeared on the Canadian teen soap, “Edgemont” from 2001-2005.
Claim to fame: He comes from a family full of actors and has been working in this business since he was a child.
Trivia: He has a twin sister who is also an actor.

Photo Credit: ABC

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  1. From Autumn

    He is so gorgeous, and doing a wonderful job on GH. May his stay there be long and fulfilling :-)

  2. From sue

    Dominic is so hot, He is the best looking man on GH. I sure hope they keep him on for along time to come

  3. From Patrizia

    I think Dominic is the best thing that happened to GH,,, He is the reason I watch now…I think he is a god sent to the show…I love his personality when hes being funny at times..he plays Dante WELL!!!!I think hes also HOT!!!!! To bad hes married????

  4. From Cougar Babe


  5. From stephy

    I love Dante as well, hope to see him more with lulu. Wow a Canadian awesome!!!!

  6. From Susan

    I think Dominic is very HOT!!!!HOT!!!! HOT!!!!! he is doing great on GH. I hope he stays for a very Long, Long, Long, Time. To bad he is married!!!!!

  7. From linda

    i love him and lulu together! so hot!

  8. From Sandra Leslie

    I think Dominic is a very terrific actor and it’s even better that he is on my soap that I have watched for over 40 yrs. and born in the same city I live in. Keep up the good work Dominic I sure hope they are planning to keep you on the show for a long time.

  9. From jessica wirtz

    he is just one of my faviorte charters other than lulu the make a better couple that lulu and johnny and lulu and logan they are made for each other and i hope they stay together get married and have babies cause i would love to see lulu have a baby.

  10. From crista

    I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, dominic he is gorgeous.I thing he should stay on gh LOVE him and lulu together

  11. From Jackie

    How tall is Dominic?

  12. From debra

    i think dominic is doing a great job of adding superior sex appael to gh and not to mention he’s very easy on the eyes!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to see much more of him and his character very soon!!!!!!!

  13. From Dominic Lover

    I love Dominic. Any show he’s on i’ll watch it. He’s amazing at acting. He’s sooo cute. I’m so glad he’s on General Hospital.

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