General Hospital Spoilers For September 30-October1.

New threats come and old ones return.

Kate promises a worried Olivia and Dominic that she that she’ll keep their secret. Unfortunately for them, Claudia already knows the truth and is soon threatening Olivia over it. She doesn’t waste time confronting Dominic about it either and harassing both of them to see how far she can push. Claudia will also be in for a different confrontation though. After Carly confirms to her son that one of his coma memories is true, he has to wonder if his memories of Claudia’s confession are also real. He soon turns to confront his stepmother.

Meanwhile, Sonny’s new involvement in his daughter’s life is already leading to drama. Kristina begs him not to have a child he doesn’t want with Claudia. Talking to her, he realizes how much his absence in her life has hurt her when she accuses him of never wanting her in the first place. He’s eager to change things, but that will be hard since Alexis opposes to him becoming more involved in her daughter’s lives. Desperate and distraught, Kristina looks for attention from Kiefer and asks him to her room. She frustrates him when she refuses to have sex. Making things more awkward, Sam finds Kiefer in her sister’s bedroom. Kristina decides to try again and agrees to meet her boyfriend in a motel room. When she tries to back out a second time, he loses it.

On the other side of the world, it looks like Helena is very ill and being kept in bed by a mystery woman. Luke also happens to be held prisoner, but is soon freed. When he finds Helena, she tries to warn him that a rogue Cassadine is now threatening both of their families. Before he can escape, he’s knocked unconscious. Back in Port Charles, Lulu and Ethan discuss the strange text messages they received from their father. He decides to head to Greece to search for him and she won’t let him go alone.

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