The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For August 24 – 28!

Desperate measures.

Jackie confessed to Owen about her kiss with Whip. Furious, Owen walked out on her because he couldn’t believe she had so little faith in him.

Nick finally saw that Owen was truly in love with his mother and urged him to forgive her.

In order to get Owen back, Jackie took Pam’s suggestion and parasailed over his house with a banner declaring her love. Owen spotted her just before she ran into a flock of seagulls and fell into the ocean. Owen ran to help her out of the water and after she again declared her love, Owen admitted he still loved her.

Whip filled Stephanie in on his kiss and feelings for Jackie. Stephanie thought he knew better than to fall in love with his boss and Whip asked if she wanted him to resign. Stephanie said no, but urged him to use his common sense next time.

Brooke filled Ridge in on Beth’s Alzheimer’s, who comforted her. Meanwhile, Beth lashed out at Stephanie, bringing up their past with Eric, as well as Ridge and Taylor. She got so worked up, she started to shove Stephanie, who tried to defend herself. Marcus, Ridge and Brooke came in to break up the fight and when Stephanie demanded an apology from Beth, Brooke had to hold her mother back from attacking again.

Bill held a photo shoot for a cover of Eye on Fashion of Eric, Brooke, Donna and Katie. He told a surprised Eric that he would be covering his fashion house a bit more fairly from now on and it was made clear that was because of Katie.

Katie and Bill later discussed her heart transplant. He understood that she felt like she needed to do something extraordinary with her life and he wanted to help her find her purpose.

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  1. From dc

    i don’t watch this soap but i like owen as shawn on days of our lives better..
    the woman he is married to on this soap is old enough to be his mother..
    he was better with belle on “days”

  2. From Mireye byamasu

    i love the bold and the favourite couple r :stephainie and eric,bridget and owen, nick and brook,ridge and tylor

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