The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For August 24 – 28!

Paul was stabbed, Lily heard Cane’s story, Adam helped Ashley, and Billy struggled with his feelings…

Victor informed Ashley about Jack’s petition to have her committed, and though Ashley begged Jack not to interfere, Jack left the decision to a psychiatrist – but Adam coached Ashley, who passed the evaluation test!

Gloria and Jeff tried to blackmail Victor with the photo of him and Mary Jane, but Victor threw them out. Jill worked at the salon, desperately in need of $100,000 to pay half off the mansion’s taxes, and was approached by Gloria, who presumably stole a tip Billy left at the coffeehouse to get her nails done – and taunted Jill with the knowledge of her manicurist job!

Phyllis paid Sharon a visit to warn that the tabloids were hunting for a story about her being committed – and wondered why Jack hadn’t been to visit her. While Nick visited Sharon, to warn her about Mary Jane, Phyllis questioned Jack about Sharon’s baby being Nick’s – but Jack denied the baby’s real paternity. Later, Sharon was warned to start participating in group sessions, or risk jail time, then received a visit from Doris. As she admitted to her mother that Nick was her baby’s father, Nick overheard from outside the room!

Paul got word to JT about Mary Jane but was accidentally stabbed, in the hand, then took his sister to Todd’s church for cover. Paul later called JT, who along with Heather and Chance, arrived at the church and was shocked to hear Mary Jane was really Patty! While Paul guarded Mary Jane from the cops, in the sanctuary of the church, JT confronted Victor for his involvement – and Victor informed JT he was no longer welcome at the ranch! In need of money, Jeff agreed to get Mary Jane for Victor, from the church, while everyone in Genoa City watched Paul through a live press conference, pleading for Mary Jane’s mental state. Jack received a call from Mary Jane, who claimed she was pregnant, and asked him to save her. Jill later realized Jeff was planning another payback attempt against Victor, which he promised her $100,000 to stay quiet about!

Jack found out Mary Jane’s true identity and was allowed to see her, while Gloria, dressed as a nun, hid in the shadows. When Patty demanded Jack marry her right there and then, the cops wired Jack then Patty accused Jack of trying to trick her, admitted she’d ‘kissed’ Summer then the power went out – at the hands of Jeff!

Billy and Chloe began divorce proceedings, but he had second thoughts – until Mac approached him, with confusion, leading Billy to reluctantly sign the divorce papers.

Cane told Lily the truth about his past – that he was a wanted man, who got caught in the crossfire while trying to help his best friend – but Lily had trust issues since he’d deceived her for months.

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