The Young and The Restless Spoilers For July 31 – August 2!

Victor and Billy trade barbs, Sharon reverts back to the old days, Mary Jane traps her man and Amber wonders what went wrong…

Wanting to check on his sister, Billy will make a trip to the ranch and come face to face with… you guessed it, Victor, who warns Billy to leave his property or face the consequences! Outside, not only will Mary Jane have a fit after seeing Zapato holding ‘kitty’s’ tail in his mouth, Ashley will demand that Nikki mind her business!

While Nick gives Sharon the news that he and Phyllis renewed their vows, he hears about her breakup with Jack, who heads to the tack house to tell Phyllis the same. However, though Sharon chooses to spend the rest of the day reminiscing about her and Nick’s past, Jack will take in a drink with Billy at Jimmy’s – and never realizes that Mary Jane spiked his drink! Later, expect ole’ Smilin’ Jack to wake up, with Mary Jane on top, who he will take for Sharon!

Amber will return Daniel’s key, as asked, but she still finds it hard to accept that he dumped her just for sleeping with Deacon. Come on, Amber, as if that wasn’t enough reason!

Billy’s pride gets the best of him when he can’t let his upset with Jill go, who ends up thinking her own son really does hate her. Stranger things have happened in that family!

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Fun fact! Amy Mistretta wrote this story just for you on July 31st, 2009 |

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  1. From MISSY

    Let Daniel forgive Amber, & give them bk together, they belong together. Let Deacon, gone bk to B&B. Anyway, at least Daniel,knows
    the truth,about their I,think they need to communcate more,& understandings. Let them save their marriage. thanks,

  2. From Rhonda Flanders

    I hope Nick doesn’t plan on backing out of those heartfelt vows he made to Phyllis.It’s obvious Sharon doesn’t think AT ALL as far as lying goes.I really feel for Jack now.As for Daniel,he’s no angel.Amber sacrificed herself to a man she HATED.That’s love.

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