Felicia Terrell Bio

Name: Felicia Terrell
Character Name: Arianna Hernandez
Birthplace: Illinois, USA
Birthdate: March 16 1979
Career Highlights in Soaps: This is Felicia’s first venture into Daytime.
Claim to fame: She previously worked as a Ford model.
Trivia: Felicia was once a pharmaceuticals spokeswoman.

Photo Credit: Soap Opera Fan Blog

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  1. From Amanda

    I just wanted to say that I am devistated that you are leaving the show. I know that they are replacing you, but I love you as Arianna. Good luck in your ventures outside of Days.

  2. From Jim Ryan

    If T.O won’t marry you I WILL!

  3. From amanda

    when did they announce that she was leaving

  4. From Brian Simmons

    T.O will regret cheating on you, it appears you were a blessing to
    him and he didn’t appreciate you.Guys always want more, when they already have enough. The two
    women he dates in the show don’t even come close to you.

  5. From Steven W.

    Felicia, you are beautiful and I love your acting. I can’t believe they are going to replace you with that annoying little twerp, Lindsay whatever. Makes me not want to watch Days anymore!

  6. From coolslayer

    They did the right thing by firing this sick toad-loving b*itch!!!

  7. From mary

    HELP! I hope this will be forwarded to Felicia .. what can we do to get you back on DOOL? I don’t know what TPTB think they are doing – DAYS is not a Passions rerun! Bring back the ‘good old’ actors .. bring back the real DAYS people, that is what has kept it on the air for 40+ years! I DO NOT LIKE THIS NEW PERSON.

  8. From tori dailey

    She is my cousin!!! Ha Ha!!!
    It’s true!!

  9. From Hospice Ventura

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  10. From tt

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