The Young and The Restless Spoilers for Sept 1-3!

Same old stuff going on in Genoa City. Same crazy zaniness, same must see TV!

Nick realizes why Sharon lied about the paternity and wants to help get her released sooner. She wants to stay there to become stronger. He assures her that he can be a good husband to Phyllis and still help her raise their baby. How will Phyl feel about this? We don’t know yet because he doesn’t get a chance to tell her. Her flight is ready and she and Summer leave. Meanwhile, Sharon admits to Jack that Nick knows about her bun in the oven and this is not the way she wanted Nick to find out, but things are going to change. Jack says goodbye to Sharon. They were never a good paring anyway.

Adam takes a sudden interest in Sharon’s facility and asks Noah questions. Why is that? Traci is more concerned about Ashley’s mental stability and has her own questions, but directed toward Ashley, who starts to remember the night of the rainstorm!

Paul confronts Victor about using Patty to get back at him but of course, Victor denies any wrong doing and tells Paul he’s a terrible investigator and not a great brother, either!

For all those who keep asking, “Where’s Nikki?” Not to worry! She is off on holiday after settling her contract and will be back soon. Keep watching!

That’s all you get. You’ll have to watch the show to find out what happens in between and of course, we’ll be back Friday to dish a little more! Until then, check out our Y&R weekly summaries, news, actor Bios, appearances, video clips, polls and comings and goings, and please leave us a comment! Do you tweet? Follow us on Twitter @soapoperafan!!

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