General Hospital Spoilers For August 31-September 4.

It looks like some things never change.

Now that she knows that it wasn’t Michael or Alexis who caused her miscarriage, Claudia is on the warpath once again, this time determined to get revenge on Kristina. This is sure to cause some serious problems for the new bond which she is forming with Sonny. Likely to cause even more problems for her will be Jax. He’s been sitting on what he knows about her for long enough and is preparing to take her down. As he gets ready to make his move, Jason and Sam bring the teens back to Port Charles. Jason also brings back what Jerry told him in Mexico and tells Sonny.

Outside of work, Jason and Sam continue to bond in more ways than one. Could this be making things a little overcrowded in the apartment he shares with Spinelli? The Jackal and fair Maximista decide to do all they can to try and push Stone Cold and Sam together, but how much pushing will they need? They won’t be the only ones getting involved in Jason’s love life either. Carly is ready to dole out some advice on matters of the heart to the hitman. She could be having issues of her own though. She’s starting to wonder what her husband is keeping from her and questions Jax about his shifting opinions of Dominic.

As the arrival of the carnival looms, things are starting to get dangerous around town. Robin realizes that Edward could provide the answers she needs in her investigation, but is she putting Mr. Q at risk? It looks that way since Andrea is more determined than ever to stop Robin and anyone helping her. Edward winds up becoming a murder target, but he won’t be the only one facing threats. Elizabeth doesn’t hesitate questioning Nikolas’ latest, clearly Cassadine like movements. Although she tries reaching out to him, he’s keeping his distance to keep his plot under wraps.

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  1. From MISSY

    bring down Andrea & Sonny & Claudia,Jerry def. let Robin, have bk up & Patrick to save her or Mac,either 1. Um, Also bring the teens hm.for good this time. bring down Rebecca,too. bring Luke & Laura bk too for them to reunite.
    & Robert & Anna,too help Robin esp Sean too.thank’s,

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