General Hospital Weekly Summary For July 27-31.

Running, stalling and breaking down in Port Charles.

A panicky Kristina gave her sister the impression that she was hiding something. Of course, she was, not that Alexis took any clues about it. After Kristina pouted and flounced off, Sam tried to talk to her mom about Kristina’s mental state and even suggested that she might have caused Claudia’s crash.

Jason brought Robin to Mac to convince him to let Michael out. The emotional blackmail succeeded and Michael was released. When he arrived at the Quartermaines’, his father came to see him. Michael confessed to everything. Sonny was full of rage but ended up blaming himself for putting his son in this position. After Edward kicked Sonny out, Kristina and her brother decided to go on the run. The next day, Morgan gave Jason a tip that Michael ran off while Alexis and Sam figured out that Kristina must have gone with him. Jason and Sam went in pursuit of the teens but his car soon broke down thanks to a hybrid device which Spinelli had hooked up to his engine. After they spent a few hours fixing it in the heat, they took off. They managed to stumble on a restaurant that the teens broke into. When they got inside, a cop cornered them and nearly arrested them. After they were let off, Sam found Kristina’s necklace and they continued their search.

Sonny was there with Claudia as she digested the news that her baby was dead. He wasn’t much help so she sent him down to the chapel to pray for their child. Both of them were eager to kill whoever was responsible for her accident. Johnny arrived and told him about Michael confessing and turning himself in. Sonny quickly turned to Claudia to try and calm her thirst for revenge. After he begged her to back up Carly’s story that it wasn’t his son behind the wheel, she placed a call to Uncle Rudy and to Jerry, asking him to hunt Michael down and bring him to her.

Jax tried to shield Carly from the news of Michael’s arrest. When he left her alone, she saw it on TV. Jason arrived and tried to help Jax keep her calm so she wouldn’t have a stroke. She began swearing that Michael couldn’t have done it because it definitely wasn’t his car. She even called Mac in to describe the car to him. Just as she started to calm down, Alexis arrived and Carly began to freak, accusing her of causing the accident and then trying to pin the blame on Michael. Alexis insisted that she was innocent, but when forensics came back after examining her cars and said that there was some damning evidence, she quickly assumed that her daughter must be guilty and decided to take the blame herself. Once her confession was made semi-public, a relieved Sonny went to tell Claudia the news. Unfortunately, Jerry was already busy hunting down the teens.

Elizabeth became worried about Nikolas when the prince allowed himself to be thrown from a horse and then went back out riding again. After learning that Rebecca had left Wyndemere for the Quartermaine compound, she became confident that Edward must be blackmailing Ms. Shaw with something. Meanwhile, Rebecca tried settling in, which was no easy feat with Tracy and Alice sniping at each other. Nikolas came by to try and woo her but Edward shielded her from him. She was shocked to walk out to the terrace and bumped into Ethan, now earnestly trying to get back together with her. Since he just attempted to blackmail her, she told him to get lost. Later, while Edward was driving her to work, the cops pulled them over. Michael had switched his license plates with Edward’s before going on the run. After being arrested, Rebecca and Edward bonded in the cell while Tracy left them there to rot. Nikolas popped up to visit them until things were sorted out and they were released.

Spinelli continued to eagerly wait for Maxi’s answer. Diane stopped by and advised him to play it cool but he couldn’t do it. He promptly ran off to the station to ask Mac for Maxie’s hand. Maxie and Lulu just happened to be there at the time and managed to convince him not to go through with it. With that bit of romantic disaster averted, Lulu took the time to tempt fate herself. She ran into Dominic at Jake’s and they struck up a flirtation. All the while, Sonny went over to Olivia’s to tell her that the baby was gone and he couldn’t let her go.

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  1. From MISSY

    Let Jason & Sam,find Michael & Kristina, Don’t let Jerry,find them. Let Jerry. not to find Jason.
    Anyway,Let him to be saved fm Jerry.
    bring down Claudia,& Sonny finally
    He,knows the truth that Claudia,send some 1,to shoot him in
    that warehouse.thanks, Let Robin clear Alexis. & Robin,find out that
    Andrea,murdered Breanna,thanks,

  2. From MISSY

    do whatever to find kristina & Micheal.& bring them hm safe. thanks,

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