Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Ultimatums And Confrontations.

Problems with fathers.

Sami shows up at the hospital to read Lucas the riot. She threatens to make sure he never sees his children again if he doesn’t shape up. Meanwhile, Stefano’s new step-son is already on his doorstep so they can start exchanging threats.

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on September 24th, 2009 |

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  1. From Kino

    Looks like Lucas needed that wake up call from Sami. She’s prepared to take both Will and Alice away from him if he doesn’t check himself into rehab and get the help he needs to stop drinking.

    Philip has put the evidence against Kate and finally has called her out for what she had done to Chloe. It’s the reason why Lucas has been drinking lately. He is going to make sure that he and Victor will take her down for scheming to kill Chloe.

  2. From Clear

    Poor Lucas. Let Rafe get away and you can give him Emily’s sister. They can rehabilitate each other! He can visit her and his mother in the big house/prison. Maybe that’s where he should meet her while visiting Mom? Philip should have to go without for being a smooth talking snake. I like Mel and Nathan together.

  3. From dc

    poor lucas, he just needs a backbone and away from his controlling mother.. that’s all he needs, then he probably would not have his drinking problem.. i guess with him going to rehab he’ll be off the show for awhile..
    then what about chloe, is she going to get a divorce while he is gone..
    glad to see that daniel popped the question today but it never showed that chloe said “yes”.. though she probably will.
    and for nicole when ej answered her phone and found out she was keeping a secret from him.. i wonder how she will get out of this.. oh i know, she will admit about the miscarriage and then tell another lie that sydney is mia’s baby and not sami’s..
    sure hope rafe gets away from that crazy meredith, she’s got a problem and needs to go, i mean for good.. i want rafe and sami back together..
    looks like kate has lost both sons (lucas and philip).. but that was to be expected with all she did.. marrying stefano, what was she thinking, oh yea she was trying to save her own ***.. oh well, she will get what is coming to her eventually..
    can’t wait to see what happens next week, should be very interesting.. lots going on…

  4. From Kino

    I think Nicole finally confesses to having a miscarriage and she does admit that Sydney isn’t their child, but she still half-lies by saying she really belongs to Mia(when she’s really Sami’s daughter with him). Either way, Elvis is going to be really pissed off with Nicole because he’ll realise that she lied to him about her being pregnant when she wasn’t and that Sydney belonged to someone else.

    Sami should’ve walked in the door of her apartment and kicked Meredith’s ass for what she had done to Rafe. If she did that, Meredith would’ve been in jail for what she had done.

    Lucas finally disowns his mother, Kate, when he finally realises how much she has ruined both his life and his marriages with her scheming. He tells her that marrying Stefano was beneath her because he tried to kill his brother, Philip.

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