General Hospital Spoilers For August 3-7.

Romantic turmoil, runaway teens and Jerry’s on the loose.

After more than a week of being subverted, Spinelli finally gets to have the talk he’s been planning with Mac. He won’t be the only one having an awkward conversation about his feelings though. Olivia continues to fight her feelings for Sonny while the mob kingpin is busy trying to sort out his own feelings himself. Sonny admits to Claudia that he doesn’t know exactly how he feels about her. Of course, he has things he should be worrying about other than the women in his life, like his runaway children.

Michael and Kristina avoided the easy escape destination of Canada and decided to head way down south instead. Their plan seems to be working straight into the hands of one of Port Charles’ most dangerous men. Jerry plans on using Michael as a pawn to get his revenge on Jason. That won’t happen if Sam has anything to do with it, but the intrepid detective may be no match for her old rival this time. Jerry manages to keep one move ahead of her as she goes in pursuit of the teens. Will she be too late to save them when they walk straight into waiting danger? When Sam finally finds them, she’s in for a shock.

Back in Port Charles, things continue to crumble in the life of Alexis. Her confession hasn’t had the results she was anticipating. This leaves Robin determined to do whatever she has to in order to clear her friend’s name. In spite of her efforts, Diane still warns Alexis that the odds are already stacked against her.

Alexis isn’t the only one who is playing with the truth and hoping to win. Dominic continues to hide a major secret, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to enjoy himself. He keeps up his flirtation with Lulu until something comes along to spoil the mood. He’s disturbed when he catches his mother and Johnny together.

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  1. From MISSY

    bring them bk to Carly,& Alexis’s,
    they need to bring them to sit,& listen to hear What they say. Let
    the truth come out that Kristina,ran over Claudia,but need to open up.& go for the punishment
    I,think it will do good, is that to
    clean all the rooms at the hospital,clean the bathroom, & help
    out for all the drs, & nurses.I,think thanks,

  2. From MISSY

    bring them bk hm & face the music.
    rooting for Jason & Sam, but Jason,belongs to Elizabeth & his son Jake, bring peace to pcharles.& for them to remarry spoil Elizabeth & Jake & Cameron.thanks,

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