Days of Our Lives Daily Recap For September 11.

Not After What Happened.

Roman sees Bo looking at a photo of his children and wonders how a doofus like him ended up with such gorgeous women. He hopes that Bo and Hope can start putting their recent nightmare behind them Bo scratches his head. “We were able to save Ciara. Saving the marriage is a different matter,” Bo says. Roman tries making jokes about his visions but Bo doesn’t laugh. He got hit on the head when they were rescuing Ciara and now he doesn’t have visions anymore. Bo complains about Justin sticking his nose into things. Roman thinks they just need to go sailing and remember the good times. Bo would love to but he thinks it might be too late.

Victor finds Ari crying in the park. He knows that she broke up with Brady and tells her she made a wise decision. She’s sarcastic but he thinks they’re a lot alike – they both go after what they want and don’t let other people get in the way.

At Maggie’s, Philip tells Mel that she’s the best friend he has. They hug and are about to kiss when Brady walks in. Philip thanks him for getting the video off the internet. Brady doesn’t waste time commenting on how Philip has jumped from Steph back to Mel without missing a beat. Bickering ensues and Brady accuses Phillip of being a cheapskate who took advantage of her. Mel defends Philip and Brady is ready to walk out. Philip says that he really cares about Mel and he doesn’t regret the night he spent with her. Mel thanks him and asks him to go. After Philip leaves, Brady apologizes for making Mel angry. She tells him that sleeping with someone isn’t the same as loving them and she is only friends with Philip. He worries that she will get hurt. She thinks he should be worried about his own love life. He goes quiet so she guesses something is wrong. He admits that Ari broke things off. On cue, Ari walks through the door to check on Mel. Awkwardness follows and Brady decides to leave. Mel asks her if she’s lost her mind for breaking up with Brady. Ari says it was great but she’s not good enough for him. When Brady comes back in, she asks him to avoid her. “That works for me,” he says. When Ari walks out, she calls Troy. He tells her he can’t get her an interview with the boss. She decides to go it alone and goes to meet her other boss – it’s Roman. He offers her a tissue as she tells him she can’t do this anymore.

Philip goes to the mansion and is shocked when his father congratulates him on the newest scandal. He’s amazed that making porn is what impresses him. Victor says it was a ‘poetic’ way of showing Steph who is the boss. He asks his son not to move out. Philip suspects he wants to suck him back into the business. Victor doesn’t. The older he gets, the more he wants his family around him and he worries about him a little less if he’s around. He loves him and wants him to have a good life. They hug. Considering he’s broke, Philip agrees to stay and thanks his father for wanting him around.

Mia is at the Java Cafe writing in her diary. She admits that she still has feelings for Chad and doesn’t know what to do. She spills coffee and walks off to get napkins. Will notices and comes over to clean. He catches a glimpse of the screen and starts reading. She returns and accuses him of reading her journal. He just glanced at it and asks her what her bond with Chad is all about. She says it’s just because he was her first ‘everything’. He questions her but she insists that he is the only guy she wants to dance with. He’s sure she’s still keeping stuff from him. “It’s over!” he declares.

Maggie bumps into Chad and tells him they need to have a chat. They go to the pub and she asks him if he’s dangerous. She demands to know what he broke into her house looking for. He was looking for Mia’s secret. Maggie thinks he should respect Mia’s privacy. He apologizes but he’s going crazy trying to figure out what she’s keeping from him. She tells him to get over Mia. He can’t. Later, he runs into Mia. She tells him she broke up with Will but there is still no chance for them. “Not after what happened…” she says. She begs him to stay away from her and runs off. Meanwhile, Will bumps into Maggie and tells her about the breakup.

Hope tries to send Ciara upstairs and run for her gun while Justin and Dean struggle with his gun. The gun goes off. Dean pushes Justin off and stands up. She wonders if Justin is okay. Dean kicks him but nothing happens. Hope tries yelling at him but the result is the same. He levels the blame for all of the killings on her. She begs him to take the money and run. “Bo!” she screams. He looks. She jumps him and tells Ciara to run. Ciara crosses the room and stares as her mother and Dean wrestle. The little girl goes for the door. Dean drags her back in. Hope threatens him. He asks for rope and duct tape so they can go for a ride. Justin slowly moves, takes out his phone and sends a call to Bo. As Bo listens to what’s happening over the phone, Hope asks Dean why he’s doing this. He explains that she stole his job and ‘w****d’ her way up the ranks, humiliating him. She begs him to leave her daughter alone. He refuses and orders her to tie up her kid. Justin groans. As Dean moves in to shoot him, Bo rushes through the door and jumps him. Bo pounds on him until the cops arrive and pull him off. Dean gloats about the nightmares this will cause Ciara. The cops drag him out.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

“All right, Nicole, we’ll find out what you did one way or another,” Rafe says.

“You will not turn me against him, no matter what you say,” Sami tells Nicole.

“If we don’t move, Chloe will die,” Daniel tells Nathan and Mel.

“I’m not afraid of getting hurt, but Brady cannot find out about my past,” Arianna tells Roman.

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  1. From dc

    so glad that bo got to the house to help hope.. sure hope that everything will be better for him and hope now that dean has been arrested.. justin might come between them (even though he is still married to adrienne).. maybe they will bring her back to salem too..
    poor little ciara, she has gone thru so much for a little girl.. please don’t do anything else to her..
    and i was really surprised to see ari working for roman (what’s up with that).. i never saw that one coming.. she must be working undercover..

  2. From Days of Our Lives Daily Recap For September 11. - super kiss

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  3. From julie/from illonis

    wow roman having ari drug deal and victor pisses me off he is as bad as kate.for interfearing in the love lives of philip and brady he needs to get laid and stay out of every ones life

  4. From julie/from illonis

    i hope bo and hope will be ok they are the only vets that are still on and still married now they need to get sami and ej back together.and nicole needs to get caught im so tired of every one helping her and her getting away with shit. first brady,then dr.baker,and mia,stephano,and then she steals both letters from the lawer.come on writers end the baby switch sl and steph an dphilip need to be together. this is been the longest sl ever boring.

  5. From Terri Stafford

    I feel certain that Ari is working undercover for Roman. Roman is a good guy – always has been.

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