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Name: John Driscoll
Character Name: Phillip Chancellor IV
Birthplace: Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
Birthdate: June 27, 1981
Career Highlights in Soaps: John is most recognized for his role on Guiding Light playing Coop Bradshaw from 2004 to 2009, but fans may also remember him from numerous appearances in Primetime hits as well.
Claim to fame: Though John has yet to take home an Emmy, he was a nominee in 2005 for Outstanding Younger Actor and a pre-nominee in 2005 and 2006 in the same category.
Trivia: growing up in a military family, John loves to play racquetball with his retired Army Lieutenant Colonel father, as well as helping any way he can in charities for animal, children and the elderly.

Photo Credit: CBS

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  1. From Christa Pellicci

    I think he’s cute loved him on that show Guidinglight as Henry
    Bradshaw Cooper he’s a very

    excellent actor I missed him throughout the year i’am so excited that he’s gonna be on

    Y&R as Sr Phillip chanclor p.s does he have a girlfriend

  2. From Brenda Glenn

    I like John Driscoll and especially when cloe turn him down she will regret it when he meets someone else she should have said yes but she is afaid its not going to work but he loves her and i think thats nice of him.

  3. From Brenda Glenn

    Ineed to no if he is married to anyone

  4. From Brenda Glenn

    Can i get a responseonthis is he married.

  5. From tt

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  6. From Debi

    He is my favorite actor on the show and now that they have killed him off I will no longer be watching the show and I have been a faithful fan for over 20 years. I watched the show with my Mom until she died. So now I will go back to watching All My Children instead of Y and R. No longer interested in the show. I wanted to see Chance and Chole get back together they were awesome together. I do not like the new Heather. She needs to go back to All My Children as Binky!!!!!!

  7. From Dana

    I think y$r missed a great oppt to really developed chance’s character of being in the military and maybe explore some of the underlying stress that soliders tend to manifest later on. I do hope they reconsider keeping him. I recently started watching Y&R and i would hate to see the show ruin a good character like Chance.

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