Days of Our Lives Daily Recap For September 10.

World Class Jerk.

Rafe threatens to call Sami and EJ if Nicole won’t accompany him to the convent. She gives in and agrees to go just to get him off her back. “After you ‘Mary’,” he says, ushering her out the door. They head over to the convent. Nicole begins babbling to the first nun she sees. Rafe asks to see Sister Theresa. Unfortunately, she’s been called away. Nicole heads for the door, but tells the nun that Rafe has been acting paranoid. She takes her cell phone from him. “There’s no shame in taking anti-depressants,” she snidely tells him, walking out.

At the mansion, Victor sees Brady looking miserable. Brady explains that Ari ended things with him. Victor pretends to be upset, but says that she must have poor judgment if she let him get away.

Sami runs into Elvis walking the baby in the park. Sydney starts crying. When Sami reaches over to her, Elvis snaps and tells her to keep her hands off his daughter. Sami says they have a bond since she babysat her. He’s confused so she explains that Nicole came by and had a nap so she looked after the baby. She asks him if Nicole ever talks to him about Rafe. They bicker about what’s wrong with Rafe and EJ thinks she just came to realize that Rafe is a ‘jackass’. The argument turns to Grace and she tells him not to let his anger consume him. This only fills him with more rage. He rants about the hell she has made his life. Brady interrupts. Elvis takes his baby and leaves. Brady and Sami go to the Java Cafe to vent about their exes. He’s sure that there is more to Ari dumping him than she’s letting on.

Ari calls her big brother to talk. They meet in the park. She’s sad and lonely but would rather talk about his problems. He’s still sure that Nicole must have done something, but he’ll have to wait until Sister Theresa comes back to prove it. He refuses to give up until he finds out what happened so Sami can start getting over her grief.

Nicole goes home and makes out with EJ. She asks if their honeymoon is ever going to happen. He wonders if there is someone she wants to get away from… like Rafe. She acts dumb. He brings up her friendship with Sami and asks her why she would befriend the woman he hates. She offers to end the friendship. He demands to know what she was fighting about with Rafe. She says it was just because he’s a world class jerk. Elvis gets called away to a teleconference. She reaches for the booze. Stefano comes in and tells her that he’s the one who called the nun away. He says she’ll be away for awhile and she should be relieved that he’s taken care of all of her problems.

Philip shows up at Maggie’s to talk to Mel. She’s sure he’s there to blame her for everything but he’s actually there to apologize. He’s sorry because he doubted her. He thought that she was behind the video but Bo set him straight. She forgives him. He thanks her for being the one person he can trust. She’s the one person who can see inside his soul. That’s corny, but he means it and hugs her, telling her that she’s a great friend.

Bo is in the pub getting an update on Brenda’s boyfriend. “I’ll make sure he gets what he deserves,” Bo grumbles. Justin wanders in. Bo accuses him of being at Hope’s beck and call and tells him to leave everything alone. Justin argues that Hope needed support and help. Bo accuses him of thinking he’s been acting selfish and reckless with his own daughter’s safety. “You screwed up,” Justin tells him. Going rogue could have killed Ciara. Bo flies off the handle at him as Victor walks in. He tries to calm them. Justin walks out. Victor sits with Bo and agrees that Justin should stay out of this. Bo vents about Hope. Victor tells him he should forget police policy if that’s what it takes to save his marriage. Bo gets a call saying that the tip about a third kidnapper was wrong.

At Bo and Hope’s, Ciara comes down the stairs to the sound of Dean playing with his lighter. She slips out and runs to her mother. As Dean stares, Ciara whispers to her mother, “It’s him.” Hope stares and then tells Dean they should go to the bank and get his money. The phone rings. Dean won’t let her answer so they listen to Bo leaving a message. Hope is in a hurry to leave. Dean stands in the doorway and pulls his gun. She begs him not to scare her daughter. He confesses to everything, though he blames Bo for ruining all of his plans and forcing him to kill his girlfriend. Justin comes to the door. Hope is allowed to stick her head out. He tells her that the money has been transferred. “I have something on the stove!” she says, slamming the door. Dean tells Hope they’re going for a ride. As he points his gun at her, Justin flies through the door and jumps him. As they fight, Hope sends Ciara upstairs and goes for her gun. Dean shoves her against the fireplace. The men continue to wrestle until the gun goes off.

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