Days of Our Lives Spoilers For October 5-9.

Kicked to the curb and kicking the bucket in Salem.

The wedding bells have hardly stopped ringing but it looks like Kate is already over the honeymoon period of her marriage to Stefano. In fact, to Daniel, it looks like she’s trying to jump straight ahead to the widow stage. Is Kate conniving enough to kill the unkillable Phoenix? Daniel confronts Salem’s less than successful poisoner about her new husband’s serious illness.

Kate will be getting grief from elsewhere as well. Philip doesn’t appreciate her attitude, especially when it comes to Melanie. He stands up to the mother he recently disowned and owns up to his real feelings for Melanie. Will it be as simple as it sounds, or have the pair gotten lost down this road enough times already?

Things are even worse for one of Salem’s other couples. Elvis may be too distracted by his marital meltdown to let worries about his father get in the way. He orders Nicole and Sydney to leave the mansion. After banishing them from his sight, he tuns to Sami to tell her all about Nicole’s lies. While they’re dealing with this revelation, someone is coming back to Salem who could throw more chaos into the mix. Carly hops on board a plane and heads back to town.

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  1. From sherri

    Hello, well the trails and tribualations of Days are well known. However, ruining another couples’ marriage should be good for the shows ratings. Nicole and EJ should be meant for each other. Both of them schemed their way into each others lives, they should suffer together. Kate found herself making a deal with Stephino,who has loved her for a very long time. A mansion is much nicer than, say prison. Bo and Hope are pretty much off the show. Roman needs to take the police department back over. At least he came to work. Mia needs to learn about the baby switch, so she can mourn and leave town with Will. I doubt she will be one of the lasting show characters. Yes Chole and Daniel, they can’t live happily ever after. She needs to start singing again, elsewhere. I do hope that Lucas can come back to the show. Sami, has turned out to be a pretty good actress. When are the kids due to return? Any mother would not want to be separated from them this long. Besides, Ali, Sydney, and Johnny need both a mom and dad. Now that EJ will be free, they can get married and live with Kate and Stephino. Now, of none of this is going to happen. But how much do you want to bet that EJ ditches Nicole, in a ditch, and marries Sami now that Rafe is out of the picture.

  2. From Kino

    I still don’t think that’ll be possible because Nicole won’t let Elvis go without a fight. She’ll come back to the Dimera Mansion because Stefano let her in and begs him to let her stay with them. She’ll try to convince Elvis that she may have lied to him about her miscarriage and Sydney, but she did this because she loves him.

  3. From MsBoulder-CO

    Well, Mia dumps Will for nothing. All is coming out about Sydney. I read EJ will find Nicole’s pregancy padding. Stefano will be outted cause he won’t let Sydney leave the mansion. EJ will get back at Stefano through Kate. After all, he did tell Kate he could make any evidence reappear.

    Meredith is wacked. Why does Days writers always have the person imprisioned by the person obsessed with them? Jan,Kate,Stefano,Victor, all have done this. The list could go on. Arianna and Sami will come to Rafe’s rescue along with Roman’s help is what I’m thinking.

    Guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens.

  4. From Lia

    Have you noticed how much Nicole eats lately? I know she is pregnant, but geez, everytime you turn around she is putting something small, like peanuts into her mouth!

  5. From sara

    why would ej kick out sydney being its his daughter? I can see doing it to nicole.

  6. From Amy:-)

    That doesn’t make ANY sense!! If EJ knows ALL of Nicole’s lies WHY would he let her take Sydney??? Sydney belongs to him & Sami so I’m guessing that’s why he goes to Sami but why in the world would he kick Nicole & Sydney out?? He must not find out EVERYTHING!! I read that it is supposed to all come out right before Christmas when Ari Zucker leaves to go on maternity break from the show!

  7. From Autumn

    I have been waiting forever for EJ and Sami to be reunited. Maybe finally I’ll get my wish.

  8. From Precious

    Now that we’re FINALLY getting into the baby switch reveal, we have to endure more strangers coming on board…I am NOT a happy camper with this “future story” lines coming up..NOT when we missed GOOD, INTELLIGENT WRITTING for John/Marlena, also Steve/Kayla, and Shawn and Belle, that was so quickly moved off our radar screens….this is all too confusing. WRAP UP the storylines already out there…you wanna bring back history, bring back the people the fans ACTUALLY WANT, NOT 16 yr old strangers!!!!! Guess I’ll be watching something else soon.

  9. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis for the whole ….what age will the twins be when they come back, i think they’ll be 4 or 5 years old…and as to when they’re coming back, probably sometime close to Halloween…remember sami missed Halloween with the twins last year because of the witness protection program….now to lil’ ciara, i think they will age her maybe to about 7 or 8 years old…if carly comes to town with a young child in tow, then that would be a good reason for bo to fight for part-time custody of his daughter ciara..then again maybe ciara will stay the same age, but the twins will age to catch up with her, for future play-dates..theo needs to be discovered to have been improperly diagnosed

  10. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    ..maybe theo has a combination of an inner-ear infection with a brain tumor, which is why he’s so unresponsive to sounds and people…i think the writers need to remember that you have to eventually age theo to be a are you going to realistically portray a special needs child falling in love and having sex…you won’t be able to portray a love triangle because that would offend the viewers..or how about the girl cheats on him, she’ll be in great physical danger from the fans..theo’s special needs, need to be fixed before he becomes a teenager…just my opinion…

  11. From michelle

    will sami and ej finally be reunited? glad the whole baby switch is coming to an end. cant wait especially until the moment when sami finds out her baby is still alive…what a touching a moment for everyone!

  12. From chantal

    Days is bringing back Carly, Vivian and Lawrence however they let go Marlena and John which were a lot more important than Carly and lawrence so what’s going on with their stupid budget it’s all bull if you ask me…..glad to see Vivian back but miss John and Marlena much much more. I haven’t watch days since they were let go I just read about it.

  13. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    FINALLY! Baby switch story to come to an end?? I’ll believe it when it actually happens. If I were EJ, I would have kept Sydney. He could very easily take care of her and get a DNA test done. Why throw the baby out? She is the innocent out of this whole situation. Nicole deserves what she has coming to her. I would assume she may be sent to jail (temporarily as always with these soaps) or run since Ari is due in December & will probably take maternity leave for a few weeks. Not liking how Brady is interferring with Mia and Nicole. He needs to mind his business or suffer the consequences for what he knows & has helped Nicole do. Even though I like EJ & Sami, I prefer Sami & Lucas. I know I am probably the only one who likes that couple, but they have a history & past. I also like how Lucas is always on to Sami and visa versa. Maybe they can team up & make Kate’s life miserable!

  14. From patsy

    NO EJand SAM WILLNOT finealy be together .James and ARIANNA Aare goingto be on the BONNIE HUNT show MONDAY the fifth ,That can only mean one thing that they are going to keep them together .If they do it,s BY-BY DOOL FROM THE LARGEST FAN BASE DAYS HAS .

  15. From Lana

    Who is Carly? I have watched for years and years and I guess it has slipped my mind.

  16. From cc

    I really hope ej and sami don’t get together, yes i want sami to have a relationship, but EJ is a jerk and a half. Sami is really starting to clean up her act, and I love that she is now a charcter that i respect. So don’t put her with an evil dimeria, I want her with Rafe but if that is not possible then with Lucas. But this is how the plot is going to go, for anyone who’s listening.
    EJ and Sami are going to grow closer because of this, Sami, Ari, and maybe ej will go looking for Rafe. Mia will get cusiody of Sydney. Nichole will have a melt down and not let either sami or mia have Sydney and will kidnap her, so they will find rafe, he will explain everything, then the whole montly crew will search for nichole and syd. this of course will pull ej and sami together and then she will have to decide, ej or rafe, i mean the story is soooo predictable.

  17. From Lily

    I’m confused, why would EJ kick both Nicole and Sydney out of the mansion? Or does he find out that Nicole hid her miscarriage and assume that Sydney is not his and doesn’t find out that she is his and Sami’s? Sorry! just a little confused! Can’t wait to see it play out though.

    Melanie should totally end up with Nathan! I love them together!

    I really liked Sami best with Rafe. Lucas is an idiot. EJ doesn’t bring out the best in her, although they have MUCH more chemistry than Sami and Lucas.

    I thought all the stuff with Kate , Victor, and Stefano last week was hilarious. No way is she going to get away with killing Stefano!

  18. From April M.

    DaffyTaffy 4 elvis (#8)

    In responce to your opion on Theo: I think they haven’t been playing the autism rite… they’re slowly progressing Theo, for most children there ‘stuck’ so to say. But as far as future story plots go, I see a million posibiltys like: When he’s a teen his cousin Jonny comments a crime but frames Theo, Theo can’t stand up for himself because he dosen’t understand- long drawn out then finally the story comes together… Or Theo is the only witness to a horrible crime(where maybe he saves Ally from a crimnal or pulls a person from a burning building), makes a break threw w/ his autism n goes on to work(part time) at the hos. w/ other specail needs children (of course he’d still have autism but he would use his knowledge n life experience to be productive)…. there’s no need to clear up the autism for lack of plots. IMAO.

    So it looks like E.J. finds out about the miscarriage but not the baby swap! I wonder how long that’ll take to clear up *sigh*… Maybe that will be what brings them back together, if E.J. starts hateing on Nic. n kicks her n Syd. out n finally Nic will say “but E.J. she is your baby!” n n maybe that will some how bring Nic back n 2 his good graces.

  19. From donna

    I don’t think ej will forgive nichole because she let him believe that his daughter was dead and let him go through all that if she would of told him the truth when grace died he might of forgiven her but not now

  20. From patsy

    EJ will forgive Nicole because james wants to work with arianna .ITS its ovesious his crazy about her he can,t keep his hands or eyes off of her when they are in a scene together .ITSsicking to me to watch .you don,t see the others doing that.i don,t know if he even relizeshimself.

  21. From dc

    i don’t want ej and sami together.. I want rafe and sami together.. And get rid of that meredith person, she’s a nut..
    sure hope this baby switch thing is almost over.. getting kind of tired of it.. also, mia, chad and will are kind of dull (their characters are anyway))..
    i like brady with ari (not with nicole)..
    i think lucas will be gone for awhile.. and hope appears to be gone for awhile too (even ciara)..
    and kate, i don’t think she has the smarts to get rid of stefano..

  22. From Olive

    Does anyone really get into the Mia/Chad thing…so stupid and very unrealistic. I wish Mia were a little more experienced. She seems like a sweet girl, but portraying emotion is not her strong suit. Chad, is just silly. He’s a bully and obnoxious and I don’t buy for one minute that he has any feelings for Mia. He just doesn’t want Will to have her.

    I, for one, am looking forward to some of the “old” timers returning. These new s/l are so lame…Daniel and Chloe – snooze!

    I love Nicole – I hope she’s coming aback after her maternity leave. Would love to see her with Brady.

    I want EJ alone and miserable. Preferrably alone – off of the show!

  23. From Georgi

    HELP!!!!!!!!! Im in South Australia and its Sami has only just found out she is pregnant and Nicole as well so we are so far behind….:( Any idea where I can find that post and whats happened so far…….We must be so far behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much :)

  24. From April M.

    Olive (#17)

    I think the wrieters are trying to attract a young crowd, thats why we see so much Will/Chad/Mia.

  25. From Lissa

    I never wanted for Nicole to miscarry or for them to write in Alison/ Sami’s pregnancy in. I wish they would write in Arianne’s pregnancy though. I do believe Nicole belongs with Brady. They have better chemistry than Ari(Rafe’s sister) on Days.(I liked them on Passions together though)

    I’m not all into EJ & Sami being together anymore. Just too much between them now that bugs me. Not sure who to root for there, Rafe gets on my nerves at times. Bring Brandon back to help Nicole so we can see how Sami & EJ would react to that! Now there is one of Sami’s forgotten husbands who was hot & loved her for her.

  26. From Gladys

    I am for one happy that this baby switch is coming to an end. I think in some ways this might bond Sami and Nicole. I know its crazy but I think I will. In some ways Sami might understand why she did it. However, it was very wrong for Nicole to steal someones baby, how will it pan out when Brady finds out that it was his Niece that he helped kidnap. There is so much to this, I can wait till everything comes out..

  27. From Raymone

    I will continue hoping that Sami and EJ find their way back to each other.

  28. From Kelli

    Who is Carly?

  29. From Pokerface

    I for one, would like to know how Nicole got to keep Sydney as an “adopted” baby without any legal paperwork? That is the most ridiculous writing ever! As a mom who has adopted 3 kids. Also, Chad is right. He has a right to see the legal paperwork. The fact that Mia seems to naive & dumb to realize that she was duped by NIcole is sad. SHe doesn’t seem like such an idiot to me. Neither Chad or Mia would be given the baby at this point. Possibly Chad’s parents would be able to be the temporary guardians of the child even though Sydney is not Mia’s anyway. DNA tests people! Needs to be done. The story needs to wrap and lets move on, shall we?

  30. From carol

    I wish Stepheno & Kate would be a great couple. It could happen.I don’t want Sami with E.J. She changed with Rafe.Let her be with him. Unlike many others, I am not a fan of E.J. Can’t even stand him at all. He is very pompus. All he is a rapist any way. Even Nichole deserves better.

  31. From carol

    Just now read some of the others. I am not alone in despising E.J. Yes, get rid of him for good, please.Sooo glad Hope is gone. Can’t stand her. Even my husband watches and he can’t stand her. Bo is better off.

  32. From christina

    I can’t wait until Nicole is seen for what kind of person she really is. She puts herself in theses terrible situations. I see her ending up alone because not only did she lie to E.J she has been lying to Brady as well. She deserves to end up in prison with nothing and nobody. Hopefully she is written off the show….

  33. From Beth

    Why does the “Kate” character get so much face time? She is so annoying!! I miss John & Marlena,Patch & Kayla,Doug & Julie,Mickie, Bo & Hope in love, etc. What about Sean & Belle, Sean & Caroline? DOOL was created around these characters. Do TPTB think the world is only made up of teens & 20year olds? The older generations supported these programs & kept them going.(We have also bought all of the products from the sponsors) we are being paid back for that loyalty with show cancellations and shows now tailored to kids who should be in school studying. Way to go!

  34. From patsy

    I,m with you#23 I can,t stand ej /james either .Iuseto love the EJ/James until they put him with Nicole /arianna .They ruined his charater when they put him with Nicole .I hope Sami stays with Rafe he,s the best thing that ever happened to Sami .HES A ONE MAN WOMANwhere EJ doesn,t care what woman he has just so he has a woman even the town slut .Nothing to bragabout .

  35. From Leah

    There is no way EJ will forgive Nicole about Sydney. When he found out about Grace and asked Sami why she had told him about her, Sami’s excuse was Nicole was carrying his child and acting all queen of the castle. EJ’s response was keep Nicole out of this she hasn’t lied to me about the most important thing in my life (his kids). Well woo hoo, watch out Nicole! You think he was mad with Sami (and he loves her) watch out when he finds out the truth about you! I cannot wait for it to all unfold as it seems we’ve been waiting forever for it.
    I also cannot wait to see Sami and EJ reconnect. A new song I found on you tube for Ejami sums it up – EJ and Samantha, Beat Again by JLS also another new one on you tube – Ejami – Battlefield by Jordin Sparks. Go Ejami, go Ejami family!

  36. From MsBoulder-CO

    Hello, Earth to Chad. How can you go get your own lawyer without bringing mommy and daddy into this? You do have parents don’t you? Another bribe for someone to be with someone they don’t like and for days to start doing it at such a young age. Leave Will for you and you won’t think about finding your baby. Why is Mia such a dizty blond and can’t think how Chad’s parents would know about the baby which they probably would not want anyhow.

  37. From Carlos

    Get rid of Chad, Daniel, and all this kidnapping crap! All they do is prolong the story lines and it gets stale after the second week! As for Mia, she’s adorable, but she’s not that good of an actress. At least when it comes to emotion. Will is lame too. He’s annoying! Enough with the little kids.

  38. From patsy

    Personly iTHINK james would sell his charater and fans down the river just to work with Arianna .I could be wroung but it doesn,t look like it.I say get rid of james/ arianna so we can get our DAYS back .James speaks WITH forked thong HE SAYS ONE THING TO ejamifans AND THE SAME THING TO THE EJERK FANS

  39. From April M.


    The chic who uses to play Stephanie, Shayna Rose, now plays on a show called “The Fresh Beat Band” on Nick Jr.

    The chic who played Anna, Toney’s wife, Leann Hunley was on Law and Order:Special Victims Unit last night.

  40. From patsy


  41. From April M.

    patsy (#15,14,& #28)

    I know I’ve said this befor, but the guy who plays E.J., James, has no control over who he works with!! He maybe head overhills n love w/ the chick who plays Nicole but it wouldn’t mean anything to the writers!! Actually I think if there is/where something between them they would be split up do to the fact there both married or engaged to otheres IN REAL LIFE and the chic who played Nicole WAS married to the actor who USED to play Brady, n we all seen what happened there, on the show n off! So I do NOT think they would want to go down that path again. IMAO!! Your always going off about how he ‘looks at her’ n what not, well he’s playing the part of her husband!!! *sigh* – n yes othere actors touch each other I.E.- Doc Dans always playing with Chloe’s hair! (lol)….. It’s just a show! There just actors/ress! Its ok if you don’t want E.J. n Nicole together, but please quite ragging on the actors! -Thank You!

  42. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    I so agree with you #41 April. These are actors, not real people. The ppl portraying the characters are just script reading & acting. Common ppl you are grown-ups you should know the difference at this stage of the game. James Scott (EJ) is engaged to a wonderful woman and Ari Zuker & husband Kyle Lowder have been married for almost 7 years & expecting their first baby. EJ & Nicole are ONLY CHARACTERS! Same with Dr. Jonas & Chloe. If you do not know the difference between the two you need serious help.

  43. From Babs

    As for EJ kicking the baby out along with Nicole, he only finds out that Nicole had a miscarrage. Not about the baby switch.

  44. From Babs

    Nicole is the one I love to hate. However, When Brady finds out about the switch he may really lose it. Sami is his sister, after all. It’ll be interesting…

  45. From Kino


    Sami is Brady’s step-sister, and I think he already knows the baby switch and the miscarriage because Nicole told him a while back. He agreed to keep her secret for a while. When he learned that Arianna found out what was going on, he called Nicole on her cell phone while she was on her honeymoon to warn her that her secret is out. However, Brady didn’t realize that Elvis had answer her phone and got suspicious right away.


    Nicole switched Grace, the baby she was going to adopt legally from Mia with Elvis and Sami’s biological daughter, Sydney when they were both born because she wanted a child who resembled him instead of an unrelated one.

  46. From patsy

    you,re right 41 &42 I was out of line bashing James .Iknow its just a soap opera .Its just when your old and alonethe soaps are about the only excitement we get .Iguess we get to envoledin the show .AND YES i,m ACTIVE IN MY CHURCH AND WOMENS GROUPESSo again I,Msorry if I steped on some toes ..It won,t happen because I,m going to quit watching like most of my friends have .

  47. From C J C


  48. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    …okay, it’s nice to see I’m not the only one who thought that “patsy” was starting to sound like an unhappy stalker, i mean good lord she is alittle outta touch with reality….their actor’s for crying out loud…lol…….she just needs to take a break from watching fiction and maybe have a real live conversation with an actual human being…

  49. From barbara

    first ej encouraged sami to do sex w/him to save lucas. he did bargain w/her, but did NOT rape her. i’m sick of that statement. all i know is i am sich of nicole and wish she would go away and stay. she cons everyone she touches, incl. brady. she doesn’t care if his life is ruined by her deceptions. oh well, hopefully the baby switch is about over and sami and ef will be happy to have sydney as theirs. hope so anyway.

  50. From nancy

    well, i think nicole will leave with the baby, ej will find out she is his child with sami (stephano will tell him) after she’s gone. he’ll find sami and tell her, then they go away looking for their daughter. meanwhile ari and roman find rafe, rescue him, he asks for sami, and ari tells him she left town with e.j. sami and e.j. get closer, fall back in love. e.j. is finished with father cause he knew and didn’t tell him. poor rafe… sami and e.j. have all the chemistry

  51. From Emily

    For all of you that are complaining about the new cast and getting rid of Marlena, John, Steve, Kayla, Belle and Shawn…GET OVER IT!! We had a long time with them and it was time to move on and make changes. I’m loving the new cast and everyone they kept that have been around a long time. Days is heating up and getting very exciting.

  52. From Andy R

    I don’t think anyone has to worry about characters from the past coming to Days. Every time they bring someone back they’re on camera for about a week and then the next thing you know they show up about once a month or are gone for good. Like Steve and Kayla, Tony and his wife…they just don’t know what to do with them once they are back.

    Days better Days, I’m afraid are gone forever. “That was then and this is now.”

  53. From LazyDayz

    I can’t understand half of anything written in these comments because of all the spelling mistakes and poor grammar. How old are you people? Old enough to watch this show?

  54. From arella

    I’ve been a long time days fan and am also enjoying the new characters. I’m sure they will bring the oldies back again…just trying to refresh things so that those of us who have been watching don’t get extremely bored of the same thing. I love that everything is blowing up in Nicole’s face and hope that EJ finds out everything. I think he and Sami were good together, but I like her and Rafe much more. I also think Brady and Nicole would be great together again! Will see what happens…not too crazy though I must admit that they are splitting Bo and Hope again. :( Never really liked Carly and Bo together.

  55. From HS

    I was just thinking as I read the weekly spoilers…how is it that Stefano isn’t being factored in? If EJ kicks Nicole out with Sydney, is Stefano just going to stand there and let his grand-daughter be tossed out? Not like him at all, he’s always vicious when it comes to family.

  56. From eloise

    James Scott has said in a recent interview that Ej will forgive Nicole because he really loves her.
    Actually i think it’s a twist before the whole reveal. Sami will convince Ej to bring back Nicole and Sydney, he will do it because he loves them, he will also fight against Chad to keep Sydney BUT…at this time it will be november sweeps and Sami finally will discover the real truth !! She will wroke avoc against Nicole with bloody revenge..Nicole will beg Ej to forgive her one more time because she has give him her real daughter whereas Sami refused to say him and wanted Rafe to adopt her..Ej will finally understand Nicole’s motivations…But he will not forgive her this time ! Nicole will go (maternity leave for the actress)away for a while. I really think now that the TPTB won’t reunite Ej and Sami. They are the new Roger and Holly. They will always have a bond together and a deep connection via their children, they will always love each other but they will never be a real couple. There will be others love interests for Sami (Lucas, Rafe, another..maybe a new character Nicolas Alamain ect..) or for Ej (Nicole, maybe Arianna, Chloe ect..) but they will be always around each other’s orbit. I pretty sure it’s the TPTB’s decision.

  57. From patti

    I have said all along…Brady and Nicole are great together. He is tender…she is funny. It is a good blend. And he has loved her forever. EJ and Sami make a great couple too…power and fun…she brings the best out in EJ and even tho I like Rafe I think EJ is more interesting. Lucas makes me hurl because he is so weak. I would like to see some a jack and jen back for a week or two…and whoever else could add flavor. I think EJ feels the baby may be Brady’s baby…because he was in on “the secret”…..

  58. From Michele

    I think they should keep Sami and Rafe together. We need some new relationships here instead of the same couples splitting and getting back together. Also,wish they would have Stephanie quit goign back and forth about Phillip

  59. From michele

    Ej and sami belong it was the only time days was good. Maybe Nichole should either be with Brady or Stefano but not Ej they suck together they are boring.Thay should put Carly with Rafe to turn some heads then days would be worth watching. I think you should listen to my advice because I have watched since birthand right now days is the most boring it has ever been it was better in the 80s when everyone watched even look at the ratings

  60. From Jenna

    Kind of makes me sad to hear he just kicks the baby out. He did bond with the baby, you would think he would still want to give the baby a life. Kind of heartbreaking!

  61. From babs

    Eloise! I’m thrilled that someone remembers Roger and Holly. Made my day.

  62. From missy

    would you keep a child who is not yours, no, you would want to find the real parents and get the entire truth. sami and ej belong together, rafe and carly not! she is toooooo old for him. bring on emily or abby,they need to stop with this nicole and sami friendship it is making it hard for me not to feel sorry for nicole because she is being so nice to sami. and like some1 said ej did not rape sami. sami gave austin some drug to sleep with him he thought it was carrie, so they are even, you all have problems because it is man vs women and the man always get the fault.

  63. From kn

    I think it’s time to bring Ej & Sami back together. They had sparks, passion, family fueds to tear them apart, childred, love, hate, everything. They were NEVER boring! Sami and Rafe were boring, just too SAFE, no spark at all.
    I think Kate and Stphano will be great together. Always trying to one up the other. Should be fun.
    I will enjoy Melanie finally getting her man (or two). She radiates, naughty & nice, she glows. Stephanie however is so boring and bland.
    I will miss Nichole while she is on maternity leave and would really like to see her with someone who truly gets her. Ariana and Allison are two amazing actresses.
    It will be good to have Carly back. Maybe she can add some sizzle to the screen!

  64. From barbie

    Meredith kidnapping Rafe is reminssent of when Shawn was kidnapped by Jan and kept in a cage. For being FBI he sure was careless, leaving the door open at Sami’s apartment, etc. She sure jumps the gun quickly assuming he left her and town when his own sister is worried about him. Come on writers! I’d like to have Shawn and Belle come back (the originals but she’s on General Hospital now) Is Stephanie off the show now? and what’s up with Hope? A new love with Justin while Bo moves on with Carly. Not really excited about that happening. Does anyone else know why when DVR’ing Days on the SOAPNET, on Wednesday nites it says that I’m recording Days and then it turns out to be General Hospital but it’s not listed that way on the guide.

  65. From Joe Mamma

    here we go listen to this I can’t take this Bo and Hope thing any more get rid of her. if she did this in real life she would be out the door. this soap has turned into a joke different cast all the time and changing people in the middle of the show is stupid. oh I forgot there isn’t anything better to watch LIKE SPRINGER know thats funny

  66. From Linda Mcfarland

    After watching this show since 1965, I know for sure that I will change my channel if they kill off Stephano. Ive had enough of Kate!

  67. From clear

    I’ve taped it successfully at 11 pm before, and I have “Dim” House. One day, Days didn’t come on because it was preempted and that happened. As for the story, can you see Kate poisoning Stephano, and everyone thinks he’s dead–but of course, a hench stole the body away to recover. Kate is the merry black widow and EJ has to seduce his evil stepmother to get what he wants, but he will probably get together with Carly. Remember that they were friendly, and and that will be while he fights his real feelings and pheromone laden scenes with Sami. (I still want to see Kate in an orange jumpsuit, beat up with broken nails, he,he,he.) Rafe will be back and Sami will be trying to get back with him. Neither of them ever want the person that wants them, right?

  68. From April M.

    Kelli (#28)

    Carly was Victors phycial ther. n then Bo fell for her when he thought Hope was dead. Carly married/div. Vict. (he tricked her n Bo). Carly n Bo had some kind of thingy like a wedding but not a wedding…. She hasn’t been on the show n along time…. I think that was her on Fridays show, stabbing that guy… was it Lawrence?…. Its fuzzy to me why or how they wrote her of. -I think it was n the earlie 90′s.

  69. From Sasha

    I hope that Chloe and Daniel do not get to live happily ever after. After all she cheated on her fiance again and again, and broke so many hearts. Dr. Daniel is a womanizer he seemed to be in love with everyone at some point; Chelsea, Kate, Lexi and now Chloe. The crazy kidnapper story is getting boring. We all know whats probably going to end up happening, sami and ari will firgure out that meridith is behind rafe’s disappearace and come to his rescue so that he and sami could live happily ever after. And ej did rape sami, this is when she got pregnant with johnny (ej’s kid) and alli (lucas’ kid)

  70. From janiebell

    Why bring back Carley after so long? If anyone is comming back why not John&Marlena as well as Steve/Patch & Kayla?

    Kate is not vicious enough to kill Stephano.

  71. From Nancy

    I really enjoy the Spoilers etc. When is Kate going to cut her bangs?!! She is too old to try to look like a sexy teenager with her hair in her eyes. She looks like an old sheep dog – but then, she is a bitch!

  72. From janeycake

    Don’t worry about anything, Patsy. The fun of Soaps is that we can relate to them and get involved with the characters. Thanks for the tip on Carly as I am clueless on that. Hope that Ejami get together stronger than ever. Hope Brady gets furious with Nicole and *someone* on here do some jail time, maybe Kate and Nicole together somewhere.

    Why does Sami’s dad always end up the lonliest guy in Salem??

  73. From missy



    this is what i would like to see.

  74. From cherie

    I am wondering too why they are bringing yet another new character on…what about the ones they let go and everyone misses so much…I don’t even remember Carly….and if they are never bring John Black back, could someone please take his picture off of this page?????

  75. From Dorothy I

    Hi Fans

    I’m thrilled that the baby story line is almost over,but I feel that it won’t be until Rafe is released. As far as Kate goes she will probably kill Stefano soon. I don’t want Philip and Mel together. Furthermore budget cuts are happening so I feel that Kate,Stefano,Nicole,Lucas are on their way out !!!!!!!!! their replacements are Justin, his wife, Carly, maybe Justin kids will come on board to replace Chad,Will, Mia once the baby story line ends

  76. From Smiley C

    ej thinks sydney is mia’s baby….nicole didnt tell him the entire truth.

  77. From tuniepepper

    Kate is horrible but she and Stephano make a good couple. Let Stephano have a health problem that takes Stephano and Kate out of the country together.

    Thank God and gray hound, the baby-switch story is comming to a grinding hault about time should have happened long before now.

  78. From Patti H.

    ok expain this were in the world did meradieth gte super human strengh too drag Rafe all the way down too the peir in broad daylite,one of the most popular places in Salem and not be sean give me a break.

  79. From April M.

    Patti H. (#69)

    Rite! shes like what? – 95 pounds soaking wet!!!! Maybe if it was a fire n she drug him out it would be believeable, some sort of primal-need-survive thingy. Theres no way she had the strength to do that…. but its a soap so of course there was no one around to see what she was up to!!!

    missy (#66)

    Hmmm, your matches are intresting, but this is what I would like:







    I would also like to say I think these couples are good together:






    I also think they should bring on a new chick for Philly or bring Bell back!….and I also think Lawrence was killed on Fridays show by Carly. -Which would be something Roman would help her cover, or somthing he could discover after there marriage.

  80. From April M.

    Oh n I’d also like to say the guy who plays E.J. did a hella good job when he had that tape recorder n was lisening over n over to Nicole he went threw confusion/hurt(had some tears)/angry – he played it very well Oscar/Emmy worthy in my opion!!!!! GOOD JOB!

  81. From Liz

    I think Sami and EJ should not get back together!! Rafe brings out the best in Sami, she has finally grown into such a respectable character that I would hate to see what would happen to her if EJ treated her the way he treats Nicole (loving/verbally abusive at the same time). Nicole’s character has turned wimpy since she married EJ

  82. From Kelly

    Who is Carly?

  83. From carol

    Well, Carly Manning was on a long time ago. She was involved with Bo, then Vivian Alamain burried her alive. But Bo found her. She was great on the show. Loved her. Then she left with real life husband Laurance Alamain. got married to him. But who was little Nicky? Carley’s son, or nephew? Can’t remember.

  84. From Jenn

    Didn’t Vivian bury Carly alive once upon a time???

  85. From Jenn

    haha…sorry =)

  86. From carol

    Here’s who I would pair together. Victor & Caroline,Nathan & Mel,Frankie & Steph(bring him back),Bo & Billie(wish she would come back)Hate Hope for sure(so no one for her),John & Kate,or Kate & Stepheno (bring John back),Brady & Nicole,Sami & lucas, or Rafe, Need some one for Roman,maybe Ari.

  87. From Donna

    where is stephnie?? phillip sure have forgotten about her, please put ej & sami together brady & ari mel & nathan nicole alone bo alone rafe and carly phillip alone mia alone hope & justin steph & bring back max they were good together lucas alone. life would be great in salem.

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