Lindsay Hartley Joins The Cast of Days of Our Lives.

Felisha Terrell is leaving Salem behind, but a familiar face will be taking over the role.

In a surprising bit of news, it has just been announced that Lindsay Hartley will be taking over the role of Arianna Hernandez. Those familiar with Passions will immediately realize that this will not only re-unite Hartley with her former onscreen brother Galen Gering (Rafe), but also with her former love interest, Eric Martsolf (Brady). If the flames weren’t burning for a Brady and Arianna relationship before, they will be now. Martsolf and Hartley portrayed Ethan and Theresa, Harmony’s troubled supercouple for years. They were finally reunited at the end of that series, but will the actors’ chemistry work a second time?

It’s been reported that Hartley begins shooting tomorrow and will be on screen in a few weeks. Soap Opera Fan Blog will let you know more details as they become available.

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  1. From Amy M

    I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t been so excited for a new additional on DAYS in a while but I love both the actors and the couples!

  2. From Ruthie

    The only reason I watch Days was because of the Eric Martsolf and Felicia Terrell pairing. The two of them were gorgeous together. I do not think that Lindsay Hartley is the one for the role. That is yesterday’s news. Not sure if I can be bother watching Days anymore. From a sad fan……

  3. From Lisa

    They were finally reunited at the end of that series, but will the actor’s chemistry work a second time?

    For sure they have awesome cchemistry ( Eric and Lindsay.. ) I bet Galen and Eric are excited to see her back!! I wonder how’s her hubby doing and her daughter ( Justin and Izzy )

  4. From Arlene

    Gee, maybe they ought to rename Days of Our Lives and call it Days of Our Lives Passions

  5. From K

    Absolutely adore this actress cant wait to see her on screen

  6. From Clear

    I liked the actress who has been Ariana, and the one from Passions coming now to Days always had a “Wimpy” character that I usually felt like slapping. What chemistry?

  7. From LeAnne

    Great let’s great rid of all of DOOL’s cast and hire the ones from a soap that was cancelled. I didn’t like Passions and now I feel like Harmony’s come to Salem and only Sami Brady remains – oh maybe she moved to Harmony :)

  8. From jessica

    I liked the actress that played arinna they did not give her a chance they might as well call it passion.I thought brady and arinna had ok chemistry not like daniel and chloe but they did only few scenes together.

  9. From Lisa

    To Clear,

    Galen and Lindsay has been brother and sister since Passions started

    You know what? Don’t be such rude ppl! If you don’t like it then you shouldn’t post here…

  10. From SoapKat

    So…It says in the article she was “LET GO”.Did DAYS fire Felisha just to hire Lindsey? Did Felisha quit?
    Doesnt quite seem fair to the current actress but I do like Lindsey.
    Could go one way or another-
    hot and sizzling
    boring and been there.

  11. From Ummmmm?

    Wonder if Ariana’s leaving has anything to do with her being pubically outed as TO’s ex-fiancee on his reality show last week.

  12. From ClamshowderinSalem

    I’m thrilled. I love Lindsay Hartley as an actor. I HATED her Theresa character though. What an annoying, self-centered, egotistical bitch she was. I’m looking forward to Lindsay playing Arianna and reuniting with Galen and Eric. Should be interesting & fun to watch. The current actor playing Arianna always bothered me. She never seemed to really show any emotion or seem confortable around the other actors. I wish her the best though.

  13. From Dazzled

    The character of Theresa always caused some very heated discussion among the Passion’s fans. (sometimes not very pretty)
    I hope that doesn’t start again. I never liked the character of Theresa, but I am sure that Lindsay is a wonderful actress and will do a wonderful job on Days, as Ariana.

  14. From Dawn

    I am so thrilled that Lindsey Hartley in coming back and playing the part of Arianna : I love how Eric and Lindsay have that connection : I wanted that to happen from the beginning :
    Please keep us informed :”
    With the updates : :
    I wish her the best on DAys :

  15. From JustaBuckeye

    Wondered why Lindsay wasn’t cast in this role in the first place. No offense to Felisha…just saying.

  16. From Beth

    I agree with Lisa, it doesn’t matter what you think. Keep you negative comments to yourself. I personally think this will acually make days better.

  17. From passions40

    Yeah, can Hartley play they role as tough as Terrell plays it??

    I loved Passions and Theresa, but the faces of these actors also play a part in how the are perceived.

  18. From Kate

    To Clear:
    Lindsay wimpy? Are you kidding? She was always plotting something. Are you sure you watched Passions?

  19. From pbsgirl

    Most certainly the sparks will fly with Arianna and Brady now. I was elated when I heard the news.
    I hope Lindsay can use her great acting to portray the dark side of Arianna both with her brother and the beloved Brady.
    Great job landing this role, Lindsay, YOU GO GIRL!

  20. From Gina

    This is the best news that they could have announced! I actually used to watch Days years ago before Passions started. But once Passions started, that ended up becoming my soap. I tried going back to Days after Passions (sadly) ended, but I just didn’t get taken. Nobody had the chemistry that seemed to abound so easily on Passions. With Lindsay joining now though, and Eric being there (not to mention Galen), I will be watching Days now for sure ~

  21. From tina

    Im so excited! I loved theresa and ethan together on Passions! I was hoping she would join the cast of DOOL

  22. From Ashley

    I have a Passions question. What ended up coming out about the baby Gwen showed up with? Who’s baby biologically was it?? I’m a huge fan of Days and Passions both, but stopped watching Passions when it got all lop sided.

  23. From Cassie

    I am so excited about this news. It is so funny that Lindsey and Galen (Theresa and Luis) were siblings in Passions and will be in Days(Raef and Ariana). Lindsey and Eric were a couple on Passions (Theresa and Ethan) and are starting to develop a relationship on Days as Ariana and Brady. I am so excited about this!!!

  24. From Cassie

    Ashley, if I remember right, the baby was Gwen’s and Ethan’s. She was not lying.

  25. From Jamie

    Why are we turning DOOL into passions? It didn’t work then, why will it work now? Sorry to be negative for you all who don’t want to hear it, but this is a discussion board, so I am here to discus.

    DOOL has already been rumored to be heading down the toilet, so why send it there faster with not only the same people as a cancelled show but also the same roles!

  26. From Lina

    WOW! I am so excited!
    OMG OMG.. I just can’t wait . by far the best desicion days has made in a long time. Lindsay and eric have awesome chemistry….
    Smart move Days! This should change your rating status from the number three soap to the number one soap. Wise decision!!!
    I love Lindsay Hartley. She’s a fantastic actress. Lindsay Hartley
    is definitely a very talented actress and definitely way better
    than Ariana. Ariana is very mean and boring. Ariana does not bring
    action to days of our live. I am very happy Ariana is out of picture and Lindsay is in the picture. I definitely can see chemistry strike twice for Lindsay Hartley (ex-Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, “Passions”) and Eric
    Martsolf (ex-Ethan Crane, “Passions”)? “Days of our Lives” seems to think so as the soap has hired Hartley to replace Felisha Terrell in the contract role of Arianna Hernandez, Brady Black’s (Martsolf) love interest on the soap.People who hated Lindsay don’t need to be rude ok. The directers know better ok. Can’t wait.

  27. From Mickey

    I am excited to see Lindsey come to Salem and reunite with Eric and Galen. Those were the three most interesting people/characters on Passions so it is good to see what they can do in Salem. I know the Chemestry will still be there for Eric and Lindsey.

  28. From Kennipooh

    Yeah I thought that I was the only one who noticed Felisha being T.O ex on his show last week it caught my attention, but yes I am so excited that Lindsey is back!

  29. From AMANDA


  30. From Kate

    I totally agree w/you. Eric and Lindsey were great together, and, I’m sure they’ll be as much passion as on Passions!

  31. From Kate

    What do you guys think made Days call Lindsay?

  32. From Melissa

    I am so happy I think it will be great having her there.I miss Passions. Looks like I have a new one called “The Passion for the Days of Our Lives” too bad it can’t last 2 hrs though. It is going to be hard to get it right in my head it is not Luis and Theresa as brother and sis but Rafe and Arianna and if they do end up together it is not Ethan and Theresa it is Brady and Arianna.. If they end Days I am going to be so angry!

  33. From deb

    I actually thought about them bringing her to the show months ago when Galen came and she is a perfect actress sami and her on the same show it will be a hit again and bring lots of new young viewers that watched Passions smart move NBC

  34. From Kay

    Their was no chemistry what so ever b/t Arianna and Brady, but their will be once Lindsay Hartley hit the scence. It b/c of her the chemistry works so well. Best believe viewers will be entranced when this reunion takes place. I watched passions for 8 yrs b/c of them.

  35. From Dazzled

    Just remember, Lindsay in an actress who is now playing a totally different character. It is no longer Theresa and Ethan. It is Arianna and Brady. Totally different dynamics involved. I do hope the chemistry is still there even though they are playing different characters. I am sure they will be great together.

  36. From Richard

    When I first heard that Day’s was bringing on a sister for Rafe I immediately thought they should bring on Lindsay Hartley. Not just because she is a great actress but because it would reunite Eric Martsolf and Lindsay Hartley. Ethan and Theresa were a great couple for the first two years of Passions unfortunately the writers did an excellent job of ruining the couple making Ethan whimpy and always picking Gwen even though he wanted to be with Theresa. Lindsay and Eric deserve to be given the better storylines they should have got on Passions and Day’s is the only soap that can deliver that. I never liked Felisha Terrell as Arianna and never felt the chemistry between Arianna and Brady, it was just accepted that Arianna and Brady were suppose to be together, I had just started to get use to Felisha as Arianna but now that Lindsay is coming on I can’t wait to feel the electricity between a couple that I know Eric and Lindsay can create for Arianna and Brady. Now all they need to bring on is Mackenzie Westmore for Galen Gering and we can finally have super-couples on Day’s that we haven’t seen since Belle and Shawn.

    To all the people who are saying they are going to stop watching Days of Our Lives because of this switch; Days is on the verge of cancellation! If that means they need to bring Passions fans over to watch and try to recreate the magic those two actors had then let Day’s make this actress change. Even if you don’t agree with the switch still watch and enjoy the other couples and stories on days so the show can stay on past 2010.

  37. From Deedra

    I actually love the actress, not so much the character Theresa. Lindsay puts everything into her roles. I don’t think you should pen the show ending on the actors or actresses. That was definitely the writers. The cast did the best with what they were given. Just like the Days’ cast is doing the best with what they have now. I did feel like the actress that was playing Ariana wasn’t really shining. I don’t know if it was her or how the character was written b/c I haven’t seen her anything else. I doubt that Brady and Ariana will end up together they both seem like sideline characters to me. But I am happy that Lindsay will be acting again. I can’t wait to see her glow on the screen.

  38. From SL

    although i miss passions and the cast, am not thrilled about Arianna being replaced with Lindsay -I like the orignal Arianna. I think she & Brady have great chemistry. And lets be honest, all Theresa ever did was cry. Not really looking forward to this…does this mean that the rest of the Lopez-Fitz family will be relocating to Salem?

  39. From Robin Kemp

    This will be GREAT…

  40. From Jennie

    I am so excited Lindsay is coming to Days. She was fun to watch on Passions even with the way her character was written. I think Brady and Arianna will work together better now :)

  41. From JoLoco

    I just told my mother that they should have gotten the old Theresa to play ARI, I had no idea that they had already. WOW, Theresa and Ethan were my fav couple, now Brady and Ari will be! Exciting news!

  42. From Liz

    Yay! I can’t wait!

  43. From Kaley

    I am so excited about Lindsay coming in. She is an amazing actress and I am glad that she is coming in to work with Galen and Eric. And the chemistry will be a perfect touch to a couple that was blah. GOOD JOB DAYS!!!

  44. From Nicole

    i am sooooooo excited to see lindsay and eric reunited!!! i used to loveeee passions, ethan and theresa and i am soo glad i get to see them working together again, without gwen n her stupid egomaniacal mother. :D i cant WAITTTTTT for her to be on the show!!!!

  45. From noelle

    I wonder is it just a coincidence that Felisha Terrell & Terrell Owens share a name?

  46. From Chris

    I like Felisha. Nothing against Lindsay but I think that is a little to much “Passions” for Days. You see how long Passions lasted right???

  47. From Judith

    Can’t wait to see the sparks fly when Arianna and Sami fight!

  48. From Joanna

    When is the first air date for Lindsay? I CAN’T WAIT! No offense to felicia, but i love the thought of lindsay playing this roll!

  49. From Andrea

    I have never gotten so excited about something on television as when I heard that Lindsay was making her move to DAYS. I am thrilled to see another romance between Eric and Lindsay on screen. As a dye hard Ethan and Theresa fan I am anxious to see how hot and heavy Brady and Arianna will get! I know the chemistry will work. I am one happy fan!

  50. From Brianna

    to all the negative comments I just have to say..Lindsay will do really well I can tell because they’d have to test lindsay before they let her act the role if she cudnt do the role they wudnt have hired her make sense right?

  51. From Brianna

    Btw Felisha Terrell’s last day is august 25th after the 25th Arianna will be played by Lindsay Hartley! :D

  52. From Stacy Maxham

    I love Lindsay hartley she was my favorite actress on passions and i was very upset to see that soap let go. I cant wait to see the ex-teressa on days.

  53. From Stacy Maxham

    I also wouldnt mind seeing these guys on days Heidi Muller,Eva Tamargo,Mckenzie Westmore,james hyde,brook kerr,emily harper,liza huber,danica stewart, and Hannia Guillen they all used to be on passions not all of them have to go on but I am loving the ex cast on days

  54. From Stacy Maxham

    the only reason why passions didnt last was because directv bought the show out from nbc and you had to switch to directv and buy a special channel just to watch it, if passions had stayed with NBC they would still be on the air

  55. From Jeanette

    I’m super excited. I loved Lindsay as Theresa and I just love the irony of her playing the Arianna character opposite Brady and with Rafe as her brother. It couldn’t get any better from my point of view.

  56. From MJ

    I have mixed feelings about the change. I like the current “Ari” but I know that “Teresa” is a wonderful actress as well. I just hope that the actress left on her on accord and wasn’t fired.

  57. From sofie

    I think everyone needs to calm down a bit. First off, Days should still be Days. They need to respect the older actors on Days as they are the lifeblood for those of us who watched the show when Bo &Hope were teens.

    I liked Arianna – she is so beautiful – I think the sexual tension between her and Brady was palpable. I think we are seeing her with not as much emotion now, because she is probably angry the show let her go before giving her a chance. I hope she will get other work.

    As for Lindsay Hartley. She is a tremendous talent without a doubt. I watched her on Passions, however, whether it was the writer’s or her interpretation of the character, I just couldn’t watch the physically draining and emotionally demanding relationship between Ethan and Teresa. It got so annoying and troublesome watching her expend so much energy crying everyday. It made me anxious, because she was so negative and constantly sobbing.

    I hope and pray she will NOT turn Arianna into another snithering cryer and that she will do something different and energetic and not play Arianna as teresa for all our sakes. No one could bear watching that.

    My concern is about all the new people Days is bringing in. At whose expense? I think they will be letting Kate go – she’ll be caught and go off to jail. Then Nicole will probably get busted as well (when in real life she has to give birth to her child).

    The one I wouldn’t mind seeing leave the show is Sami! Talk about annoying! And why is it she gets all the gorgeous guys? There is zero chemistry with her and any of these guys (not even Lucas); but certainly not EJ or Rafe! Those guys need gorgeous, tall girls – not Sami. She has zero sex appeal.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Tabitha from Days come back – Salem could use a witch!

  58. From Richard

    I don’t see why having several Passions stars on Days is a bad thing. Of course a show is going to want the top players from a cancelled soap. Look at Guiding Light (which I do not watch) I have read on Soap Opera Digest that General Hospital and All My Children are looking to aquire some of the talent. Even Day’s is bringing on someone from the show back to Days. Does that mean people are going to see Days as Guiding Light now since people are saying here that Days is turning into Passions? Actors are suppose to play the character they are given and Lindsay Hartley is going to play Arianna not Theresa so of course she is not going to turn Arianna into a crying depressed person like Theresa was.

  59. From babs

    I’m thrilled! Never really liked the actress that’s playing Ari now. This wil be awesome!

  60. From AmbernOK

    I’m so excited!! But’s it’s Aug 26th, and I still haven’t seen Lindsey Hartley anywhere on Days…when is she supposed to start?

  61. From Kathy

    NOOOOOOO! I stopped watching Passions because all Theresa did was cry and whine!!!!!!!! And how are we not going to think of Theresa when she is playing opposite Ethan (Brady)…could this madness please stop!!!!!!!!!! I still miss Marlena and John and the old Days! Why not just rename it Passions Returns! If one more vet leaves so am I!

  62. From arella

    Just for clarification,
    Passions was axed because of the script…not the actors. Also i’ve been a fan of days for 14 years and I think this will be a nice change. Seeing some of the older cast come back is also exciting! Maybe this should be given a chance before being knocked down by people!

  63. From thareelcmills09

    i thoagain and on the plus side i get to see lindsays beautiful face i liked passions

  64. From Gabby

    So excited to see Lindsay on Days, I never like Ari at all with Brady, sorry didn’t see the chemistry there she was boring, but Lindsay and Brady wow I cant wait.

  65. From Kathy

    I was absolutely thrilled to see Theresa Hartley on Days. I loved her on Passions. To be hooked up with Brady and her big brother Luis, This could not get any better. I am excited I cheered when I saw her face on tomorrow’s preview. I wrote to Days months ago and suggested they bring these three on board, Yeah I love it.

  66. From Kathy


  67. From KW

    All I can say to those of you wqho doubt the chemistry betwwen Eric and Theresa did not really watch passions. Passionjs and some dynamic acots on there and Kudps to DOOL for hiring the best. Theresa had a difficult character to play on Passions it was the writers who had her so weepy and boy did he deliver. She is as good as any actress I have ever watched and a lot better than most. Don’t count her out as this is the SMARTEST move DOOL could have done. To say I am excited at having Lindsay join DOOL is an understatement. I was excited when they hired Galen and Eric now it is complete

  68. From KW

    oops scuse my spelling this darn computer does not know how to spell haha

  69. From Katherine

    Days could not have made a better choice than to have Lindsay play Ari. I do hope they keep her on for a long time. She can be as big as Ali on this show and can you just see the cat fights these two could have and als with Nicole. Theresa can hold her own with any of them and the some. Hope she is many scenes as she is a joy you watch. WELCOME BACK LINDSAY TO DAYTIME YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED

  70. From Kim

    How could anyone who watched Passions not be extremely excited about Lindsay joining Days? And there was absolutely no chemistry between Felisha and Eric…Days tried to create an imitation by bringing in Felishia, but it did not work. Thank you Days for finally bringing in Lindsay!

  71. From Rosie

    Oh my gosh, I felt sick when I saw tomorrow’s preview! I did get a kick out of Theresa’s tactics on Passions, but she was not the reason I watched the show – that reason was Tabitha and Timmy while he was still alive. Theresa’s same line over and over just got so annoying, let’s see, “I love Ethan”, “I will be Mrs. Ethan Crane.” , yadda yadda yadda. It never ended I hopoe that Days is not cutting their own throat on this move.

  72. From shawn

    I loved Eric and Lindsay together on Passions. I’m so excited that they are being reunited again! They look great together!

  73. From Kris

    I was never very excited about Ethan Crane as a character… he was just so incredibly vanilla and boring. But Eric Martsolf has really surprised me by doing a great job with Brady, who is so much more interesting to watch than Ethan ever was. Hopefully Lindsay Hartley will make a similar good transition!

  74. From Suds

    I really like Felisha, she’s smokin’ hot and did a good job with her character, good chem /w Eric. This whole drug dealer story line is a bit ham handed given what she’s done up till this point. Hope Felisha goes on to bigger and better things (also hope it was her decision).

    I nearly did a spit take when I saw Lindsay today! She was great on Passions, I hated Theresa’s whiny guts (kinda like how I feel about Melanie) which is testimony to both their acting abilities. She’ll do fine w/ Arianna.

    They aren’t making it easy for me to forget how much I miss Passions by bringing back all these actors. The way Passions poked fun at its self and went soooo over the top was truly entertaining. DOOL plods along but I still watch it.

    Who knows maybe we’ll see Heidi Mueller and Silvana Arias in the future.

  75. From Anna

    NOW I have a reason to watch days of our lives! This is a good thing for the show considering the majority of Passions fans were in high school and unable to watch because of the time it came on. Now that were older it will bring a larger fan base to DOOL. Just my opinion.

  76. From Allison

    I liked her as Theresa… SOME of the time.. she was always bawling about something. When she wasnt, she was an OK character. I LOVED Felisha. She didnt change her character around. It DOES seem like DOOL is trying to become half passions half DOOL. All they need is one more character and it will be just that it seems. Lindsay and Galen are going back to the way they were on passions. Same with her and Ethan. I will give her a shot though. But it is rude if DOOl dropped Felisha just to pick up Lindsay. You dont like what I have to say… DONT READ IT!

  77. From Amy

    I am so excited to see Eric and Lindsay back on screen together. I stopped watching Days when they gave Martha and Brandon their pink slips and now I have a great reason to tune in again!! They had amazing chemistry when they were on Passions and I have no doubt that they will have that same chemistry on Days!!

  78. From misti

    what’s this? i didn’t see a reply to this? anyone have any more details? i don’t know who they are talking about.

    From Ummmmm?
    Comment added July 23rd, 2009 at 11:21 am

    Wonder if Ariana’s leaving has anything to do with her being pubically outed as TO’s ex-fiancee on his reality show last week.

  79. From JJ's mom

    TO is Terrell Owens. He plays football for the cowboys. He had a reality show on VH1 i think.

    Hope that info helps

  80. From JJ's mom

    to is terrell owens. he plays for the cowboys….. He had a reality show on VH1 (i think)

    hope this helps

  81. From Suds

    @Misti, I don’t see how that would have anything to do with anything; it’s TO not OJ :P

    @Allison, ‘some of the time’ lol i agree. And I too hope it was Felisha’s choice to go, she rocked. But there is no way DOOL will look like Passions. Passions was so wacky with witches, a tranny and an orangutan nurse, it’s not likely Days will have that Passions vibe. No Beths or Esmes to spice things up. I WISH Days would move in that direction but I don’t see it happening.

  82. From DaysNut

    I am so sorry to hear that Felisha is gone and not even a caption that said the part is now being played by….!! Poorly done, and there is no vibe at all for either Rafe or Brady.

    Don’t get me wrong if anyone can pull this off it will be Brady but come ON people. Why mess with a good thing. Felisha will be missed by this fan!!

  83. From Amy

    I know I am a minority, but I cannot stand Lindsey H. I think she is the worse actress to ever hit daytime. I hated every second of her over the top whining on Passions and now my have to stop watching DAYS altogether. Not only do I not enjoy Rafe, I now have to know they recasted the best latina actress Days ever had (probably the only one). The woman who is playin Arianna now is great. My hopes of Rafe actually leaving so Sami can be with either Lucas or EJ are now dimmer than ever!

  84. From Renate

    I have been a DOOL fan since 1984 Sad to see John, Marlena and Tony gone. Glad to see that Louise Sorell is coming back but I do not like Lindsay Hartley replacing the old Ariana Felisha Terrell. I believe that Eric and Felisha had a wonderful chemistry and watching Lindsay with Eric togerther do not make a good match. I think that it is time to pull the plug on DOOL no interesting to watch anymore only Bo Brady.

  85. From Betty

    Liked Felisha much better. Didn’t watch Passions but Days doesn’t need to bring in people from a dead show. Lindsay doesn’t fit the part. Her and Eric had chemistry on another show, this is Days of our Lives not Passions. Bring back Felisha.

  86. From tracy

    I don’t like the new Arianna. I loved Felisha Terrel, she was my favorite. I’m really getting tired of the show anyway. I don’t like the new teen characters they have. They’re not attractive and they can’t act. I really like Melanie’s character. She is adorable. Baby Sydney is the cutest baby, hopefully they’ll keep her and not change her out. I think Kate is absolutely gorgeous, except for her nostrils, and I love the way she dresses on the show. Tired of Hope and her anger issues. Get over it already. Stephanie needs to go, maybe to live w/ Chelsea and Max. I love the fact that Vivian is coming back. Don’t forget her little sidekick, Ivan?

  87. From Janet Dickey

    Leave Sami alone she keeps the show going. I just want her and Rafe to be togeather. and get her baby back I feel sorry for Mia.

  88. From Lindsay

    Hey we have the same name.It’s even spelled the same.Pretty cool man:)

  89. From poog

    where can i purchase the top arianna (days of our lives)wore on 5/20/10. love it! thanks

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