Mark Hapka Bio

Name: Mark Hapka
Character Name: Nathan Horton
Birthplace: Buffalo, New York
Birthdate: May 29 1986
Career Highlights in Soaps: Although this is Mark’s first major role on Daytime television, he did have a bit part playing the fantasy version of Johnny DiMera.
Claim to fame: Audiences will likely best recognize him as Zach on “The Ghost Whisperer.”
Trivia: He was nearly cast as Will Horton.

Photo Credit: Kal Yee

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  1. From tt

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    At the San Francisco Art Institute in the early ’60s, Hardy mastered the demanding art of intaglio etching under the tutelage of the late Gordon Cook, a no-jive blue-collar guy who instilled in Hardy a love of craft, Asian art and the quiet power of Giorgio Morandi’s little still life pictures. Which like love kills slowly But it worked out well for the plucky Hardy boy, who blurred the supposed boundary between “high” and “low” art and carved a path through the worlds of art and commerce. He has drawn images on torsos , canvases and giant scrolls with equal conviction and aplomb.

  2. From Cherri

    Yeah TT.

    That’s relevant to the actor.

    I see a dull spoon over here that looks more interesting than — Edited by admin. We do not allow rude posts toward other posters.

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