Days of Our Lives Daily Recap For September 9.

Salem’s Broken Women.

Hope bumps into Dean in the pub. He turns white when she brings up Brenda and tells him she had a connection to someone in town. She says that a witness saw Brenda kiss another man. He offers to handle this part of the investigation himself… for Ciara’s sake. “Okay then,” she says. Smiling, she tells him that he’ll be getting the reward money. He tells her how much he appreciates this.

Philip is going crazy so he drops by Bo’s. His brother tells him that they’ve already arrested the hotel manager for making the porn video. Philip suspects that Mel must have put him up to it. Bo explains everything that happened and that Mel is as much of a victim in this as he is. Stephanie comes to the door, trying to get in touch with her parents. She babbles until she spots Philip. He’s about to leave but she stops him to hand him his ring back. Picking it up off the floor, he tells her that he still loves her and thought they had a chance. After he leaves, she cries to Bo, telling him that she will never love anyone as much as she loved Philip. Hope and Dean come in and Steph tells him how brave and heroic he is. When Hope announces that she is going against Bo’s wishes and wiring Dean the money, Bo looks miserable. Bo and Steph leave. Dean tries apologizing for creating tension. Hope goes to get Ciara to say hello. Dean plays with his lighter and smirks about ruining Bo and Hope’s marriage. As the little girl comes down the stairs, she hears the lighter flipping and flashes back to the kidnapping.

Melanie is crying on Brady’s shoulder at the hospital. When she’s done, she goes home exhausted and flashes back to flirting with Nathan. He walks in. Before he can barge past her, she stops him. He says that he doesn’t hate her, but he doesn’t know her. He thought she could be honest with him. Sobbing, she tells him she thought they were bonding. “I don’t even think you know yourself,” he says, walking out. She weeps. As she cries alone, Philip arrives.

Ari arrives at the mansion at Victor’s behest. She tries to be friendly but that’s short-lived. He tells her that he did some research on her and he knows that she isn’t after Brady, not with the ‘lucrative’ job she has. He’s sure that if Brady knew about her real job, she’d be long gone. He confronts her about the drugs. She insists that she doesn’t deal drugs. He threatens to have her arrested if she keeps lying to him. Victor doesn’t want to get involved with this anymore, but makes it clear that things between her and his grandson are over. Ari can’t argue. Victor walks away. She runs for the door just as Brady walks in. Ari asks him what happened with Mel. He spills the latest and hopes things will work out. “Maybe not,” she says. She’s talking about them, not Melanie. “You and me?” he clarifies. That’s what she meant. She explains that he has an obsession with ‘broken women’ like Melanie, Chloe and Nicole. He insists that she means more to him than the other women. “I’m not broken the way that they are,” she says. Ari doesn’t think she can fulfill his need to take care of a woman and that means they need to take a break. He doesn’t believe this excuse and is sure something else has happened. “I spoke to my ex today,” she adds, explaining that she has feelings for him and he’s coming to town. She used to think he was a loser but she always had fun with him. Besides that, she finds Brady’s ‘holier than thou’ attitude boring. They had some great sex but she only needed to have it once and now they’re done. He tells her to get out. She leaves and weeps.

Nicole is at the mansion telling herself that she is too quick for Dick Baker. She puts the letter he wrote to Mia through the paper shredder. The doorbell rings. Sami is standing there when Nicole opens the door. She comes in, explaining that Nicole left something behind. “Nothing incriminating I hope,” Nicole jokes. It’s just Sydney’s giraffe. Sami asks her why things are so weird between her and Rafe. Nicole explains that they just don’t like each other and suggests that she get a restraining order against him because he’s ‘shifty’. Sami gets upset and runs away for some alone time. Nicole tells a photo of Sydney that she’s just doing what she has to.

Rafe drops by the convent to talk to Sister Theresa. He tells her that she may be his only hope in finding out what happened to baby Grace. When he shows her a picture of Nicole, the nun blurts out ‘Mary!’ and explains that she is the reason Sami went to the clinic. She tells him that ‘Mary’ told her about the clinic and also came to visit Grace. He paces and then plods off to get some answers. When he gets to the mansion, he pushes his way in and tells Nicole that he knows all about her lies and games. She thinks he’s a troubled soul and offers to pray for him. He offers to pray with her and asks her to the convent to see Sister Theresa. She plays stupid and suggests he must be bored and paranoid. Refusing to back down, he confronts her with everything he learned. They argue and argue but he refuses to stop until she talks to the nun. “Let’s end this mystery once and for all,” he offers.

Roman stops by Sami’s. She cries to him about Rafe. She thought he hung the moon but now she wonders if he’s really a nut job. Sami asks her father to be objective. He doesn’t know what’s going on and says that what really counts is what she thinks.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

“You took a huge risk when you went rogue with that ransom money,” Justin tells Bo.

“It’s him,” Ciara whispers to Hope.

“Did she ever talk to you about Rafe?” Sami asks EJ. “Why would she talk to me about Rafe?” he asks.

“I’m innocent, get it? Whatever you think I did… I didn’t,” Nicole tells Rafe.

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