General Hospital Weekly Summary For August 24-28.

Jax knows too much, Sonny sides with Claudia, Jason and Sam reunite and Nikolas starts to take revenge.

Jax admitted to Olivia that he’d figured out that Dominic was her son with Sonny. He promised not to say anything. She begged for help trying to get her son out of his job but Jax refused. She accused him of simply wanting Dante to take out Sonny for him. He shrugged. Meanwhile, after seeing how Dominic was bonding with Morgan, Carly took some time to talk to Sonny’s latest recruit, telling him all about Sonny’s relationship with his children before recommending that he get out of the life. Dominic took Morgan to Sonny’s and they bonded over baseball.

Claudia was stunned that Sonny asked her to stay married to him. She agreed, but told him that she wanted to try and have another baby. He wasn’t sure that he was up for that. As they talked about their relationship, Dominic crept around and eavesdropped as Sonny made it clear to his wife that he would have nothing more to do with Olivia. Dominic quickly ran off to happily tell his mother this. Once he was gone, Johnny dropped by Olivia’s with flowers. She tried to end things, claiming she was too old for him, but he sweet talked his way into keeping things going. When he went to see his sister the next day, they had a fight. Sonny interrupted. Johnny left. His sister followed. As they fought again, Sonny interrupted again and forced Johnny to apologize to his sister.

In Mexico, Jason continued to recover. After Sam fixed up his SUV, he finally regained enough strength for them to make love. After sex, Sam pointed out what they just did but he didn’t want to talk about it. Things were awkward and they hurried off to search for the teens. As they drove through the night, they were tortured by talk radio until they pulled over to sleep. They soon began making out again.

Kristina started to come undone, tortured by thoughts that Keifer was moving on without her. This didn’t make much sense to Michael. She confessed that she was the one who caused the accident and now had to go home to face it. He insisted that he could still be to blame and offered to find a way for her to fly home. After being bullied by some jerks who came in to rent a wind surfer, Michael stole their watch and pawned it to pay for his sister’s ticket. The jerks returned and began pounding on Michael when the watch was missing, Jason and Sam arrived and scared him off with a gun. Kristina was ready to go but Michael was still reluctant.

Back in Port Charles, Elizabeth admitted to Nikolas that she’d wanted him to kiss her. After the prince moped away, he went straight to Rebecca and offered her another chance. She was shocked but accepted. As he returned to Wyndemere to wait for her, Ethan showed up at the Quartermains to ask her for another chance but she wanted nothing to do with him. When she arrived at the castle, hoping that Nikolas had seen her at her worst and accepted her anyway, he brought her to his bedroom and had his way with her. She thought that he’d forgiven her, though he made it clear to Alfred that he was preparing to make Ms. Shaw pay for spitting on Emily’s memory. He then turned to bailing out his fellow Cassadine, Alexis. He talked the judge down to only giving her six months of community service for the accident and offered to take care of the rest of the charges too. Alexis was disturbed to see him turning into a Cassadine before her eyes. When Robin later arrived with new evidence against Andrea, the mayor’s wife popped up outside her office door to hear the latest accusations against her. Patrick caught Andrea eavesdropping and she and Robin confronted each other before Andrea plodded off to research poisons.

Maxie and Spinelli continued preparing for their nuptials. They discussed where they were going to live. He thought they could live in his room, provided it was soundproofed, a suggestion which did not amuse her. She wasn’t impressed when he went on to suggest that they practice abstinence until they are wed. While she tried to tempt him back to the ways of the flesh, Mac dropped by to try and end the engagement. This only served to make Maxie more determined to get married.

Ethan continued making his confessions around town. He called Lulu over to The Haunted Star to tell her his sins. Their sibling moment was interrupted by Dominic. Ethan tried to fleece him at cards but Lulu revealed his tricks. Dominic wanted to thank her by taking her out for ice cream. She rejected his flirtation, but his incessant chatter could only be stopped when she finally gave him a kiss. Feeling cocky, Dominic slipped back to Sonny’s to swipe some information from the boss’ desk. He leaked it to Ronnie. Meanwhile, Sonny was too distracted to notice any of this was going on. Jason and Sam got in touch to say that they are bringing the teens back to town. Keifer was eager to start again with Kristina, but that may be hard since Sonny hates him and made it clear to Alexis that he wants to play more of a role in his daughter’s life. While the parents argued about what to do with their daughter, Claudia eavesdropped on them and discovered that Kristina is the one behind her accident.

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