The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For July 27 – 31!

Vikki and JT disagreed, Nick proposed, Sharon confessed, parents were confronted, and Amber faced the music!

JT tried to reason with Vikki, in regards to letting Colleen go, but she refused – then JT compared her to Victor. After Colleen and Billy found out about her demotion from the board, they wondered if Victor was behind the setup, which JT supported, argued with Vikki over, confronted Victor about then resigned! Victor admitted to Ashley that they forced Colleen to resign then convinced her to accept the Newman board seat.

While Mac gained Mary Jane’s trust, and allowed her to stay in a room at the bar, Phyllis unleashed her fury on a woman who looked like Mary Jane. Jack finally admitted his living arrangements, and the mangled doll, to Sharon, who felt suffocated, demanded that Jack move back home then confessed that he wasn’t her baby’s father – Nick was – which caused Jack to walk out on her!

Working together to reacquaint Summer with her surroundings, Nick wanted his life with Phyllis back so much so that he proposed again. While the couple renewed their vows, Sharon watched from outside the tack house.

Amber realized that Daniel had heard her and Deacon having sex and rushed to the jail, where Daniel balked at her explanation and demanded that she leave! Though Deacon mailed the DVD to Heather, Amber tried to blow his blackmail out of the water, but Heather didn’t bite – because Deacon turned it all around on Amber, who ultimately cheated on her boyfriend! Daniel met with Amber, but before Amber could explain her past with Deacon, he appeared – and Daniel punched him then walked out after seeing proof of Amber’s crime-filled past. Later, Daniel ordered Amber to move out of their apartment, and Deacon offered Vikki a shoulder to cry on!

After a talk with Kay, Cane was welcomed back into the family by Jill but not Billy. When Lily was told about her outcome from her surgery, she was devastated – but Neil informed they were able to save her matured eggs! Hearing Lily say, “Cane,” in her sleep, Devon called Cane to the hospital, who vowed to be there for his wife.

Phillip explained why he faked his death to his son, but ‘Chance’ couldn’t dismiss Phillip’s desertion of his family. Jill admitted that she only hired Billy as CEO of Jabot at Victor’s insistence, and Billy disowned her then went to Victor, as he was appointing Ashley to the board, and revealed that Victor was the secret stockholder of Jabot who had Ashley fired! Ashley rushed out, leaving Victor attacking Billy – and JT having to break them up. While Billy ran to Jack with the news, Ashley received a warning from Victor’s ghost, claiming Victor would destroy her like he did Sabrina!

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  2. From MISSY

    Bring JT & Victoria, to save their marriage, bring the love bk to & bring more characters bk the old 1′s We,miss them. Anyway,Let Adam,stop scaring Ashley
    it has too far I, think. save her marriage to Victor,& Let Paul & Nikki,get married,they love each ohter. thanks,

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