Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Elvis Needs Answers.

It looks as though Nicole isn’t going to be getting the honeymoon of her dreams.

After Brady accidentally tipped EJ off that Nicole’s secret is out, Elvis goes into a fury and wants to get some answers out of Brady, even if that means ending the honeymoon early.

Check out this sneak peek of Monday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Will Nicole drag Brady down with her?

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  1. From Kino

    Looks like Brady’s going to rat Nicole out to Elvis about her having a miscarriage and that Sydney isn’t her daughter with him, but Sami’s. It looks like she won’t be able to lie her way out of this one because that is one angry husband she’ll have to deal with.

  2. From dc

    yea, ej will soon know the truth or will nicole talk her way out of this too..
    ej will confront her but will she lie and tell him that the baby is mia’s.. after all mia has been coming around the dimera mansion..
    mia still does not know that sydney is not her baby..
    i guess we will find out soon enough..
    i can see brady and nicole getting together but then what would happen to ej.. i think rafe and sami should be together…

  3. From Kino

    Nicole does confess to having a miscarriage and that Sydney isn’t their child. However, she does lie by mentioning that Sydney is Mia’s biological daughter(when she’s really his daughter with Sami). Either way, Elvis will be infuriated with Nicole for betraying him by divorcing her and banished both her and Sydney from the Dimera Mansion.

    I agree with you about Rafe and Sami. She should’ve walked in the door of her mother’s penthouse and kicked Meredith’s ass for she done to Rafe. I bet she would hate Sami for what foiling her attempt at revenge as she’s in jail awaiting trial for assault and attempted murder. Then Rafe would recover long enough to tell Sami about Nicole’s deception and that he plans to exhume Grace’s body for a DNA test. She refuses at first, but does agree to it.

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