General Hospital Weekly Summary For September 21-15.

Secrets slip out and a wedding takes a surprising turn.

Sonny paid Anthony a visit at the prison. When he threatened to have John killed if Anthony made another move, Anthony countered by threatening to kill Olivia. Sonny left, smugly, and told Jason his plan. Stone Cold thought that there were some serious issues with this ploy and accused him of doing all of this just to get Olivia back. Undaunted, Sonny shouted about having Johnny killed until Claudia walked in. She told her husband that she understood his position and agreed that it was the only way to keep her father under control… and then she asked her husband for a vote of confidence by suggesting they try to have another baby. After they slept together, she didn’t hesitate telling almost everyone she ran into that they were trying for another child. In particular, she cornered Carly and the two women argued about who was more important to Mr. Dimples.

Olivia interrupted Dante and Johnny at the hospital. After getting emotional about the danger they were in, they were interrupted by Lulu. After she blubbered, she took Dominic back to his room. Once he got back to his bed, he sent her out for ice cream. While she was gone, Ronnie popped in to drop the detective’s old badge in his lap and remind him where his loyalties should lie. Dante was furious. Lulu returned just as Ronnie left and discovered the badge in Dominic’s hands. He claimed that he stole it from a cop. She teased him about it and swiped it while she flirted with him. As she walked out the door, she left it on the table in plain sight. Jax came in before he could grab it. Sonny followed. Thinking fast, Jax pocketed it and walked out as Sonny asked Dominic to move into his place once he was discharged. Dominic couldn’t say no. As soon as Sonny left, Jax returned to confront Dante about his secret and let him know that he would do everything he could to help him take Sonny down.

Jason began to worry whether Michael’s memories were real or not. This was furthered when the young man began having memories of Sam visiting which they realized were false. After running off from school, sure that he was going crazy, he ran to his mother and vented to her about it.

Nikolas invited Ethan to Wyndemere and offered him a million dollars to win Rebecca away from him. Ethan was disturbed by the offer and threw the check back in his face. Meanwhile, Elizabeth opened up to Olivia about her men problems. After they got drunk, she hung out alone at Jake’s until the prince arrived.

Johnny snuck out of the hospital and over to the Metro while still bleeding from his wounds. He couldn’t stay away from Olivia any longer. She took him home and he told her that he’s never cared about anyone the way he does about her.

Maxie and Spinelli worried that they might never find a place for their wedding. While she searched for more excuses, he found the ideal place. With that out of the way, he could spend his time convincing Jason to wear a pink tie. Not an easy task but Sam was there to help. Meanwhile, Maxie looked for more reasons to call off the wedding but everything was going perfectly. Even Kate was scheduled to be out of town for the nuptials. Matt Hunter stopped by and offered to whisk the bride-to-be off to the tropics but she turned him down. Mac pondered throwing Spinelli in jail but Robin talked him out of it. She had to keep him calm during the wedding rehearsal. Everything else ran smoothly, but Maxie couldn’t take it anymore. She finally broke down to Jason and confessed that, even if she loved Spinelli, she still didn’t want to marry him. Spinelli just happened to be standing in the next room and overheard this. The wedding day came. Maxie overcame her anxiety and even Mac managed to swallow his doubts and wish her the best. When she met Spinelli at the altar, however, he shocked everyone when he said that he loved her too much to marry her.

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