General Hospital Spoilers For July 29-30.

Running off, misadventures and derailed romance.

Morgan tips Jason off that Michael left town by showing him the email he received. Fearing for Carly’s health, Jason keeps the latest about her troubled son quiet and teams up with Sam to go on the search for the runaway teens. Their search is quickly cut short when they discover that Spinelli has been tinkering around with Jason’s car. They better hurry up because Claudia is wasting no time sneaking around and getting a message to her old contacts with plans on what to do when they track Michael down. Sonny is too busy feeling bad to notice. He and Carly commiserate and agree they’re both to blame for this mess.

Across town, Alexis blames Michael for getting his sister in trouble. She has Mac issue an APB on the young Corinthos before she spills what she knows about Michael and Kristina to Jax and Carly. While the teen are hiding, Kristina’s conscience continues to nag her with the thought that the accident may have actually been her fault. While she keeps her doubts to herself, Carly is busy throwing suspicion on Alexis. She and Jax arrange for Mac to inspect Alexis’ car, a move which prompts Alexis to make a startling confession.

Things are slightly less dramatic for some of Port Charles’ other drama queens though. Maxie fills Lulu in on her problems with Spinelli. Her friend tells her to be honest with the Jackal but she is too busy absolutely dreading the idea of telling Mac about Spinelli’s proposition. Just to make things worse, she spots Spinelli heading to Mac with the intention of asking him for fair Maximista’s hand. Thinking fast, she enlists Lulu to help her come up with a plan to stop him.

Romantic misadventures aren’t unique to them of course. Edward is doing all he can to keep Prince Nikolas away from Rebecca. She’s busy trying to keep Ethan away when the errant Australian goes looking for another shot with her. The prince is reunited with the object of his desire when he just happens to bump into her at the neighborhood police station after Edward and Rebecca are arrested while driving a car with license plates that Michael switched.

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  1. From MISSY

    Let Tracy find out What Rebbeca & Etham,is hiding. bring them down, so Nick,really What Rebbeca, is up too. bring Luke,bk & spend time w/ Laura,they belong together I,thnk.

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