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The End…

Sadly, Guiding Light ended Friday September 18, 2009. The soap brought us 72 years of love, romance, laughs, sadness and adventure. Soap Opera Fan wanted to share the last episode with those who may have missed out. Please share this with your friends and enjoy! It comes in six parts.

… And they lived happily ever after.

The end. What are your thoughts on the show’s cancellation and what was your favorite or least favorite part of the finale?

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  1. From Lori Penticuff

    I just want to know what happened to Jeffrey & Edmond and did Beth & Phillip get married?

  2. From Vernonda2n1

    I loved the show, Reva and Joshua are forever.

  3. From becky mauney

    i loved the show wish it could have gone on forever relly going to miss the shoe

  4. From Debbie Neal

    I was so thrilled to see the last show.I AGREE Reva and Joshua forever. Iam so sad that this show is ending.I can`t believe I won`t be seeing Guiding Light anymore.

  5. From Debbie

    I loved GL. I am angry they chose to end the show. Why would they chose this show after 72 years. Ever since Philip came back it was so intense. I am glad Allan died in piece and of course Josh and Reva are soul mates for life. All the people ended up with the partner that they belong with. That was cool. Rick and Mindy, Beth and Philip, Ed and Holly, Frank and Blake, awesome.

  6. From Viola Harrell

    I love it and yes Reva and Joshua are a forever couple they made the show.I will miss the show very much. May God Bless each and everyone on the show.


    Viola Harrell

  7. From Judith Carter

    I hate to see the show go off the air, I have been watching for years, it was one of the best. I think that it ended good. It had a happy ending, everyone was with the one that they should have been with especially Josh and Reva. I wish all the actors the best of luck and hope that they will find another soap opera to appear on. They were all fine actor.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  8. From deecee

    Great show and happy ending!

  9. From judy

    I have watched GL since Nola rode a firetruck to her wedding it will very much be missed however I must have missed something because the last I saw Jeffery was still chasing Edmund and Jonathan knew he was still alive what happened ? I guess he’s still chasing him but I find it hard to believe that he would never come back to Reva and Colin or that Jonathan wouldn’t eventually tell

  10. From donna steagall

    man it is hard to believe the GL will not be on anymore i have been watching it for years i am 42 and that was all my mom watched. why not take the bold and the beauitful
    off the air not the GL you guy’s i
    am not supprise by it. sadly missed th GL

  11. From gog goose

    I also don’t get the way the Jeffrey story “ends.” You know he’ll want to see his son again and Reva will think Jonathan betrayed him that he didn’t take her out of her grief when he knew she was mourning a live husband.

  12. From Staceyt

    I am in mourning, I started watching the show when I was about 5 (I am 40 now)at the knee of my aunt.grew up with all the families on the light. I cried all last week and it just seems so sad. I will miss the show very much. It was fitting to see Josh and Reva back together, just left me wanting more. :(

  13. From Claudia

    I have cried all last week. I still cant believe that the show is over. I will miss Josh,Reva, Phillip,Rick,Frank and so many more. I have watched the show for 30 years and this past week has really been too much for me. It is a shame that it had to come to this. I wish everyone the best and hopefully they will appear in another one of CBS’s soaps.

  14. From pj

    I have watched this show for over 35 years and have enjoyed these final weeks especially now that everyone is finally getting together.
    One problem: Josh and Reva drive off with her little son, who is still too young to ride in the front seat of a truck.

  15. From loulou

    will GL come back on in a year?

  16. From Sylvie Rodi

    C’était un merveilleux soap. Je suis peinée que l’on ait retiré ce programme. J’espère qu’il y aura une suite à se soap bientôt.

  17. From Becky B. Owens

    I always hated it when you broke up Reva and Joshua and was so glad it ended with them together even tho I like Jeffery. I just love the show and hate to see it end.

  18. From Connie

    I LOVED THIS SOAP!! I will miss it!! I can’t believe it’s off the air after 72 YEARS!! It will be missed by MANY FANS!! Josh & Reva 4-ever!! Godbless to all!!

  19. From kasey

    i cant believe the shows over. ive watched it since i was born. i think it was a big mistake i would have too off one of the others. i think cbs needs to bring it back for a new beginning. it will always be missed

  20. From Marianne

    I grew up with that show. I grew up with the four muskateers Phillip, Beth, Rick and Mindy. I will really miss that show, it was the only soap I watched. It would have been nice to see Mindy and Rick married at the same time as Phillip and Beth.

  21. From MONICA


  22. From dena

    This was just not a soap, it in a way was real life. I am truely going to miss this soap and hate to see it go. I do agree this show be brought back. I rememeber my great grandparents watching this. Maybe someway they well bring Guiding Light back.

  23. From patti p

    I am sad to see Guilding Light end, I was raised watching and I raised my daughter watching JOSH and REVA. We use to play hooky from school and work just to watch.
    I will always have wonderful memories of watching the program with my little girl.

  24. From LeeAnn

    Wow i really cant beleive GL is off forever …. i was glad to see everyone end up with who they s/b with ….r they gonna do a return in year so we can see Reva and Josh together ….. Iv watched this show on and off my entire life every chance I got for aprox 40 years they still have devoted fans like me ….aaroundaround…sin

  25. From Irene

    Josh and Reva forever. I will the show very much, I’ve watched it since I was 10.

  26. From jacquie

    I am sad about the end of my favorite show!

  27. From Mandy

    I have watched GL since I was a child. I remembered rushing from school trying to make it home by 3:00EST to watch it. Even when I went to high school, college, and joined the military got stationed in Italy I had my family record it and send me VhS tapes weekly. I will miss the cast and crew. Through the years I have laughed and cried. This show has had some good and bad times. Thanks to the crew, cast, writers, and producers for all that you have done to make this a wonderful show. GL you will be sadly missed. Thank you and Good luck to all of you!

  28. From Barbara

    I think they should have used some of the finale story lines and continued on forever! Even the sets were better on the finale than they have been since changing a while back! I miss Guiding Light, I have watched it since I was just little! I am totally lost and missing my afternoon hour with all the G
    uiding Light family! Love you guys!

  29. From Carole

    Sad to see GL end. I keep hoping that another network will pick it up and we will have GL for another 72 years. Looking forward to seeing GL actors some time in the future.

  30. From Peny

    AS the World is terrible. Bring back GL it is one of the best. No longer a CBS watcher

  31. From Yvette

    I honestly can’t fathom not watching GL. I have grown up have watched this show since i was about 10. I am 40 now. I will miss the show, the cast, they have become a family to my family.
    I wish them all the best of luck, and I do hope that you will bring the show back. I think the choice to end it is a mistake you will come to regret.

  32. From David Bailey Ward

    My brother and sisters and I are saddened to see the show go. The four of us began watching the show with our grandparents who are now gone. In many ways this was our link to them. The show will be missed and so will Springfield Township. We do hope that some how some way Proctor and Gamble can get the show back on the air. Thank you.

  33. From Cyan K

    Somebody tell me ~why~ this show came to an end!?!

  34. From Tracey

    I can’t beleive they ended the GL after so many years. I miss it soooooo much.

  35. From janice

    Going to miss the show.. watched it for a long time! It really made me happy to see every one come together.. will jOUH & Riva get together
    miss the show whis it was not off air. dont know,whats going to happan nexts… but i know every body is happy..but Riva!

  36. From janice

    Riva did go meet Jouh at the light house…I always thought they belong together! What happen to jeffery & EDMEN ?

  37. From Mary Hemann

    I am 70 yrs. young. I have watched this show since the beginning, even radio. They were part of my every day life. Ratings arn’t that bad to take this show off the air. I miss this other family of mine more than I can say.

  38. From Patte


    You leave JUNK like The Bold and the Beautiful on??? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  39. From Carol Davis

    I have watch the show forever and will miss all the characters so very much. Im saddened and heart
    broken to have the show end. thank you for all the years we had.

  40. From pat

    i am 44 years old, i watched guiding light since i was 12 years old. i will miss guiding light. please bring it back on
    the air. josh and reva 4-ever.

  41. From Pamela Parker

    I miss GL too! I just wished it could have gone on forever more. I blame Oprah Winfrey for buying the air time for that Game Show. She is taking over the TV she needs to be stopped. She brought the air time from Martha Show too. GL needs to be back on again. I now start supper early now. I turn off the TV at 2 oclock. I don’t watch AS THE WORLD TURNS anymore either I just watch the first two soaps. I am sad now. I feel like I lost apart of my family too. BRING BACK GL………………….! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. From Linda Tomaselli

    I have been dying to see the end of my Guiding Light that I have watched forever. However, there were only 5 slides!!! Where is the 6th!~ I still didn’t see Reve and Josh at the end.

    Please/thank you.

  43. From Lori

    I will miss Guiding Light, I started watching it with my Great Grandmother as young child, it was kind of a tradition, if I had to work I taped it. My grandmother began listening to it on the radio. This was not just a show it was a family tradition. All thats on is reality TV and talk shows. Why even turn it on. I enjoyed the finale. Josh and Reva, Always, that is supposed to be how it is. Maybe CBS will get a brain and put it back on the air, maybe even prime time, I’d watch. Anyway I will miss the show and enjoyed it for 30 years faithfully.

  44. From Barbara Bowden

    I hate that GL wont be on the air any more. Your should bring it back. Ive been watching for many years.This was the best soap opera every.

  45. From Rose jeffers

    why did it cancel i hate this i have nothing to watch durring my lunch time now….from 2-3 it just so blah i love gl was the best watched with grandma and mom now i watched it this really sux ppl who think they have pwer i hate it.. to all the viewer dont watch the new show that took over it so peeved about this.

  46. From Paulette Philbrook

    Still have not goten use to GL being off the air!! I sure do miss it. I also have been watching it since I was a child along side my mom. I would think with all the public support you could bring the show back. WHO WANTS ANOTHER GAME SHOW!!

  47. From Nicole

    I began watching this show when I was a child. I watched with both my Grandmother and my Mother. We used to watch ALL of the CBS Soaps, until all of the others became absolute GARBAGE. Guiding Light was ALWAYS our favorite throughout all of the years and now has become the ONLY Soap that we watch on this network. I can not fathome the reason for taking this show off the air after sssooo many years and aafter you have inheritted sssooo many dedictaed fans. This show WAS like another Family to my Family and I couldn’t disagree more with the decision to take this show off of the air. This is a HUGE mistake and I hope you regret it hrshly one day.

  48. From Angela Fernandez

    I’m so sad the show ended. I grew up with GL. I wish the crew the very best! Thankyou & God Bless

  49. From judy

    GL was a good soap, until it got a little cheesy with the settings and trying to add younger actors that were not that good. I miss GL as it was one of the best. I agree, there are a lot of other shows that could be axed instead of GL. Oh good, another game show.

  50. From Ivy

    I have watched GL since I was a little girl. I watched it with my grandmother and mama and taking it off the air is a huge loss and has left a dark void in my day. Characters get revived all the time in soap land. I believe GL should be brought back and if one should be cancelled try looking at ATWT. For 53 years it has been part of my life. Shame on you CBS.

  51. From win_all

    im so not happy with the show ending it was one of the best shows on i think that they should have tried a little harder to make it stay on the air like just change the time it was on or something but its pretty cheesy they took it completey off and they dident show so much of what really happened to jeffrey i thought him and reva would have been together forever i wish they would have they made a good couple i think they should try and bring it back on the air its not to late.

  52. From Sandy

    I have been watching the show since I was a child. My best friend’s mom got me into it. It should stay on the air and continue. I will miss it big time. I’m glad about Phillip & Beth, Rick & Mindy and everyone from the show was great. The ending was great too. God Bless to all those in the show and all those that are gonna miss it.

  53. From tammy

    Somebody from the show staff should capitalize on all of the Guiding Light interest before it wanes and write a paperback sequel to the saga. I would buy it!

  54. From Ann Jauss

    I too want to know what happened to Edmund and Jeffery??? I must’ve missed something??

  55. From Lynda Longhofer

    I enjoyed the last show even though I miss it not seeing it every week. What happened to Jeffrey and Edmond and wished I could of seen Mindy and Rick and Philip and Beth get married that would of finished up storyline. But seeing it a year later was neat it tied everything together. I’ve enjoyed this show since the 78 tjill now. I wish it was still on the air . I hope you put this last sesaon on a DVD series soon. Thanks you.

  56. From Gloria

    I miss GL so much and it was my favorite soap. I’m so sad they took it off and I have watched GL for years. It started the year I was born 1937 and when a soap can run for 72 years I really can’t see why this is the one that was dropped. I just love Tom Pelphrey as Jonathan and would like to see him in a movie as he is such a great actor. Please bring it back.

  57. From Brendett NC

    I miss GL so much I have been watching this show for 40 years now it gone for good.Reva and Joshua were the best on the show.. September 18,2009 I cried like a baby I miss my friends in springfield.I cant believe that CBS drop my show..Shame on you CBS now at 3:00 est in North Carolina I just turn off my television

  58. From lora virgina

    bring it back i grew up with it shame on you for taking it off

  59. From lora virgina

    shame on you for taking it off ,shame on you

  60. From Ashley

    Like a lot of people I grew up with this show. My mom was watching this before I was born. So total we make over 40 years. I loved this soap. It was the best out off all of the soaps. They shouldve canceled at the 100 year.. Hope they bring it back!!! I’m going to really miss this show. It was more than a show..

  61. From Joann Jacobson

    I have watched GL since the 60′s. The characters do become part of your family. Didn’t care for the type of filming they have done the last couple of years – low budget? Otherwise, I have always LOVED GL – was my #1 show – taped it while I was working and watched at night. Favorite periods were with: Ed & Rita, Roger, Holly, Maureen, Mike. Another: Nola, Floyd, Kelly, Morgan, Reardons. Also, Phillip, Rick, Mindy, Beth. Santos’, Coopers. Harley, Gus and of course Reva & Josh. Loved the Lewis’ reign with HB, Billy, etc. Bert Bauer, HB, all the ‘older generation’. GL always had good values. Hope this is a mistake and CBS will bring this much loved story back. There are enough game shows, etc. TV is going downhill…

  62. From Mimi

    I began watching Guiding Light in 1990 in Belgium in the only U.S. channel there was. I’m so sad that it was taken off the air. I loved that show. Guiding Light and As the world turns were the only soap opera shows I watched when I come home from work. That was my past time. By the way, Jonathan was just on As the World turns yesterday. I hope to see more of the other actors and actresses in other shows.

  63. From Twila Rose Spencer

    I cannot believe that after 72 years there is no more Guiding Light. I have watched it or recorded it for 50 years now I remember as a child my grand parents always watching it as well as my mother I am very happy that Reva & Josh were finally together at the end they are the ones that made the show a success. I will miss the show alot

  64. From Twila Rose Spencer

    I will be watching Days of Our Lives now. its a good one but not as good as Guiding Light. We most definately don’t need another freakin game show. What are you thinking CBS? Bring back GL or lose alot of CBS viewers….

  65. From Anita

    When the show went off air It was a sad day for me. I really Did not Like It all had to end after being air for so many year’s I Had been watching the show Like the while cast seemed like a family to me! Love Anita Ware From:Virginia

  66. From Tina Coeman

    Rewatching the ending of this show hurts just as bad as the day it ended. It is like losing a family member, but so many at one time. cant remember a time I didnt get to watch the show. I was 42 when it went off the air, and I have watched it for as long as I can remember. I there is only a couple things I am happy for one is that Reva and Josh are back together and Rick and Mindy or should I say the four of them. So sad to see them leave and now my heart will be broken again with ATWT leaving next. What is this world coming to. No I will not change my soaps CBS is where I am. I hope they dont take The Young and Restless off. Take care my dear friends!!!

  67. From Danielle

    I am still so sad about this. I’ve been watching GL since elementary school. I used to watch it with my grandmother. It’s been my favorite soap for over 20 years. I just don’t understand. It should not have been cancelled. My Springfield family is gone and it’s not right. Big mistake CBS.

  68. From Caroline Matthews

    I was so sorry to see Guiding Light go, and I just noticed that they will be taking as the world turns off as well. Both of these have been my favorites for many years and none of the others have been able to quite attain the status that they have for all these years.

  69. From BrendaGann

    OMG! I just cannot believe that the GL is going off the air. I Love this show the number one in my soap operas, i will miss the characters, i have allready seen jonathan on another soap opera maybe will see others on there too good luck to all God Bless!

  70. From Helen

    I’ve watched this show since I was 14 years old…I am now 45…so, for nostalgic reasons, I liked Mindy and Rick, and Beth and Phillip, and Josh and Reva back together for the last show…they’ve all broken up and got back together so many times, it was fitting – you know, that whole soul mate thing and all. Always loved the Josh and Reva saga – I believe that story line was created over 25 years ago. How many times had they gotten together, divorced, and married other people in that time frame, to finally end up together in the end? Anybody remember? I would have loved Vanessa and Billy in there somewhere if the writers hadn’t ruined that story line. I haven’t enjoyed the show as much since they went to the “outside all the time” format…I got sick of looking at perpetual green grass parks and cars driving away and the outside of houses and buildings…I think it really took away from the show and they lost some of their loyal fan base. I found myself missing the show more often each week because I could no longer relate to anyone or anything with the “natural” background. Sometimes too much change sinks a show and I think the new format was instrumental in doing that. I will miss the show, but I confess that by the time it ended, I didn’t even know many of the characters because I had missed too many consecutive shows. Oh well, C’est la vie! Good by Guiding Light.

  71. From yvonne


  72. From Linda K. Hunt

    I thought the Guiding Light was one of the best Soaps there was ! I wish it could be brought back again !I really miss the show.

  73. From shari Carter

    I think the cancellation of Guiding Light was without doubt the worst decision ever made by CBS. To think that the “extended family” has been replaced by The Price Is Right is not only unthinkable, it is a crime – pure and simple. Someone suggested that it be continued – if not on TV, then via a book or movie. I heartily agree and would buy the book, any sequels, and the movie. Sometimes “progress” is “regress” and I can think of no finer example of this than the cancellation of The Guiding Light. However, I was touched by the return of so many of the characters and wonder why that couldn’t be a stepping off place for a new version of GL such as “Guiding Light: The Next Genration” or some such. I have missed a few things, though, such as what happened to Harley? What happened to Alan? When and how did Olivia and Natalia become a couple?

    Thank you for listening. Now, if only our comments could elicit a change!

  74. From Sharon Grubbs

    I miss this soap opera soooo much. as alot of people I grew up with this., I am 58 yrs old and I remember watching it with my mom, she is gone now and so is this. It became a part of my life,cause I could relate it with my mom. I hope some day there will be a reunion….

  75. From Priscilla

    I finally got to see the last show. I have watited until now to watch it. A little hokey, a bit too predictible and a tad bit more unrealistic, but it had to end this way didn’t it? You guys have never let down your fans, why stop now? It was good. Sorry it had to end. Had it not been cancelled, I’m sure all of the happy endings would have played out differently. I would have preferred it that way, but I’ve always been an adventurer!

  76. From remy white

    why they do this bring guiding light back this is the only soap opera i watch and they cancelled it what is wrong with cbs are they crazy. They better start thinking because this is not right. Bring that show back.???????????????????

  77. From Lisa

    I finally got to watch the last show. I cried when Josh and Reva got back together. I miss this show and wish that CBS would bring it back!

  78. From Lorraine

    I watched this show off and on for probably close to 40 years. I have only ever watched 2 soaps..this was always my favorite. I wish CBS would bring it back too.

  79. From donna

    i like theguiding light back and bring back allof the cast

  80. From donna

    yes i do

  81. From donna

    and i love josh and reva and all the other to

  82. From Pam Johnson

    I thought the last show was absolutely great, but we need that show back on. Any one of the others could have been taken off. I think the cast was great and the story lines were awesome, we just need more. Please re-consider, it would be a rating bonanza, that’s one way for sure CBS could catch up with ratings.

  83. From BRENDA1




    i hope her for the best

    this show was alsome
    #1 favorite of all TIME


  84. From Glenda

    I still missing this soap opera. Guiding Light was awesome in the day. I hate that every issue was sort of dealt with. This confirms that you will never get it back on the air. I grew up with this soap. It is still like someone died in my family.

  85. From Glenda

    I am still missing this soap opera. Guiding Light was awesome in the day. I hate that every issue was sort of dealt with. This confirms that you will never get it back on the air. I grew up with this soap. It is still like someone died in my family.

  86. From nancy

    I was very upset when this soap ended, I was even more upset when they took off as the world turns as well….now what use to be wonderful afternoons watching soaps, has turned into channel surfing trying to find something else to watch, usually i turn the tv off because its not worth looking for something else..

  87. From shelly

    i hate cbs now for cancelling guideing light. i refuse to watch anything on this channel. I loved this show. I really miss josh and reva the most, but the whole show was wonderful.

  88. From Destiny

    I am bummed that GL wont be on tv anymore. I have been watching this show since I was a toddler, I only wished that Tammy and Jonathan could have had the perfect ending as the rest. The families finally came together in the end and enjoyed being a family. This show should have its own dvd series.

  89. From Fraz

    Hi I Am Also One Of The Daytime Soap Fans. I LIke To WAtch All Soaps Like The Rest Of The Others. I Really Miss Guiding Light And All Of The Other Daytime Soaps A Lot. Please Bring Guiding Light Back And Also Bring Back All Of The Other Soap Operas I Am Praying And Also Keeping My Fingers Crossed For Guiding Light To Come Back And Also Praying For All Of The Other Daytime Soaps To Come Back. I Have Been Watching Guiding Light And All Other Daytime Soaps For Many Many Years Now. Let’s Hope That One Of The T.v Networks Takes Over For All Of The Daytime Soaps And That It Picks Up The Signal For It- THAT WAS NOT VERY NICE Of THE CBS NETWORK AND THE ABC NETWORK AND OR THE OTHER NETWORKS TO CANCEL ALL OF OUR DAYTIME SOAPS THAT IS VERY MEAN.

  90. From Roxy

    It still breaks my heart that Guiding Light went off the air. I miss the show so much. I’d like to know what is happening with the cast now. Please give a “where they are now” to the fans. Is there any chance it will be picked up again elsewhere?

  91. From Joseph

    I watched this show since the mid 70′s. It was on when I came home for lunch because that was what my mom was watching, and though I didn’t intend to get “hooked, I did. I checked in every so often to see what they were up to over they years even though I wasn’t a regular anymore. I started to get back into it towards the end.

    What I saw as far as production values went was they cheapened things. Gone were the elaborate mansions and offices. They were replaced with redressing the same corner of an office set for different scenes. It looks like they shot some of the home scenes in someone’s real house. Shoulder cams replaced the more expensive rigs. And people met in the park or at a convenience store instead of at the country club. This may have kept them on the air longer, but it also lost them viewers I’m sure.

    It was nice of them to try and wrap things up neatly at the end, instead of leaving a bunch of loose ends. And just about everyone had a happy ending, which is unusual in a soap to say the least! However, being Springfield, it’s hard to imagine there isn’t someone’s skeleton, banging on the closet door somewhere, begging to come out.

    The not-so-neat ending for Reva, though, is her husband, though declared dead, is indeed alive. So if she goes off to marry Josh, doesn’t that make here a bigamist, even if she doesn’t know it? And Jonathan, who DOES know it allows it? He’s doing the noble thing, keeping Edmund(?) so he can’t hurt Reva, but eventually things may come out, or he may want to see his wife and child, and she is going to hate both him and Jonathan.

    It has been off the air for three years now. It is not likely it is coming back as a daytime soap, as those seem to be fading away into obscurity, but how about as a nighttime show? They seem to create enough “new” soaps for those, so why not bring one back that already has a built-in audience. Pare down the regular cast a bit, and I’m sure they can manage a pretty decent hour a week and a good seasonal overall plot.

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