Days of Our Lives Poll: The Best Of The Story.

It looks like Chloe and Daniel are together…

It also looks like Kate could be escaping jail time for her crimes thanks to Stefano’s help. This plot has been going on for a long time and, while it may not be over yet, it’s certainly jumped into another, rather different chapter. Was it worth it? Do you look forward to the doctor gobbling up Chloe and Stefano ‘grinding Kate’s soul into powder’ as Philip would say?

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  1. From dc

    well, kate only married stefano for what he can do for her (there’s no love there)..
    but i think victor will keep daniel out of jail..
    i think kate has bit off more than she can chew..
    maybe next week will shed some light on the subject..

  2. From Helen

    Come on! I’ve watched this show most of my life and now, now I may decide to end it. Why? Because if Kate doesn’t pay for what she did, it really is a dumb show like others have said. Everyone knows she did it, it’s out in the open, and she still doesn’t pay for it?

  3. From Debbie

    Victor has been so awesome lately. His wise cracks are just so funny. Keep up the good work John Aniston you make Days worth watching again.

  4. From Deb

    Kate and Nicole have gone so far, they are non-redeemable. Especially Kate – despicable!

  5. From adima

    I totally agree with you Helen!!

  6. From Roberta

    I personally think it would be really nice if Philip and Chloe got back together in the end. They really had something going on before… And they make the cutest couple ever!

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