Ex- Passions Star Phillip Jeanmarie, in “Workshop!”

He’s back onscreen!

Remember Half-man-Half-woman, Vincent Clarkson, from the now defunct soap, Passions? Phillip Jeanmarie portrayed that part since 2006 until the show ended August 7, 2008. The actor has since moved on to greener pastures, playing in the new web series, “Workshop,” which is created and produced by Nate Golon, who incidentally had a small part on Passions in one episode in 2007. Nate co-stars as Jeff, in a role with Jeanmarie, who portrays Adam, and the story follows men and women and the struggles they face when auditioning as an actor in Los Angeles.

The show, which we think you’ll enjoy, premieres August 10 and Soap Opera Fan Blog urges you to take a sneak peek by following this link.

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