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The week in Salem.

I was really detached from everything this week. I usually write down the things that stand out for me as the week goes on so I remember to talk about them in my blog, but it was already Friday before I thought of anything that really caught my attention, which was Chad.

I like Mia and I like Chad, but I think they are in two different leagues and don’t match up well on screen. I have a hard time believing they had a relationship, as I think he should be playing with the older crowd.

The other thing I was struck over the head with was, how did Kate get in Daniel’s cell so easily? Is it just left open for anyone to enter and for him to exit? If so, he should have snuck out by now so he can save his precious Chloe. I really need this story to wrap up. Lucas continues to be a sap, Kate is bizarrely murderous, and I don’t care if Daniel and Chloe end up together. I did however like that Victor came to Daniel’s rescue and bribed someone to let him out of jail, as if he were one of his own sons. Although, Kate learned bail had been denied, so I guess we’ll just have to wait to see which way it plays out.

I’m really glad they brought Brady in some scenes with Chloe now that she’s in a coma. I feel like they never really gave them much due when Brady returned. Considering they were supposed to be the loves of each other’s lives, I always thought more should have been made out of their relationship. I think if Kyle Lowder, who used to play Brady, had reprised the role they would have, but it was a nice nod to their history that he visited her and called her parents to let them know what was happening. Well done.

Is the Joyce character going to be recurring? Because if not, what was the point of that whole thing? Was her husband Carlo dying supposed to show us Philip is finally understanding and regretting the severity of the family business? I’m not exactly sure.

I liked EJ this week, because aside from his ranting about the gravestone, which I sort of understood, he was pretty tame. There wasn’t a lot of yelling at Nicole; he simply and quietly questioned her instead of flipping out on her when he suspected she was not on the up and up. While I agree EJ should have consulted Sami first about changing the headstone, I did not agree with Rafe when he said EJ shouldn’t worry about Grace and should focus on his own family instead. As far as EJ knows, Grace was his family, so he should be concerned with her and be allowed to grieve, especially since he didn’t know she was his daughter while she was alive.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Nicole and Sami became real friends? I know that can’t happen, as when Sami learns Nicole stole her baby, it will be all out war, but Sami could certainly use a female friend and since Nicole and Chloe are now tight, anything’s possible.

So, Arianna is a drug dealer? This certainly brings about an interesting aspect to her character and will give Lindsay Hartley something juicy to work with when she takes over the role. I have to wonder if Arianna really is shady, or if maybe, she too is a cop just like her brother Rafe and is working undercover. Just a thought.

I’m not much into Nathan, so I don’t really care who he ends up with, but I don’t want to see Melanie and Stephanie competing over the same guy again. They have become friends and I would like to see it stay that way.

Roman counseling Stephanie was a sweet scene, as since she doesn’t have her parents there, she needs some family around her. I hope they have more bonding moments like that one because it’s nice to be reminded who’s related to who.

So that’s all I got for this week. I’ll be back in two weeks for more Days dish, but in the meantime check out Matt’s Musings next Friday!

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  1. From judy

    i’m sorry i just don’t get Sami falling into Nicole’s arms i know Nicole has done some nice things for Sami lately but this is just unbelievable Sami would have been much more suspious of anything Nicole did for her why will someone else have to figure out the baby switch Sami you’re losing your edge next thing you know you’ll be on the Salem police force

  2. From Eva_g

    I think that maybe Emily never really did die and was put into witness protection for some reason, Which could be why Rafe doesn’t want to(or can’t) talk about it. Just a thought!

  3. From MISSY

    I,am think that Dr,Baker finally tells the truth about the switch,
    I,think He,should tell Ej,1st,then Sami,then Mia,that her baby died.

  4. From CAROL


  5. From Antoine

    Hi Lori! Just wanted to say I enjoyed the Roman and Stephanie scene as well. When watching Days, you forget that people are related, so their conversation reminded me they are.

    As for Arianna, i thought about her working undercover too. It’s possible.

  6. From MsBoulder-CO

    Well once Nicole tells Stefano Dr. Baker is after more money I’ve read Dr. Baker will lose his memory. It’s always something to slow things down.

  7. From Pgirl01

    This is AUg 7th thoughts. It is linked onto today’s (21st Aug) thoughts. Lori is not there to update?

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