Days of Our Lives Spoilers For September 21-25.

Wedding bells and broken families.

Fresh from her coma, Chloe turns to her old friend, Father Matt, for some more advice about what to do with Daniel. Did she realize that if she’d listened to him a bit more closely before that she wouldn’t be in this mess? Lucas isn’t hesitating blaming anyone and everyone for the mess his life has become. In particular, he’ll be singling out his Aunt Maggie as the culprit who caused so much of his grief. Unfortunately, it looks like grief could be spreading around town. Brady can’t stop himself from blurting out that Nicole’s secret is a secret no more. But what does he mean and who hears him this time?

Meanwhile, Melanie is busy using her knowledge of how bad parents can be to try and urge Philip to accept his mother for who she is. Even if Philip has a talent for asking for forgiveness, he’s not quite as generous about giving it. He’ll have to be incredibly generous too since Kate and Stefano get hitched. He’ll have other things to annoy him as well, like Nathan questioning him about his interest in Mel.

Across town, things look bleak for other families. Hope has had enough and tells Bo that she is leaving with Ciara. While he tries to swallow that bitter pill, someone else will be receiving one of their own. T tells Chad what he doesn’t want to hear after his latest discovery – that he would make a lousy father.

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  1. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    OH Lord. Kate & Stefano get hitched & they haven’t even gone out on a date. What is up with these soaps? They will be divorced in no time. Wasn’t Kate living with Victor in HIS house? What a hobag that Kate is and yet she likes to throw stones at everyone else (especially poor Chloe). What a beeeyotch. So, why exactly has Hope had enough of Bo (who happens to be pretty awesome in my eyes)? She needs to get off her high horse. Why was she a cop in the first place? She never did anything without the help of poor Bo anyhow. Isn’t Justin married to Adrienne still? Why is he suddenly interested in Hope? who is also married and to his cousin! What is with all the incest???!!! Can we please end the baby switch story?? I know I say it all the time, but seriously. Enough is enough. I’m bored out of my mind with it. Also, how the heck did Nicole get an order of protection so fast for Rafe to stay away from her? She has to prove he was harrassing her. How did she prove it? I hope when this all comes to an end (baby story) I mean. That Sami, EJ and Mia all slap the crap out of Nicole. I also hope that somehow Victor knows and holds it against her and Stefano. Now, that could be a real great story of blackmail!

  2. From Regina

    Fine. Let Hope leave. There’s obviously no great love between them cause she leaves every time things don’t go her way; and then one or both end up sleeping with someone else. I hope I never experience their kind of love. When the truth about the baby switch comes out, does that mean Mia will be leaving. There will be no reason for her to stick around since Sydney isn’t her baby. If they are going to continue a story line involving Will, Chad, & Mia, I hope they at least re-cast her part. This girl HAS to be related to someone cause she sure can’t act.

  3. From Precious


  4. From Precious

    I also agree ..REGINA…Hope is so “righteous” with herself…Bo HAS BEEN RIGHT on every issue..and she disagrees most of the time with him! They’re “suppose” to have a happy marriage, happy has it been the last few years? Maybe it’s time for Bo to find a new love who will be there to SUPPORT HIM, and not use him for a WELCOME MAT, like Hope has done…she is far from PERFECT, and I hope she finds that out real soon!!!

  5. From Momma

    I love the idea of Kate having to marry Stephano. Maybe that is her karma punishment! Also, that will be a nice set up for when Vivian returns. Regina hit the nail on the head describing Bo and Hope’s relationship pattern. I say, Bo come to my house, I’ll cheer you up! They make Hope seem nuts. I’m sorry Bo got hit on the head again and won’t have any more visions. He is a good actor.
    I’m glad the baby story seems to be wrapping up sometime soon (we can only hope). Will Sami stick with Rafe or will EJ try to woo her? I sure hope she stays with Rafe.

  6. From dc

    kate is just marrying stefano so she can have someone to help her stay out of jail for what she did to chloe..

  7. From Jena

    I have been a fan of Bo and Hope from the very begining…..but NO MORE! I am absolutely sick of Hope! It seems Hope is always snapping at Bo and blaming him for everything. What exactly has Bo done that’s so horrible this time? For decades Bo has been through hell and back for his “Fancy Face” and has put up with a lot of crap from her, but he still loves her unconditionally. I never thought I would say this, but I am hoping that Bo says “enough is enough” and leaves Hope for good. Let Hopeless chase after Bo and try to get him back and Bo move on with Carly or Billie. I would LOVE to see that!

  8. From susan

    Hope reminds me of that screeching harpie Kate from “John and Kate, PLus Eight”!

  9. From DMC

    Oh I liked Chloe so much better in a coma! Now we have to listen to her whining which is as bad as Lucas. As for Hope she needs to go away, she made a terrible cop and Bo deserves better

  10. From Lee

    That’s why all this is happening. Crystal Chapelle is coming back just in time. I love Bo and Hope, but Hope has been ridiculous! And please, get Brady and Nicole together.Even if EJ does find out about the baby switch, Brady will be there for her all the way! He is so still in love with her!( yeah, I guess I’m the only one who likes Nicole)

  11. From Lia

    What I can’t understand about Hope is that she got mad at Bo when he didn’t tell her about his visions and up until his last vision they all came true. Now he has a vision and thinks it will come true and she doesn’t believe him and feels he put Ciara in danger!

  12. From donna

    kate and stefeno were actually together in her past when she was a ho. Hope is so rightoues that she doesn’t even tell bo that the only reason ciera got kidnapped in the first place was because of her I also would like to see bo kick hope to the curb and leave her for good because she doesn’t deserve bo does she think taking ciera away from her dad and her home will help cieras mental state. the reason why i stopped liking lucas and sami was because of lucas’s whiney butt. He always blames other people for his problems

  13. From Patti

    Carly, hurry and get back to Salem. Bo needs you!! Hope has gone too far (she needs to see a shrink). Get rid of the actress playing Mia (no talent). Kate will probably try to turn Steffano in for some reason, and we will see fireworks. Phillip needs to get a job. Everyone needs to be shown working — no free rides! Lucas needs to be hit over the head and get over is self-absorption. Chloe?? Daniel?? Sami?? Rafe??

  14. From judy


  15. From Regina

    I stopped watching Days 24 years ago when I had my twins; and started watching again about 7 years ago when everyone was being “killed off” and sent to an island. I don’t know who Carly or Vivian is; and I can barely remember Justin and that there was some sort of jealousy between him & Bo. But what I really want to know is who’s Nathan? He calls Maggie Grandma, and I heard him & Maggie talking about his mother Melissa and how he took the Horton name instead of his father’s name because his father was a bad person. Who’s his father? I remember Hope’s best friend as a teenager was Melissa Anderson. If she’s his mother; how does that make Maggie his granmother. Marlena had Sami & Eric the same month I had my twins. But I don’t think Sami is 24. LOL

  16. From Sherri

    OK. I understand that the baby swich has to come out. No one in this show can be happy. Sami has to get back with EJ and Sidney. Rafe needs to get a job that he actually goes to, where is he living anyway??? Mia needs to know that her child died so her life can be turned upside down. Nicole can be in jail with Kate (sharing a cell). Daniel takes the cake, showing the recorder to Kate. Hope is blaming Bo, when she caused it all by suddenly becoming a detective. She sucks as a cop. Stuipidity reigns supreme. This show is reaching past soap reality and falling out of favor with fans.

  17. From Carol

    Hope has no idea what love is. Bo deserves someone better. But I don’t want Bo & Hope to break up and get back together; I want them over for good! I want Bo to find true happiness with someone who deserves his love, and that isn’t Hope!
    Hope deserves to be alone and the next time she gets kidnapped or brainwashed or whatever, then she’ll have no man to save her! It would serve her right!

  18. From JJ

    Its about time that the we put an end to Sammi’s grief. She doesnt deserve it. Her life has been hard enough. Nicole deserves what is coming to her. Will Brady be there to pick up EJ’s mess? Will EJ throw her out or will the true Dimera come out and she be locked away somewhere to follow suite with the antics of his father? Somehow, I dont think EJ will allow jail time to be justice served. Will he find out and keep the secret from Sammi for revenge? HMM lots of angles could be taken here. Rafe and Sammi together are amazing. Lucas should have not been so quick to judge Sammi and move on with Chloe. Cant blame anyone for that mess. Was he really the one who shot EJ? If so, why did he get Will out of the country so fast?? He was awful quick to take the blame with the only evidence being the owner of the gun. So Will, does that make you a hippocrite with poor Mia? Judging her for keeping secrets? Bet you have plenty of your own. After all, you are Sammi’s son lol.

  19. From JJ

    Speaking of hipocrites, Hope- what are you doing? You have a duck b/c Bo doesnt share about his visions when you shot Kayla, but when his daughter is kidnapped and he has a vision, you want to second guess his strategy? STAND BY YOUR MAN, or can you?? I think that poor Phillip cant find a job b/c the writers have Victor going down for the drug ring and he taking his place as head of the family. Daniel and Chloe need to be together finally. But, will he just be another flavor of the month for Chloe? Kate, Kate, Kate. Can Stephano really save you?? I guess selling your soul to the devil is worth a shot. Dr Baker where are you? Where are the test results from Sydney’s DNA? Is it EJ’s baby????? Bring Marlena and John back–we are desperate for a solid romance. This on again off again crap is losing many faithful viewers. I am hanging by a thread

  20. From me

    That’s just typical Hope to leave every time her and Bo have a disagreement. I’m sure she’ll hook up with Justin just because there’s really no else for her to sleep with on the show. Can’t wait for EJ to find out what Nicole did, however who knows he may commend her for taking it upon herself to ensure his child is with him and making Sami miserable. But when Sami finds out you know she’s going to wreak havoc on EJ & Nicole and I’m sure Rafe will be by her side….Oh Yeah and the Stefano and Kate getting hitched?? what’s up with that, wonder if he’ll still pay her for sleeping with him….haha

  21. From Helen

    how many times has hope left bo. get out, let the door hit you on the way out. that’s what i’d say. every time it doesn’t go her way, she leaves him. bo, carly’s coming back…have fun.

  22. From Helen

    how many times has hope left bo. get out, let the door hit you on the way out. that’s what i’d say. every time it doesn’t go her way, she leaves him. bo, carly’s coming back…have fun. like to see what they’re going to do with that.

  23. From Lory

    They should just leave Bo and Hope alone
    No parent in real life would go down this road in this situation the way that the writers are taking these 2 I know it starts another story but come on lets have a little reality and not make Hope out to be a wimp

  24. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    …do you suppose that in desperation that Nicole tries to kill Mia before she can tell anyone the truth about Sydney..[?]…i mean people have been saying what a bad actress she is..and lets face it, the triangle between chad, Mia and William has sort of fizzled…hahaha….i mean who killed mia would be awesome..think about it, the police would need to find out that in order for the baby’s addoption to be legal she [mia] would’ve needed a parents signature…that means that nicole’s addoption of baby grace was illegal..and stealing sydney from sami was illegal…so the police would end up trying to find the addoption parents….to question them..

  25. From Joanne

    I don’t like Hope either but in a bit of tiny defence .. how many times did Bo sleep with Billy? And Hope always took him back. He acted really stupid back there and she was there for him. But for today .. yeah, dump them as a couple.

  26. From BSTN

    Maggie is Mellissa’s mom, so that makes her Nathan’s grandma. I can’t remember who his father is.
    Carly was an old friend of Jennifer Horton. Her and Bo were in love. Vivian tried to bury her alive and when she was rescued, she had memory issues and left the show w/ Lawrence Allamain and they were married. Vivian is Lawrence’s Aunt. She was in love w/ Victor and stole the eggs from Kate/Victor and had them implanted in her. She actually gave birth the Philip.

  27. From Amy

    You guys act like Hope writes the story. You can’t blame the actress for what her boss writes. DUH?????

  28. From Delores

    Well, at LEAST the story line now with Nicole and Mia and so forth is getting interesting…so WHEN will the story line get a new twist of fate with Kate vs. Chloe huh??!! PLEASE let THAT one come forthwith as well!!

  29. From patsy

    Ihope Sami stays with Rafe .He bhas shown how much he loves Sami over and over again .E.J. proves how much he loves her by sleeping with ,marrying and beliveing the town babysteeling .money hungery slut.,that has sleep with every man in town. Please keep Rafe and Sami together. I can,t stand to watch EJ anymore he is so stuiped.

  30. From brighteyesrose

    i have been watching this soap opera since day 1. please do me a favor and let Hope and Bo be happy with each other and their family for a change. with the things going on in this world whenever we turn on and watch a soap opera it should take us away and make us feel better. It would be great to see Hope & Bo enjoy their relationship. Since you need a story line have them help other individuals have a great marriage like theirs should be.,

  31. From Sue

    I can’t believe what the writers have done with Hope’s character! She is a whining wench. She was to be some big detective? She handled that situation with Justin getting shot and Sierra horrible?
    I too am tired of her leaving Bo over every disagreement. I always like Bo with Carly when Hope wasn’t on the show.
    With Nicole being pregnant in real life they should be doing something with her character to be gone for a while?
    EJ is retarded? I don’t like him with Nicole.
    I absolutely do not like Lucas or Kate. Maybe they could die in a car crash together and bring back some quality characters.

  32. From Kino


    I agree, Sami needs Rafe in her life because he brought the good out of her. Elvis needs to wise up and start suspecting Nicole. Brady and Dr.Baker(who faked his death) will be her downfall

  33. From angie

    How stupid was that scene between Daniel and Kate fighting over hte tape recorder?! I mean, Daniel finally has the proof he needs against Kate and instead of running straight to the police with it, he shows it to Kate and lets her have an opportunity to snatch it! Then, to top it off, there is a wrestling/fight scene between Daniel and Kate where Kate is holding her own! I don’t mean this to sound sexist, but Daniel is a big, muscular guy in his 30′s and Kate is a 60 year old woman who probably weighs all of 90 pounds and she’s kicking Daniel’s butt! Whatever! So lame!

  34. From Kaye

    please please please be done with the baby switch let Sami and Rafe be together don’t put her back with the numbskull Ej who falls for Nicole’s shenanigans hook line and sinker I mean come on you’re a Dimera you should be brighter than that and have some kind of a backbone. .make nicole and Kate pay for their dirty deeds.let Chloe and Daniel ride off into the sunset so we don’t have to watch them anymore.Mia ,Chad and Will storyline is boring same ole same ole”I love you Mia”"Leave me alone Chad”I hope Philip can find some happiness since he’s trying to be a better person.Stephanie is annoying she wants her cake and wants to eat it too.She didn’t want Philip but when someone else showed interest in him it wasn’t ok.Bope needs to reconcile so the storyline doesn’t go on for a gazillion years.

  35. From me

    Rafe figured out the baby switch thing…should be interesting. All they have to do is exhume Grace do the DNA test and find out that baby was neither EJS or Samis, do the DNA on Sydney and find out she’s theirs and then Mia will find out that her baby was actually the one who died. With Nicole pregnant in real life this would be the perfect time for her to go to jail….the Kate/Daniel thing has gone WAY too far it’s annoying and I fast forward through them every time….lol

  36. From Amanda

    I bet Bo ends up with Carly Manning again…..

  37. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I so agree with you Angie, and how did she manage to get a dead weight man from the floor to the bed by herself. It would have been more realistic for her to just tie him up while he was lying on the floor, but then I guess it wouldn’t be as erotic.

  38. From Paula

    Once again, the writers never cease to amaze me! If you were about to go to prison for a crime you didn’t commit, would you be standing in a room with the person who framed you waving the only piece of evidence that could convit her in front of her face?? Why did he even bring it up that he had it? Why didn’t he just end the converstation and leave once he had what he needed!!! Why…because the writers LOVE to frustrate us, and apparently they do a good job at it!
    And Will and Hope..where do they get off being so self rightous. Both of them run around saying TELL ME THE TRUTH..DON’T LIE OR HOLD BACK ANYTHING FROM ME…so when that happens, they both turn into jerks!

  39. From gemini

    Sami + Rafe
    EJ + Nicole (he finds out and forgives her and keeps the secret about sidney. even if the secret gets out sami will have to fight for custody and ej and nicole will have to stay together to win.
    Mel + Phillip
    Didn’t kate and lawrence alamain have a thang that broke up her marriage with victor? I think I saw where he’s coming back with carly and vivian. It would be so nice to at least get john black back, too.

  40. From Kino


    I can see many way how to make the Baby Switch Story end:

    1.Rafe goes through the files of the clinic that Sami and Mia were at along with Elvis and Nicole and realizes the truth there. Then he exhume Grace’s body and learns the truth that this baby really belonged to Nicole and Elvis, and wasn’t Sami’s baby. Soon enough he tells Sami the truth about it.

    2.Dr.Baker returns to Salem after he faked his own death just to keep Stefano off his back and with a healthy, Grace in tow. He steals Sydney away from the Dimeras while they were sleeping or out of town and heads to his apartment under an assumed name. There, he plans to use both her and Grace to his advantage to take Nicole down.

    3.Brady starts feeling guilty for keeping Nicole’s secret and finally tells someone about it. However, this someone(mostly Victor, Chad or Arianna) will use this information to blackmail Nicole into telling the truth.

    Either way, her time is up.

  41. From dusty


  42. From BoandFancyFace4Ever

    As a long-time viewer of Days (over 35 years), I don’t understand why everyone is coming down so hard on Hope. Hope has put up with a lot of crap from Bo over the years. The last time Bo thought Hope was dead, he hooked up with skanky Billie. Even when Hope returned, he still chose Billie (dumb writers couldn’t get that straight). Then Bo has cheated on Hope with Billie numerous times…and Hope forgave him. Bo covered for Chelsea instead of telling Hope the truth. Yes, Hope left, but she eventually forgave him. As a mom, I can understand why Hope was mad at Bo. I would have been too. But I disagree with the writers on this….Hope would never have left Bo over this. This is very poor writing on their part…just for another story. WRITERS, LEAVE BO & HOPE ALONE. You can have a good story for them without one of them cheating.

    I love Nicole. I know I’m in the minority here. I would have loved to see Brady and EJ fight over her. I really want to see Nicole find true love. I have that Days has made EJ pine after Sami….they just never worked in my opinion. Sami deserves better than that scum…however, Nicole & EJ work well together. I just don’t like the abusive side of him towards Nicole. The “old” Nicole would NOT put up with that.

    I hate what Days has done to Lucas. Chloe really messed him up. I still would love for Sami to help Lucas with his rehab. It would be nice to see them bond again. Lucas has been there for Sami when she needed someone…now it is her turn.

    As for Kate, it should be interesting to see how this plays out. She deserves whatever is coming her way.

  43. From T

    Hmm Hope leaving again. I am so tired of it. Everytime something happens she runs. Bring back Billie sure enough Hope will come running back. I would love to see a love triangle with Melanie Philip and Nathan. I think it is hilarious that the cast for Passions is slowly takingover Days of Our Lives. I wonder who is joining the cast next. Hmmmm.

  44. From AmyfromBoston

    So here’s a thought…How old do you think Ali and Johnny will be when they come back from their trip visiting Marlena and John? Five years old maybe? ha ha Since people in the “soap world” age so fast it would just be funny if that were the case is all. :)

  45. From E.J.'S HOT

    I hate Will! I know someone just like him! My brother in law! Oh woe wis Will. Oh wait that’s right his dad is Lucas. Figures why he acts like that. Everyone sees that Mia can’t act. Do you guys see that Will can’t either?
    I hope Sami and EJ get back together. I love the way they look at each other even when they are mad at each other. Yea reminds me of the way Bo and Hope used to look at each other. To bad Hope forgot what love was.
    I love Kate and Stefano together. I hope they spawn a little devil that is more evil than both of them combined. To make it even better have the little demon spawn take down his/her parents. mwahaha Let EJ be a good guy. He made a better good guy than bad. EJ and the devil spawn can have sibling rivalry for years to come.
    Chloe, Lucas, that Jonas guy… STUPID STORY. Not interested at all.
    Please let Ethan and Theresa… I mean Brady and Arianna stay together. They are so cute together. I like the chemistry for some reason. Hmm?

  46. From mindy

    Does anyone know when sammy that sidney is her baby?

  47. From Dean

    Hey Regina, you wanted to know about Melissa her dad was Jim Philips and her mother was Linda Patterson she left salem with her mom but came back and that’s when Micky and Maggie adopted her. She was married to Pete Jannings. Vivian is Lawrence Alamain’s aunt he had an affiar with Carly Manning they had a boy named Nicholas when he was born she told them the boy had died but she took and raised him herself they didn’t find out about him till yrs later.

  48. From barbara

    i just wish the baby switch would end FOREVER! the chloe/danny thing can go on for a while. there’s lots they can do before they let them get together. if nicole isn’t caught it’ll be a terrible end to the show i think.

  49. From judy

    hey #37 i,m also a long time viewer maybe you forgot but when Hope was pregnant with J.T. he was named for John because they thought he might be John’s and when she was pregnant with Ciara they thought she might be Patrick’s so Hope has,t been exactly so perfect either they were one of the great love stories on Days but I don’t think this story line really helps keep them together it’s just another opening for problems

  50. From Celeste

    I didn’t know Crystal Chapelle is coming back. Is she coming back as Carly? I agree about Hope. They are so in love when everything is going good, but one thing goes wrong and it’s the old I don’t think I can forgive you line. I mean she is just so mean to Bo. He needs to toughen up and just tell her off. I want the baby switching thing to end too. Rafe finally figured it out, but how long before he tells anyone?

  51. From Celeste

    I agree too that Will and Mia both can’t act. I am glad it’s not just me. They are so blah, blah, blah. So monotone about everything. No real expressions in their face. No emotions whatsoever. I thought the old Will was bad. This one stinks too!

  52. From Celeste

    Angie you’re so funny! I agree about the Daniel and Kate fight. There would be no struggle. He has the evidence. Why even tell her? You know what she is capable of. Just leave. Instead he is waving it in front of her over and over again. Then to top it off he turns his back on her when he’s on the phone. I mean you know she’s dangerous and now she’s dangerous and desperate. Too dumb!

  53. From barbie

    Celeste I was thinking the same thing, he was being so calculating in getting the evidence and gets a high tech device to record it and then waves the darn thing in her face until she goes whacko— I am so bummed about Hope and Bo, I know it’s the writers and they are making a way for Carly to come back in but they were the only original couple left on the show. Too bad they always make Hope into such a “beotch” I find it rather hypocritical that she blames Bo for all of this when Dean, the psycho cop, went after Ciara in the first place because Hope got his alledged promotion. Can they make EJ any more stupid, seriously the guy is clueless to a fault, he needs to grow a brain.

  54. From Flicker

    Wow. I agree with most folks, this baby switch has been stretched out far too long. Let’s get a move on. Why do people never go to jail in Salem for say- attempted murder? And how can anyone afford to live? I think Arianna is the only one outside of University Hospital who actually holds down a job. Anywa

  55. From Flicker

    It’s time for some true romances. Bo and Hope- whatever. I’m actually liking the Melanie/Nathan storyline. Melanie’s growing on me. I’m bored with Chloe and Daniel. Maybe Arianna can get Lucas back on track when Brady and Nicole end up together, but what about Rafe? Maybe Stephanie when she finally gets over Philip!

  56. From kellyann

    I’m watchin Days right now and can’t stand Hope the whiny bitch just leave already…won’t miss ya! Get over yourself already! Ha Ha Kate that’s good for you Can’t stand you either!

  57. From JessicaLynn

    I can’t believe how ridiculous Hope is. The writers are having her totally contradict herself in regards to Bo’s visions. She got mad at him for not coming forward w/the vision when she shot Kayla and now when he comes forward w/the vision of Ciara..she gets mad also..what up?? Such a drama queen, I don’t know what they are doing w/Hope. So I guess the vision Bo had about her w/another man will be Justin. Couldn’t see that one coming especially when he’s on the phone fighting w/Adrienne. Also..glad to see Crystal Chapelle will be back seeing as GL was cancelled. Mia needs a little more expression..she needs to open her mouth more and stop slouching so much.

  58. From rita

    i would love to see sami and rafe together with sidney, sami deserves happinness, shes been through alot. ej needs to kick nicole to the curb,shes the ho of the show, i alsohope chloe and daniel gets together and kate goes to jail bo and hope need tp get their act together.

  59. From Angie

    Theres only one word to describe Bo and Hope, boring!! Has anyone ever thought of the idea of Hope and Justin together. That would sure make it more exciting. They need to do something different with Bo and Hope and I think an affair with Justin would be very exciting.

  60. From Aerial

    I LUV Daniel and Chloe. An affair,a death, a prayer, a secret, an evil women, a poison apple, a coma, and an angry husband. True romance novel!:)

  61. From diana

    please don’t let EJ and nicole leave for Paris have them have plane problem

  62. From kim

    Ok…how long before the police find out about kate…chloe had it figured out in an hour. Please have Kate get her just reward…and how long before Jonas shows up.
    After months of watching this stupid story of chloe, it better unfold with Kate getting in trouble. Or I am done with days…
    And hope and bo…lets leave them alone for once. Hope is becoming annoying. Period. And Justin…why bring him back?
    As far as the switch goes, let it come out, but do not break up ej and nicole. She just needs to play stupid, say that she did not relize about the baby switch, that doc baker did it all on his own!!! Dah…
    I am glad that Nate is falling for Mel…finally something of interest. Please have that happen…

  63. From Ruthie Owens

    I use to watch the show many years ago.I started again a few months ago i really like the issue with the story lines is it is taking to long for Nicole to pay for her deeds.I dont like Kates actions at all please dont let this keep lingering much longerI really want to keep watching.Hope is foolish also

  64. From nikki

    Kim you want Kate to pay but not Nicole ?! Come on they are the same and one day or another the villainess have to pay for their schemes..c’est la vie ! lol

  65. From Susie

    Once again Hope leaves Bo & takes Ciara with her. Old news — this story is a remake of a previous story line where Hope left Bo, had an affair with Patrick & Bo had an affair with Billie. Now, Bo will hook up with Carly & Hope will hook up with Justin! Hey writers, come up with some FRESH ideas — been there, done that!

  66. From Cherie

    Well fiinally Rafe puts things together… he needs to tell Sami who has suffered enough in he life. The DNA will tell the whole truth , so do it already. And maybe the baby really isn’t EJ’s. Hopefully, there are enough evil Di Mera’s around. So Sami , Rafe and Syd need to live happily together… pleaseeeeee! They are so wonderful together…gives hope back to real love. vs. Nicole and EJ who are ridiculous.

  67. From Lucy

    Can someone please do something about Mia’s hair???

  68. From Leigh

    Everytime the baby switch storyline seems to come out, the writers or producers come up with a storyline to put it off which is very tiresome. Most of us have complained constantly and they do not seem to listen to our woes. Time for all new storylines. *sighs* My DBR has been busy fast forwarding most of the scenes.

  69. From Leigh

    I also agree that Mia needs to take acting classes. A pretty face isnt ehough.

  70. From patsy

    You know this is a sick sick world we live in when people rout for a baby stealer. Its not Sami fault that Nicole miscarried so why should she be the one GETTING PUNISHEDIts Nicoles faultShe was the one being a gush ,drinking all the time .If the baby had of lived it probable would have had something wrong with it .so how is this Samis fault and why should Nicole get her baby .This hold story line is ridiculous .they should have had that story line EJ would have stayed with her for that because he would have thought it was his fault.THEYER SENDING THE WROUNG MASSAGE TO THE YOUNG PEOPLE .

  71. From lynn

    Who would want to live in Salem, the hospital is incompetent and so is the police force. What is taking so long to figure out the baby switch, I thought Raf was with the FBI. Oh that explains it.

  72. From Lenner

    Ok – Ive been watching Days for more than 35 years. I hate the baby switch. I was so disappointed when the writers went with this – again. Please – wrap it up!!! I’ve stopped watching and just tape – so I can fast forward through this story line. I can’t wait for it to be resolved! Lately Hope comes across as a more of a witch than usual – she is also becoming predictable and boring – Bo should let her leave. I’m also tired of Kate Roberts – can we get rid of this character PLEASE!!!

  73. From carol

    Yes, Hope also makes me sick. I’ve never liked her! I wish Bo would kick her our for good & find someone else. She left him before for not telling about the preminitions, now when he does she undermines him & now treats him like crap. Next time ignore what he sees and let her do what she wants. And don’t help her. I’ve always wanted Bo with Billy. She loves him!

  74. From Helen

    Hope, let the door hit you on the way out, and don’t come back. She’s done this sooo many times, why does Bo bother. I hear his ex is coming into town, hey, you never know.

  75. From janiebell

    Yea!! Stephano and Kate are getting marred.Now let them leave the country andnot come back.

    Finally, Nichol’s “baby switching”is revealed. About time. Melanie desirves to b happy afteral the bad breaks she has had. Mia isa good kid at heart. Let things work out for her and Will.Let them be happy.

    I am gradStephano and Kate r getting marred.Now let them leave the country.

    I still say, Chole and Brady should get back together and leave Salem together.

    Lucas belongs with Sami. Their relationship has just enough edge to make it interesting. I mean, let’s face it women, keep secrets and a little cash stached away for a rainy day, MEN CHEAT. They Cheat on their girlfriends, AND ESPECILLY THEIR WIVES, on their incometax, and on s[ports but especilly men cheaton their wives.
    I dought there is 1 man in 10 who havenot cheatted on their wives, in some form. With Lucas&Sami we expect these things.

  76. From Olive

    I want to join the minority party…I like Nicole. I know she’s done some terrible things but EJ’s messed with her head. I’m gonna blame him because IMHO, he deserves to end up alone! I really hope Brady and Nicole end up together. Also, in the minority…I’d take the baby switch story (which I really don’t like) over Chloe/Daniel/Lucas any day of the week. I can’t stand any of them and Kate…she’s GOT to go. Enough already. She’s been doing this kind of thing for YEARS! Always protecting her children…blech! See ya Kate! Also in my opinion, none of her children deserve protecting.

  77. From Cassandra

    EJ and Will getting along prompts me to think that Sami and EJ are going to either get back together or EJ finds out the truth about Sydney and out of anger toward Nicole and Stephano pursues Sami and despises Rafe for finding out the truth (when he failed to do so himself). EJ has always wanted to be Sami’s Knight in shining armor.

  78. From Delores

    HOPE is being a jack-ass, and Kate is the devils daughter, and I wouldn’t give a rats pa-toot if Days did like GUIDING LIGHT and GO OFF THE AIR!! The story lines and draaaaaaagggg @ssling around and all has just become so much of a &*^% BORE that I had rather just sit and watch this rain we have been haivng here for the past 3 weeks already!!



  80. From debbie

    Well Im not surprised with the outcome of Kate , not going to jail no bad people ever get in trouble on Days of our lives but Stephano will not let her cross him and when Vivian comes back there going to be at each others throuts someone needs to give her a taste of her own medicine. VIV should marry Vic if shes not with Ivan still they were a riot.

  81. From debbie

    also here who needs to be coupled:

    Kate and stephano
    Sami and Rafe
    lucas and Arianna
    Bo and Carly
    Justin and hope
    Mel and Nathan
    Brady and nicole
    Steph and Phillip
    Will and Mia but shes needs to be recast with better actress

  82. From Brenda

    Don’t be too hard on Mia and Will. Passions had the worst acting of any show on the air at anytime. Now you love those people. they just needed five years to get good. One is on Desperate Housewives.Give the young people a break.

    Passions was notorious for the worst acting on any show ever. Now everyone loves the actors. One is even on Desperate Housewives. Days and everyother soap gets actors that hone their craft.Back Off They are young and trying. They may be big stars someday. Look at the list of stars today that started on soaps.

  83. From cherie

    I hate what they have done with Bo and Hope…Hope is being so stubborn and I’m really kind of glad she left so maybe Bo can move on…Lucas needs a brain…why does he always believe his mother the witch??? I hope Kate is miserable forever living with the devil himself…this show is just ticking me off…I guess i really wouldn’t care if it went off the air now…this baby thing has gone one way too long and now Rafe is going to be kidnapped…where does it all end????

  84. From Cand

    Kate is getting a fate worse than prison. Ha ha She does this stuff for her childern, hum and where will they be for her? I also love Nicole. And I think they are making a fool out of Hope. No one can be that stupid, Bo kick her to the curb, if this is your soul mate, you have no soul.

  85. From Cand

    oh ya and I love Nathan and Mel they are perfect together. And I want Nicole and EJ together. Sami can’t make a relationship work anyway.

  86. From Molly

    What have the writers done to Hope? She was always a fan favorite & now no one can stand her, including me. Taking Ciara away from her father is just outrageous & Hope acts so superior.
    Can’t wait until Carly returns — bye bye Hope — don’t let the door hit you in your a _ _ on the way out the door!!!

  87. From Eve

    I have been away for 3 weeks so I was a little anxious to see what has been happening. cant believe – Hope is leaving Bo again…I agree with Bo – Hope needs counselling. What with that Witch Kate marrying Stefano…that made me gag even though I don’t like neither of them. Kate should be dragged out by her ugly hair colour and put in jail. What a show…didn’t watch it for 3 weeks and guess I can move on to something else.

  88. From donna

    leave hope and bo alone!!!! bring back belle and shawn

  89. From Clear

    right on New England Clam Chowder! Too bad Sierra didn’t have a howling fit not to leave her home, Bo didn’t kick Hope to the curb. He deserves a warm, nonanorexic looking woman who accepts him and loves and understands him–not Hope. I still think it would be really interesting if Nicole’s baby survived–anything is possible on Days!

  90. From patti

    I hope nicole and brady get together. He is a good person and she is very humorous..I think it is a good combination. EJ and Sami belong together to have a stormy but strong relationship. And Hope is turning into Lucas…she is unreasonable and whiny. Yuk. lucas calls his mommy dearest everytime ANYTHING happens…to whine. And Hope is now removing children from Bo everytime she breaks a nail. Not good. Hopefully some of the old cast comes back…the baby story does not bother me…actually lucas and his mom bother me the most.

  91. From angie

    maybe if Hope ate something she wouldn’t be so cranky.

  92. From Stella

    I’m actually intrigued by Kate and Stefano getting married. A lot of people think it’s a dumb of them to get married since they haven’t even dated. Usually I agree….I think soaps rush relationships too much……but let’s remember that this “union” has nothing to do with love. Kate and Stefano basically have a business agreement; if they marry he’ll pull strings to get her out of her murder wrap and in return, he gets Kate to act as his “partner in crime”. Since they are both evil people, they can go in on schemes together. Who knows, they could end up working well together, or they could end up at each others’ throats!

  93. From Raymone

    If we can hang in there long enough these story lines will come to a close. In a sick kind of way, these last few days of things actually happening almost makes up for the months of nothing doing.

  94. From Jean

    Hope as a cop was incompetent and stood there like a statue when the bad cop and Bo were fighting. Where’s your police training, Hope?

    Why couldn’t Daniel use his legs and feet to fend off Kate and her needle? They weren’t tied up.

    When is Daniel going to mention being tied up by Kate anyway? Haven’t watched today’s episode yet. Maybe he mentioned it then.

    Gosh, I know soaps make you suspend reality somewhat, but there are glaring holes in the plots and action lately on Days. Hey you writers, it’s a soap opera, not science fiction!!

  95. From missy

    you all think sami is perfect, she is not, you make ej out to be the bad guy, men only know what women tell them,like they are the father, how does he know she had a misscarriage, men dont know that, she had a doctor telling him they could not be intiment, she refused to let him touch her, poor ej, never got to see any of his children born, he and sami belong together, rafe is hot! but he needs to be with someone else without children, i hated when she called rafe graces father, get real people he only knew her for 5 months and she had a daddy that didnt know she existed. give ej a break, he is a wonderful father. again i say let this nicole be an evil twin of the real nicole, she is a good actress but she needs to be with someone else, not brady, i thought brady at first until ari came along, her and brady have chemistry, they had it on passions and now it continues on days. leave ej alone.

  96. From Rory

    Hope is a self-rightous bitch. Please, to whoever is saying that we don’t know that Hope is a character, you’re the stupid one. I love Kritian Alfonso and think she’s amazing. Hope, however, is a bitch. She’s always leaving, always whining, complaining, etc. She blames everything on Bo and doesn’t take any blame for her own actions. It’s because of her that Ciara was kidnapped. Bo tried to help & at the end, did help. Why is she running? What makes her so high and mighty? Hmmmm??? Baby switch drama needs to draw to an end already. It’s been almost a year and I’m bored with it as is everybody else from what I’ve been reading. How does Kate’s marriage to Stefano protect her from going to jail? It makes absolutely no sense. And no one in Salem is smart enough to put it together that Kate is a bitch and tried to kill Chloe and Daniel?? I mean, Victor, common dude, you’re so cool. You must be able to figure it out. Philip, you need to realize your mama ain’t any real mom. She can’t leave her “adult” children alone to figure their own lives out. Shameful! I like Sami & Lucas together. Guess I may be one of the only ones though.

  97. From Tammy

    I agree with Olive (post #76). Nicole has built a wall around herself because of the things her father did. Let’s not forget Sami tried to get rid of Belle. Sami & Nicole are alot alike. I really like that they have become friends. Nicole feels bad for what she has done, don’t tell me you can’t see that. She isn’t the same evil nasty witch she once was. Her and Brady would make a good couple IMO, he really cares about her.

    I don’t understand how Lucus can be so mad at Maggie. What about Kate?? She knew as well!! You’d think Hope would be so happy her daughter is back & unharmed that the way it went about getting her back wouldn’t matter! I wonder if EJ will be just as mad at his father for keeping the secret about Sydney from him as well. If Nicole goes down, I hope she takes him with her.

  98. From GINA

    Since Mia & Kate’s hairstyle issues have been brought up (although I do like Kate’s hairstyle myself); I think since Chloe has finally woken up from her coma, she should run screaming to find a pair of scissors. Her hair has always made her look so skanky. Just ONE of the reasons why I’ve never liked her. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t hurt Nicole to spend some time in a salon herself. She could use a makeover now too, since she’s supposed to have access to millions. She should probably be able to afford more than that $12.00 hairdcut. Hopefully, Phillip will go with her. EWWWW!!

  99. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    How did I miss the hair talk? I do like Lauren Koslow’s (Kate) hairstyle. Very nice blunt with layers cut. Mia’s hairstyle is what a normal 16 year old would have. Long with bangs. I like it for her. I wish Chloe, Nicole and Sami would all get a makeover. It always seems like their hair is the same every year after year. BORING! Especially, Chloe’s hair. It’s always the same. She needs something more dramatic and different. Maybe a little shorter like Kate’s (not as short) and bangs, maybe some color. Just something besides the plain boring long look.
    PS: Love the Hope needs sandwich comments. So very true!! Too thin. You can see her bones everywhere. Not a good sign of health.

  100. From Piro

    I love the comments. I used to hate Kate too and then I thought she is really good to make so many people so mad and so is Nicole. It used to be Sammie. I think this marriage between Stefano and Kate is a great opportunity for so much fun, just imagine it. Go writers do your thing and then with Viv back awesome opportunity to mix it all up with her and Victor. I can’t wait to see those story lines. It’s entertainment folks!

  101. From barbie

    how is it that Dr. Jonas stumbles into the ICU ward of the hospital and there isn’t a soul around to even see him except Stephano’s mole cop. Eventually that changed only after Lucas saw him and hit him. I would be scared silly to be admitted to that hospital, no one is ever around when you need them and there dangerous drug carts being rolled around with nursing students being able to just grab sh… off of them. Yikes. I loved how Nathan is fighting for Melanie, Stephanie can stay gone, I don’t miss her pathetic butt at all but I don’t like how smug Phillip is about Melanie, hope she dogs him and good. Is Maxine gone? I loved that nurse.

  102. From LizzyB

    I also like Nicole. I’m not condoning what she did but, c’mon, let’s face it, most of the cast (Sami in particular) have done some terrible things in their past. It’s a soap, nobody’s beyond redemption (apparently not even disgusting rapists like EJ). I would love to see Brady and Nicole together because they have amazing chemistry and I love every scene they are in together! I’d really like to see Sami and Lucas find their way back to each other because they’ve been through so much together and their relationship was always fun and genuine. I feel sorry for Bryan Datillo because the writers have not been really nice to Lucas’ character in terms of letting him be happy. While I’m on the subject of Lucas, someone mentioned the possibility of him and Arianna and I actually wouldn’t be objected to that if they gave it a real go instead of the half-ass relationship that was Lucas & Chloe.

  103. From judy

    With Vivian coming back maybe Victor will marry her so they can keep up with Stefano and Kate 2 mob families headed by strong women to do their husbands bidding and dirty work then Philip can have his real mommy back what has happened to Abe he used to despise Stefano now it’s like their one big happy family even the Mayors job isn’t worth that get Abe and Roman something to do or let them leave

  104. From Sandra

    Ok….how are they (the writers)going to get Kate out of the mess she’s in? Is it possible that Stephano has been brain washing her into becoming such a monster?….kind of like he did with John? I kept thinking, at first, that the writers were going to redeem her because she had a brain tumor or was being influenced by the cancer drugs. Stephano is obsessed with wanting revenge for Tony’s death….what better way to punish Philip than to take his mother away in such a repulsive manner? You know that Kate IS NOT going to prison. That would mean Lauren Koslow would be going off the show and we all know, or I think we all know, that that isn’t going to happen. I hope not…, she is such a great actress! I’m hating ‘ol mean Kate….but it’s because Lauren does such a good job of being evil! :) Oh, and ‘ol Victor just cracks me up!
    You know, dang, I can’t help but like Nicole, too. I’ve said it before, it’s takes a great actress to do such dispicable things, and still manage to make people sympathize with you and like you. Bizarre!
    I hate the Bo & Hope storyline right now…surely they could come up with a “new” storyline for them! Bo/Peter & Hope/Kristian deserve better right now. They have paid their dues.
    Man, I sure like Rafe and Sami together….but, still can’t help it, Lucas/Brian and Sami/Ali just absolutely shoot sparks off of each other with their repartee. They have so much history together and Lucas & Sami know each other like a book. I’m wondering if Sami will be the one to “save” him from his self destruction? If anyone can, it will be Sami. I could always tell that Ali & Brian were so comfortable with each other and they always made me smile when they had their love scenes…they were always so cute! Ali/Sami is just not as spontaneous with Galen/Rafe. I love Galen’s character, Rafe. Galen is a really good actor.
    OH!.. and talk about someone as mean as a snake, man, that crazy Meredith is messed up! I knew it, I knew it….I knew she was screwed up in the head….you could tell by that ‘ol evil eyes she was always “squenching”….:)
    Lovin’ Day’s

  105. From Sandra

    Oh, one more thing. I too, would LOVE for Belle, Shawn, Mimi & Rex to all come back….the original ones. They were AWESOME! I still think that the Mimi & Philip baby story will come back to haunt Philip. Talk about a bizarre end to that story. The writer’s have got to redeeem themselves by “fixin” that mess!

  106. From Clear

    I posted on a related message board already, but want to say again I howled with laughter today during the wedding!
    PLease get Will a decent haircut and hairstyle. He can barely see to protect his territory from Chad with always flipping the hair out of his eyes–baby doll haircuts for young men are NOT good.Chloe Chloe is so inanimate when she performs. She has the love of her life now, and she is so unemotional and manneguin like. Is her face glued together or something in one pose. At least Marlena used to sport the all purpose grimace–though I don’t miss it!

  107. From alishia

    Please don’t use all caps in your entire comment, it’s annoying. I can’t shake the feeling that you are screaming at all of us.

  108. From me

    Why did they bring Meredith back, they haven’t even really told us what really happened the day of the car accident. She’s there tormenting Rafe for all we know for no reason. I understand she’s upset about her sister dying but leave town and don’t come back.

    Should be interesting when EJ and Nicole return to Salem. Now that Sami knows that Mia had a baby and gave it up maybe she’ll start thinking too.

    Can’t wait for Vivian to come back.

  109. From me

    Oh yeah and Chloe is running around pretty good for someone who’s been bed ridden for the past month. Man if only a person could heal that quickly in real life….haha

  110. From me

    Oh and I also forgot, why did Chloe accept Daniel’s proposal so quickly. At least show Lucas SOME respect and wait until your divorce is final or even started for that matter…

  111. From Sandy

    Like alot of you, I am soooo sick of the baby switch it isn’t funny. I would love to see Sami and EJ back together and as someone put it, become a power couple. I don’t like Daniel and Chloe, yes, both are eye candy, but he is a horrible actor. I would also love to see Sean and Belle return. One of the best twists in a long time though is Kate and Stephano marrying. Boy can the writers get some mileage out of that pair of nuptuals. Much more than Daniel and Chloe or anyone else for that matter.

  112. From Cand

    I think Nicoles hair has really improved. Kate not so much
    I want EJ to really love Nicole, even when he finds out about the baby. No one loves anyone with and without bad deeds. Bo throw Hope to the curb and chuck a sandwich at her. Once Bo has some meat in his arms he will forget all her stupidity!!! Bitch fool

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