The Young and The Restless: Billy’s Change of Heart Poll!

What is going on with Billy?

One would think that Billy has finally gotten everything he’s longed for, but when he put off signing the divorce papers to Chloe, until Mac guilted him into it, what are we to think? Maybe Mac isn’t enough to get Billy’s ego in check or could it be he’s starting to finally fall for his wife?

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Can you think of another reason why Billy didn’t jump at the chance to get out of his marriage? Please leave Soap Opera Fan Blog your thoughts below!

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  1. From Stephanie

    Billy is getting what he says he wants and stalls yet again? I think Billy is finally starting to see that his feelings for Chloe aren’t as black and white as he’d like. He thinks Mac is the one but they just have unfinished business. Chloe is perfect for him, and I think in coming months it is really going to start to show more and more.

  2. From Kathi

    It should have been Mac in the nun outfit…she doesn’t have the fire and passion that Billy needs like Chloe does.

  3. From Carolyn

    Billy and Mac don’t have anywhere near as much chemistry as Billy and Chloe! Billy is starting to have some conflict in regards to his feelings for Chloe and it’s about time.

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