The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For July 27 – 31.

Brooke was on a mission!

Thomas figured out a way to forward Brooke’s texts for Ridge to Steffy’s phone and they continued to message Brooke, as Ridge, telling her to leave him alone. Stephanie found out what they were up to and was impressed.

Brooke learned of Taylor and Ridge’s upcoming wedding and continued to text Ridge in hopes of getting through to him. In an effort to keep Brooke away from the wedding, Steffy and Thomas texted Brooke to meet Ridge on the beach at their special place. Brooke excitedly went there on horseback, but was dismayed when Ridge never showed up.

After Ridge reflected on his life with both Brooke and Taylor, told Eric he was in love with both women and wondered why Brooke hadn’t tried to get a hold of him, the wedding began.

Brooke figured out her texts were going to Steffy’s phone and raced on her horse to stop the wedding. Even though she fell off once, she arrived just as the minister was about to pronounce Ridge and Taylor husband and wife. She burst in with her horse, looking like a mess, and declared there would be no wedding!

Whip questioned Jackie about whether or not Owen challenged her and told her she deserved the best. He later came to her loft and brought her English High Tea. He felt he understood her and let her know he was a take-charge kind of guy. He also indicated he was looking for a new place to live and Jackie offered to get in touch with her realtor as there might be a place available in her building.

Other points of interest: The Jackie M family surprised Stephanie with her own office, Pam donned a red wig, a la Sally, but failed to impress Clarke, it was revealed that Owen has a brother he is not close to and Katie and Bill mused over the possibility of true love.

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  1. From MISSY

    Let Brooke,find new love w/ some 1,like Whip. they belong together thanks,

  2. From MISSY

    go Whip & Brooke,

  3. From MISSY

    bring bk Whip & Nrooke bk together
    they have a great chemistry together. Let Brooke,take Ridge,
    to Taylor, they belong together.
    & to accept their marriage. thanks,

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