Steve Burton Confirms He Is Not Leaving General Hospital.

General Hospital‘s Steve Burton staying put.

In an effort to halt suggestions that he would be leaving Port Charles behind, Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) issued this statement on Twitter: “Confirming that I am staying at GH. Excited. Thank you for all for your support.”

Although information on his new contract has not been made official, fans of the actor shouldn’t need to worry about losing him any time soon.

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  29 responses so far...

  1. From MISSY

    Steve Burton, U,the greatest I, love for U,to be bk w/ Elizabeth
    so U, raise your son Jake,fianlly get out fm the mob fm Sonny,get to
    be like a Quatermaine, but get
    Micheal & Kristina bk they need to come bk hm. they need to stay put
    anyway,track them down quick. they are the best characters in port charles. good luck thanks,

  2. From Mac | Steve Burton Confirms He Is Not Leaving General Hospital. | Download Free Software

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  3. From MISSY

    I,love the character of Jason Quartermaine,would love for him to go bk & leave Sonny’s world behind
    & let He,get bk at Jerry,& let him
    & Sam,keep the kids save & bring them bk to portcharles,they are needed there.thank’s will surport U,Steve Burton,to stay on gh,for yrs to come. thanks,

  4. From Dawne Grant

    I have been a steve burton fan since the beginning of his gh career. He could never be replaced or recasted. Jason Morgan is one of a kind. I am glad that the character is stayin’ put, hopefully for many years to come. Thanks!!!!!

  5. From ohgorsh

    Glad he is staying it would not be a good show without him. When starts all leave as some soaps do it makes me quit watching them

  6. From Jennifer

    Steve you can’t leave General Hospital, you are what makes that show and I have watched you since I was little and I am now 31 years old. I will be so upset if you leave the show. I love you Steve Burton and hope that you stay on GH forever.

  7. From Melissa

    Steve Burton is THE only reason I watch GH. I hope he continues to stay on the show for a long time!

  8. From Ami

    I am so excited that Jason is staying! I love him!! He and Sonny are one of the best actors on TV. Thanks for staying!!! Keep up the good work!

  9. From Jackie Murphy

    Thank God, Steve Burton will be staying on at GH – hopefully forever. Just LOVE “Stone Cold”. Would love to see Jason and Sam reunite. Liz should stay with Lucky or whoever. She’s a wimp! Jason is such a major character, the show would flop without him.

  10. From lisa

    Steve Burton is THE only reason I watch GH.. This is the only soap that i watch. I DVR it to watch everynight. On nights without steve well i fast forward allot…
    He is hot… I am 40 and have been watching off and on for years .
    Over the last 5 year well i watch it just about everynight. Looking forward to seeing Steve and Yes i have a life lol..I am happy they added more actors but steve will always be my top pick


  11. From m

    i couldn’t bare the thought of jason leaving. The story line is sad and its breaking my heart to see him in such pain(even if he is just acting) Thanks GH!

  12. From Fran

    Thank God Steve is staying. If he was going I had made up my mind that I was not going to watch the show anymore. I love him interacting with Spinelli. They are a riot together. I’m also hoping he and Sam renew their love. I would love to see them together (hopefully married and have kids–miraculously). What a great story line.

  13. From sam

    i would not watch gh if you left i would be crushed

  14. From J

    I am soooo thankful Steve Burton is staying on GH. He is the main reason I watch that show. He is so gorgeous. Plus, he’s an amazing actor. I am also so happy to see Jason and Sam together again, I’ve always loved them together.

  15. From liz

    Thank goddness, the show would been going down the hill, and I been a fan for a long time, The show wouldn’t be that good without Jason and Sonny, but most important my girl Brenda…I glad Steve that you not leaving, keep up the good work…LUV

  16. From LEN

    Stone cold is definitely hot. Love the character, love his loyality and trust. Definitely needs to stay with Sam.

  17. From Selena

    if jason was to leave i wouldn’t watch gh anymore he keeps everything going and i love him and sam together



  19. From patsy doisey

    R u gonna leave gh now since ur goin 2 jail or is that just a way 4 time off , hope ur not leavin. gh wouldnt B the same with out u,

  20. From Carolyn

    I’m glad he’s not leaving because I dont think I could watch it again if him or Sonny left!! Those are my men!!!! Love them both!!



  22. From Lisa

    Steve Burton, I love watching you everyday on GH you are one of the greatest actors on GH. GH would be at a lose if you left.

  23. From Viola

    I am glad he is not leaving, I have been watching GH since I was little and I am 28 now. He is 90% of the reason that I watch GH now, lol my kids even know who Jason Morgan ( Quartermaine ) is lol… I love final fantasy my favorite person is Cloud and just found out Steve does the voice how cool is that..

  24. From Alisa

    I’m so happy he’s not leaving. I love his character so much. GH would lose ratings if they ever got rid of him.

  25. From Kristie

    I am so glad he is staying. Such a wonderful actor. GH is the best!

  26. From rebecca

    Steve Burton is sooo hot! Glad he
    is not leaving. I would love to see him and Sam finally get married and have a baby though!
    Maybe Elizabeth can leave the show and Jason can get his son back and he and Sam can raise him together.
    Steve, you are the only reason I watch GH. Glad you are staying.

  27. From Irene

    Steve, you rock my world and my two sisters… So glad you are not leaving!!! If the producers think of letting anyone go, hand them Elizabeth and Patrick on a platter!!! You are the bomb and please never leave… :-) xoxox

  28. From mary

    Jason, dude, so glad you are not leaving. I too, like every other hot-blooded American woman, do not want you to leave. You put the J in jeans, keep it coming!! Rock it baby!!

  29. From Kimberly Hoffman

    Please don’t ever leave!

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