Video Clip Preview of Today’s The Bold and the Beautiful!

A race against time.

Today is Ridge and Taylor’s big day on The Bold and the Beautiful, but will Brooke get there in time to stop them from saying “I Do?”

What would you like to see happen? Share your thoughts with Soap Opera Fan Blog below.

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  1. From MISSY

    Let Ridge & Taylor, get married this wk,& Let Stephanie,stop Brooke
    fm getting bk to Ridge, Let this marriage,last forever they belong together & let Brooke,go bk to Whip,they belong together. thanks,

  2. From Beverly

    Let Ridge & taylor get married, Brooke has had him long enough. Let Brooke lose her mind or something along those lines but let those two finally get married.
    I love the Bold and The Beautiful.
    What man in his right man would not want Taylor. She is a gorgeous woman.

  3. From CJ

    This is another show that needs to be cancelled Brook’s character is one that sleeps with anything that wears trousers I am surprised she is not sleeping with the female characters she is a daytime slut.

    This show makes me sick so I stopped watching along time back. Now I know why so many characters leave this show for others the writers suck at their job.

  4. From magfire

    i get stuck with this terrible show waiting for something to come on at 2 o’clock (in my area). Give me a break, who writes this crap and who casts the actors, and most of all, where do they come uup with these names?? WHIP????With the exception of Stephanie (God love her) all the women in this show, are younger than their children. this show puts a bad name to the “SOAPS”
    URGH !!!

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