Louise Sorel Returns to Days of Our Lives.

Salem will see the return of another character from the past this fall.

After the news that Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell) was returning this fall broke, many viewers were eager to know if this would lead to the return of some of the Alamains. Now we know that Louise Sorel has been hired to make her return to Salem to portray Vivian Alamain.

Sorel played the villainous Vivian from 1992-2000, causing trouble for just about everyone in town. She married both Victor and Stefano, killed a string of people, buried Carly alive, attempted to kill Kate and stole her eggs. If things have been rocky for the residents of Salem lately, they’re about to get a whole lot worse.

Although no specific date for her return has been released so far, viewers should expect her return soon after Carly’s. Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you informed of more news as it is released.

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  1. From Patti

    About time they brought her back. She was an awesome villianess. She’ll give Kate a run for her money.

  2. From Sassy Pandaz » Blog Archive » Sh*t Just Got Real

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  3. From firebird85

    Let the games begin!

  4. From Mickey

    I always liked Louise Sorel all the way back to her Santa Barbara days. Nice to see her return to Salem.

  5. From bellatiger

    I love that they are bringing Vivian back. Maybe there will be some comedic scheming going on again. Wish they could bring back Eugene and Caliopi( not spelled right I am sure ) That would be a hoot. The three of them together again. What about Ivan????

  6. From Jay H

    This is great. It would be even better if Ivan comes back too. PLEASE!

  7. From Barb

    I’m estatic to hear the Alamains are coming back! I just loved this soap when Vivian was raising hell and handsome but devilish Lawrence was gracing the screen! How about Ivan? Can’t wait! They will give the DiMera’s a run for the money…and Kate & Vivian – Viv will take her down like buutter!

  8. From starkitty

    I haven’t watched Day’s regularly in about 4 years. If Vivian comes back, and she is just as evil as she was before, it may just be enough to get me to watch again.

  9. From Wileymax

    Wahoo! Dueling Divas- Kate vs. Viv!
    Ivan, too, please!

  10. From Jennie

    Things hopefully are going to start getting interesting!

  11. From Jan

    I agree, with Vivian coming back the show may be worth watching again! I would love to see her be the one to put an end to Kate.

  12. From dee


  13. From Brandie

    I loved Vivian when she was on Days before. I can’t wait for her return. Makes me wonder who she will be hooking up with??? I wish she would take Kate down!

  14. From MJ

    I am excited about Vivian’s return!
    The sparks between her and Kate will fry the tv screen! I hope that the first scene between them is electrifying!

  15. From rose madrigal

    vivian back . great cant wait to see her . she was very good as a bad, mean person. i love her.and how about kristin. i love to see her back to days to. what a great show this is turning out to be.

  16. From kristen

    When I heard this, I actually called both of my parents and told them–they stopped watching when Vivian left and now they plan to start watching as soon as she returns. She’s one of our all-time favorites. So entertaining!!!

  17. From sofie

    I have been waiting for this day all these years! I remember her saying goodbye to Salem in her limosine. I almost gave up hope of her coming back. What makes me sad is that my 14 year old daughter was so very young back then and I miss those years – Days would be my break during the day and Ivan and Vivian were so funny! I hope they get rid of Kate – she is so plastic with her botox face and breathy voice – she is absolutely one of the worst actors I have ever seen.

  18. From Jay

    I agree with sophie about Kate.

    Didn’t I read long ago that the man who played Ivan had passed away?

  19. From rose castillo

    i am so excited about vivian.i do hope not that ivan is passed one. how about kristin. remember her. also a good actres. i think she’s in another show.kate has to go down and nicole. i am tired of her. and ej and sami belong togather. i know that .and they will end up to gather we will see that.

  20. From Derrick Roberts

    I started watching Days back in 1993 because of the storyline where Vivian buried Carly alive!!! I can’t wait to see them back.

  21. From limbfinder

    I was just thinking about Vivian and thinking how she spiced up the show….no love lost with Kate considering Vivian stole her & Victor’s embro & gave birth to Phillip………juicy love it…

  22. From Joseph

    I looked up Ivan on hes alive and played a general in Terminator salvation earlier this year.

  23. From Babs

    Look out Kate!

  24. From Phyllis

    I can’t wait to see Aunt Viv again!

  25. From Betty

    Vivian will bring back some life to Days if they give her enough air time. Can’t wait to see her and hope they bring Ivan in from time to time. The two of them were so funny together.

  26. From Kathy

    Vivian always was a hoot! Too bad Ivan isn’t coming back with her.

  27. From ANGELA

    this is the best thing they did in forever lets see more of the older people come back too. i love this

  28. From SB

    Glad to see the Alamains again!

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