Days of Our Lives Poll: Too Much Of Passions For Days?

Is there too much Harmony in Salem?

The cast of Passions continues to emigrate to town. First there was Galen Gering (Rafe), then Eric Martsolf (Brady) and now Lindsay Hartley has joined the cast as Arianna. The two shows had a long and slightly incestuous relationship, sharing some actors and many writers and crew members over the years, but for some, Salem may be looking a little too much like Harmony. I loved Passions., and Days is really nothing like it, but even I feel a little odd to see so many familiar faces coming back like this.

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  1. From MISSY

    bring Brady & Arianna,together. they are amaizeing supercouple. bring Nicole,down on her knees,&
    bring Ej,bk w/ Sami because they are getting real close about Nicole,kidnapped their daughter,Let Ej,change his ways & move away fm Stefano,& move to salem inn to be a couple again. & get remarryed.& be as a family. let them have full custody for all the kids.Anyway, keep baker alive.
    bring down kate so hard & save Chloe. let Daniel,& Chelsea,bk together as a supercouple,find new love for chloe,I,think Chris will be prefect for her, I, think or move bk to see her family more & see her Joy,as her sister. thank’s,

  2. From Barbara

    I’m thrilled about it. Now if only they’d bring Juliet on as Tabitha along with Endora. Lindsay has chemistry with both Galen and Eric unlike Felisha who just didn’t click with either guy.

  3. From dc

    well, baker is gone (according to what i have read).. unless they bring him back from the dead..
    yea, i have noticed they are bringing passions people on the show, what’s the deal??..
    i was hoping chloe’s dad would stay on the show for awhile.. i hated when he left..
    still waiting for john, marlena, steve and kayla to return but i guess that will never happen..
    ya know, it would be fun to see shawn and belle back with their child..
    nah, don’t want sami and ej together.. after all he is a dimera and he’s never gonna change (even though some think he will because of his kids).. with nicole being pregnant in real it will be nice to see how they handle her leaving (if it is for good or just a pregnancy leave).. has anyone heard if she is coming back to the show after the birth of her baby??
    i still want chloe to wake up and be with daniel.. and rafe with sami..
    not real sure about mia and this chad character.. or even if melanie will get with nathan.. or if stephanie will get back together with philip..
    lots of questions to be answered in the coming months, just have to wait and see..

  4. From deb

    Galen, Eric and Lindsay rock. Rafe is the most romantic man and the best thing to ever happen to Sami. I cant wait to see Brady and Ari take off. Lindsay is amazing in the role already. If Ej will just take a hike back to the UK and leave Rafe and Sami alone there will be harmony in Salem …haha..

  5. From Di

    I don’t like so many of the Passion stars on Days. Get some new FACES!!!!

  6. From Potsmoker420

    I agree Deb Rafe is the only guy samis been with, and one of the only people in salem tbh to dig so deep and not believe all the lies coming from someones mouth, hes definately not gullible and him and sami are gonna be together I just no it. O and ive said this once and ill say it again EJ RAPED SAMI there you go, so to put them together would be rediculous, hes no jack deveraux or however you spell it!! please anyone feel free to comment on the ej raped sami thing I’d love some constructive critisism

  7. From Jim Guynup

    I really miss John on Days.
    I wish they had Victor on more. What happened to Doug and Julie?

  8. From Kaye

    Galen Eric and Lindsay are superb actors but it is hard not to have a feel for Passions when there are so many Passion actors on Days now and we know their characters from Passions. I think in a little time it won’t feel like Harmony anymore it will feel like Salem

  9. From coolio

    I liked the actors on Passions, but the show was terrible. Glad to see some new faces. I hope Belle and Shawn come back….but I’d prefer Kristen Storms as Belle.

    I agree with you potsmoker…Don’t like the EJ getting with Sami after the rape.

  10. From chilly

    i love galen as rafe and loved him on passions, but don’t feel the chemistry between him & sammi. i want sammi back with lucas. chloe and daniel can run off to be together & leave salem. i love eric as brady and loved him on passions as well, but to bring in lindsay as arianna is going overboard. i wasnt her biggest fan on passions and i just cant make the adjustment as her as arianna, especially with brady. all i see is annoying immature theresa. i once hated nicole but now i kinda like her and want her & ej to stay together. they’re a good fit for each other. i wish john & marlena and steve & kayla would come back also but i won’t hold my breath.

  11. From Janet

    I see where all you guys are coming
    from about EJ raping Sami and rape
    is a VERY serious crime, but look
    at Luke and Laura from General
    Hospital. Luke raped Laura and
    everybody fell in love with them as
    a supercouple. I guess that’s why
    Days figures it would be okay to
    put them together. I like her with
    Rafe though.

    Of course, look at Days. Chelsea
    has a hand in killing two people and gets off, Lucas gets off for
    attemtpted murder and who knows
    what going to happen to Kate, let
    alone all the dirty deeds Victor
    and Stephano has done in their
    pasts. It just seems that nobody
    has to pay for their crimes in

    Thanks for listening and everybody
    have a great weekend.

    Bye for now.

  12. From Cris

    I agree that no one ever pays for their crimes in Salem, especially Kate.

    Don’t know how I feel about all the Passions cast on this show – same brother/sister and couple, but they don’t seem to have the same chemistry as before – guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  13. From PSLOTGMA


  14. From Susan

    I didn’t watch Passions, so these actors are all brand new for me. I wish they would pull in some of the actors from Another World. Now that was a SOAP!! I’ve watched DOOL and AW longer than most of you have been alive!! LOL
    Wish they would bring the charactor of Alice/Gram to a rightful conclusion. I know she has a lifetime contract, but it is time. Would love the donut receipe!!!

  15. From Precious

    As far as the opinion part goes, I don’t care who came from Passions..I never watched it anyways..most of them have done a teriffic job so far, so I am not complaining..YET..about any of their acting abilities. I just wished they’ed pep up those kids..especially Mia. She has NO ENERGY in her acting at all. Even though she’s a beautiful girl, her acting is sub-par. Even Will acts like he has no life to him, except when he’s chewing out Sami. Can’t they afford acting coaches on this show??

    One more thing…I DON’T LIKE WHERE THIS THING WITH BO AND HOPE ARE GOING..(separate ways) from spoilers I’ve read. This IS THE LAST TRUE COUPLE DAYS HAS LEFT ON THE SHOW AND THEY’RE GOING TO BREAK THEM UP??? I hope the ratings don’t tank because of this.

  16. From dc

    precious, i had not heard that about bo and hope going their separate ways.. sure hope this doesn’t happen..
    we’ve already lost some other good couples on the show john and marlena, steve and kayla, belle and shawn.. this would be a tragic event if it happens..

  17. From Lindsey

    you know who they should bring back??? Hilda….i miss her shes funny she would kick marediths ass to kingdom come. shes such a witch she broke up rafe and sami. but they will get back together just a matter of time. Bring back hilda….anyone else agreee?

  18. From CJ

    Sami and Rafe are the greatest together! They could be the next super couple that can withstand a lot – neither one can pull anything over the other one – a great match for each other.

    Lucas is just whinny and dull now. Maybe he can leave with his mom that he can never see through.

    The show does need to bring back more of the adults. Watching a bunch of high school kids doing there thing is not very entertaining for us mainstay Days fans.

  19. From YupImaSAFEfan

    hey this is potsmoke I felt its time to change my name since its been 2 months and I dont smoke anymore. Anyways I understand luke and laura but like I said EJ isnt like Luke, and he has commited more crimes then just rape, also CJ I agree with you I rooted for lucas and sami for so long but everytime its his turn to rise to the occasion and be a MAN to protect either sami or anyone for that matter he has failed miserably and im not gonna get my hopes up. Rafe seems to be everything lucas isnt. anyone agree?

  20. From Dazzled

    Don’t mind people from Passions coming over. Just thought it was a bit funny that the whole relationship changed between Ari and Brady when they changed the actress. All of a sudden, all they wanted to do was have sex! Before that Ari was a bit hesitant then all of a sudden she wants to suck in his face and jump into bed. Didn’t get the sudden change.

  21. From twinny

    I think the passions actors are doing a good job and all are getting better as they go along..BUT I think the are really missing out because they are not getting a chance to work with Diedre and Drake. John and Marlena would fit in so well with most of these story lines!

  22. From DOOL Fan not Passions!!

    When Eric Martsolf came on as Brady I was ok with it. EM did a good job as Brady plus there is history with the character Brady he is John and Isabella’s son.

    When Galen Gering and Lindsey Hartley are on Days I don’t bother recording the show on the DVR cause I have no interest in watching them at all. Especially the LH and EM scenes, wtf hire LH and the first thing you see is them hopping into bed together. And after Arianna didn’t want to get close, stupid. Sorry after that there is no way I’ll ever watch their scenes again.

    On the plus side I am getting hooked on Y&R again so if they keep up with this Ethan/Theresa redux I won’t be watching.

  23. From chelle

    I think that Days are bringing in the wrong actors from Passions.

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