Interview With General Hospital’s Dominic Zamprogna.

GH‘s newest mystery man weighs in on stepping into one of the show’s most hotly anticipated roles.

Over at our sister site,’s Lori Wilson was lucky enough to have the chance to char with one of Port Charles’ newest additions – Dominic Zamprogna (Dante/Dominic Falconeri) on how he’s been adapting to the world of Daytime.

Here’s a brief sample:

Even though he found some similarities in the behind the scenes setup between GH and his former series “Edgemont,” he still wasn’t prepared for the amount of dialogue that was required. “My first day I was just in kind of cruise control. I just wanted to make sure I knew my lines because there were so many of them and I wasn’t used to learning that many lines in a day.” He added, “You do get used to it. It does get easier. You do figure out ways of making your mind remember without having to stress out about it so much. You do have crazy days too, like the other day I had a 38-page day and there’s nothing that I could do to make that easy. It was just an insane amount of lines, but you never complain about that because, as an actor on a show like this, you want that because that means you’re kind of in the thick of it all. That’s the only thing that was really a whole lot different.”

To read the entire enlightening interview, follow this link.

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  1. From cindy

    I have been watching G.H. ever since i was a lit kid…theres alot of actors on the show that i like…and Dominic is one of them…i think he is a darn good actor…and i cant wait till Sonny and him knows that they are father/son…both of them is hot and then another i like is Nicholas…

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